Convert Text File with Rows & Columns to Excel Worksheet

By: sburtchin
February 8, 2012

Delineate your column information with tabs in your text file

Step 1. Open your text file in Notepad (double-click the text file in File Manager).

Step 2. Select Edit -> Replace... from the menu.

Step 3. Type two spaces in the "Find what:" field and one space in the "Replace with:" field.

Step 4. Then click on "Replace All" repeatedly until no more replacements are made.

Step 5. Now type only one space in the "Find what:" field and only a tab in the "Replace with:" field.

Step 6. Click on the "Find Next" button.

Step 7. Then click on "Replace" or "Replace All" as appropriate until tabs have been inserted everywhere you want to begin a new column (in each row).

Step 8. Then select File -> Save, then File -> Exit (to exit Notepad).

Open your text document in Excel

Step 1. Start Excel (Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Excel).

Step 2. Select File -> Open....  Navigate to your file in the Open dialog box and click on Open.

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