A LS-120 Superdrive In Win 7

By: rkleaman
February 3, 2013

When I rebuilt my computer, the new MBO had no floppy disk controller on the MBO. Since I operate as a consultant, I have some industrial customers with industrial computers with a provision to only use floppy disks for updates and/or program changes. There is not only the lack of a floppy controller on the new MBO, there is no EIDE provision. In 1998, I bought a Mitsubhishi LS-120 COSM Superdisk floppy drive and installed it. A LS-120 can format, read, and write standard 3.5 inch floppies but also can format, read, and write special floppies that can hold 120MB of data. The special floppies look identically to standard floppies but have a differently shaped metal shield that covers the access hole to the disk itself. Unfortunately, there is no adapter that I find that provides SATA to a standard floppy drive adapter. Fortunately, the LS-120 uses an EIDE interface and there are many SATA to IDE adaptors available. This particular setup uses an SIIG SC-SA0112-S1 SATA to IDE adapter. The Mitsubishi drive must be jumpered as Master for correct adapter operation. The OS is MS Windows7 64-bit on a Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H MBO with an Intel i7-3770K CPU overclocked to 4.12GHz. The Mitsubishi drive is recognized by the Gigabyte BIOS and every program that identifies system components. It formats correctly both standard and special floppies and reads and writes both floppy types as well. There is no special driver installed for the Mitsubishi drive.

I realize that Mitsubishi LS-120 drives are somewhat rare and can be difficult to find. In addition, they have been deemed obsolete, however as always, need supersedes obsolescence. In place of a Mitsubishi drive, there are many external floppy drives that operate with an USB cable. If indeed, some one has need for a Mitsubishi drive or has 120MB floppies to convert to CD disks, send me a personal message and I shall try to help.

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