Add support/input for multiple languages

By: lestertan
December 28, 2008

Many people have a problem with this although I'm not sure if you guys do =)

Step 1. Make sure you are logged into a user with administrative privileges

Step 2. Open up your control panel. If you are in category view (settings are grouped together), go to the next step. otherwise go to step 4

Step 3. Choose Date, Time, Language and Regional Options

Step 4. Select Language and Regional Options

Step 5. Go to the Languages tab. The bottom 2 checkboxes are needed if you want any right-left languages or east asian languages. After checking them, you may need to insert your OS installation disk.

Step 6. Click on details. Next to the list of input languages click the Add... button

Step 7. Choose the language you would like to add input support for

Step 8. Choose input method (usually the best option is automatically selected)

Step 9. Click OK, then under preferences select Language Bar

Step 10. Check "Show language bar on the desktop"

Step 11. Click OK, then OK and you're done. You should see a language bar. When you want to change the input language, simply select the language button (small square with letters in it) and select your desired language.

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