All Files Turned into Screensaver Files by Virus

All Files Turned into Screensaver Files by Virus

I have noticed that there is an abundance of people who have had their files hidden/linked to an .scr file

Here are instructions for those who are having problems with missing files.

Step 1. Remove the virus that caused the problem.

Usually a good anti-virus can remove the original virus.  I recommend:

avast –

Step 2. Scan the system with a malware removal tool

malwarebytes –

(both of these have a free version, that is the why i recommend them)

make sure that these scan your pen/usb drive as well

Step 3. Find your lost files

For example, go to command prompt (CMD) on your computer and run the following DOS command. Here we assume that the drive is G: drive. If its not G: then replace G with correct letter as applicable.

ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:\*.*

This will show all files on the drive in question, so your data is back at least