Convert Wordpad to Open Office

Converting Wordpad (.doc) files to Open Office is not supposed to be easy, MS plans
it that way but there is a work around.

Open the files in Wordpad (any version of Win2k works well for this) then save
the files in another location in RTF format. They will still have the .doc extension
but now the will open in OO.

The easiest way is to use Explorer and RC on the file in question, then “open
with” and choose Wordpad. Then “save as” and choose RTF and your location.
If you have a bunch of files is goes pretty quick, about 15-20 sec per file. I store
the saved files in a folder such as “stuff_rtf” so I remember what they are. I just
did 30 old files and it took less than 10 minutes for all.