Avast Free 4.8 is Updating Past End of Support Deadline

Avast Free 4.8 was supposed to cease updates either a) at the end of 2009, then 2010, or b) when Avast 6 was released, according to this thread on their forum:

Nevertheless, I installed it on one of my test Windows 98 systems today, and it proceeded to download and install the latest definitions (44MB), updating the original SETUPENG.EXE from November 2009 to today.

This is critical for any 95/NT 4.0/98/98SE/ME users as this is the final version that will run on these versions. It’s also better than the older versions of Avast! because it contains resident shield.

The free version is good for renewal every year ONLY IF YOU APPLY FOR A FREE LICENSE here:! Otherwise it will expire after only 60 days!

If you want to download Avast 4.8.1368, it is available on FileHippo at