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How can I get my Excel file back? It literally disappeared.
Asked by Roku
8 answers
20:33:31 11/09/17
Email links can not be connected??
Asked by lansing
4 answers
09:14:24 11/08/17
Dell Latitude won't boot, blinking lights
Asked by davedaeffler
1 answer
11:59:46 11/06/17
The recovery partition in Windows 7 is such a pain for me
Asked by djilaligeek
5 answers
12:38:33 10/30/17
top of screen very dim
3 answers
19:07:44 10/28/17
Solved [Solved] Sign in fills In dots
Asked by Nana549
4 answers
11:16:52 10/18/17
Como mover archivos a carpeta con el mismo nombre
Asked by javc74
1 answer
10:06:09 10/18/17
Have huge number of failed updates, what to do
Asked by willem1933
8 answers
16:56:07 10/17/17
Solved [Solved] my external hard disk has effected with virus when i click o
Asked by menika
4 answers
16:33:43 10/11/17
Solved [Solved] I was trying to move a word document to a file but it moved
Asked by BSy
4 answers
07:01:57 10/07/17
i can't delete any mail in my spam box
Asked by thriving
2 answers
07:10:26 10/06/17
When I open my pen drive it shows folder as screensaver
Asked by Djbhawani
2 answers
04:20:36 9/27/17
my blue and green colur not printing in EPSON l220
2 answers
04:18:16 9/27/17
Solved [Solved] how do I move my screen to the left?
Asked by Sallye
4 answers
05:13:28 9/17/17
How do I Create DVD with Music
Asked by uncledewey
8 answers
15:08:06 9/06/17
how to read info (strings) from txt file output variable
Asked by goodywp
Solved [Solved] How to Unzip a Zip File
Asked by uncledewey
10 answers
16:30:22 8/27/17
Solved [Solved] my HP Laptop shutdown,showing system process termenated unex
Asked by Mercie
1 answer
02:49:02 8/23/17
Why does my printer show offline
Asked by gracegame
1 answer
18:33:27 8/21/17
Solved [Solved] words in incredimail are too small
Asked by otis49203
1 answer
14:34:32 8/21/17
yahoo going back to an old story
Asked by gh1953
3 answers
10:53:17 8/17/17
Solved [Solved] usb drive to reset password, F2 phoenixBIOS password
Asked by Crystal_Cobb
2 answers
20:07:10 8/15/17
Solved [Solved] Windows 7 not opening the complete file
Asked by CRSNotify
8 answers
07:49:42 8/07/17
Solved [Solved] Laptop auto hibernate when in the middle of a game?
Asked by headhunter
7 answers
07:06:35 8/01/17
Solved [Solved] finding the google white bag icon on laptop
Asked by jujujo
7 answers
14:26:07 7/27/17
How do I fix StartRep.exe - Application Error?
Asked by nadiafern
1 answer
16:32:09 7/23/17
Solved [Solved] free phone call program
Asked by Davidw
12 answers
00:20:53 7/19/17
Solved [Solved] my computer keeps making this beeping and red light flashing
Asked by Rajab
3 answers
20:53:50 7/16/17
Solved [Solved] how can I open old WKS files?
Asked by Garylk
3 answers
12:52:41 7/16/17
Solved [Solved] Automate task of copying file from Outlook to a server path
Asked by rkptcs
2 answers
10:55:06 7/11/17
My Lenova monitor shows power saving mode when turned on.
Asked by Ocbret
no idea
5 answers
03:13:03 7/10/17
Solved [Solved] orange light on front of asus laptop continually
Asked by keithorocker
3 answers
14:44:37 7/09/17
Solved [Solved] Windows 7 starting with a temporary profile
Asked by zagd
1 answer
20:01:47 7/05/17
How do I bring up my start page, icons and task bar?
Asked by Sagen57
7 answers
01:23:28 7/04/17
Solved [Solved] print screen to photo
Asked by uncledewey
4 answers
13:57:04 7/03/17
Why are so many .dat items showing up in my documents?
Asked by waus
6 answers
23:17:45 7/02/17
Solved [Solved] seagate backup plus portable drive is full. How do I erase?
Asked by snskus
12 answers
11:35:29 6/27/17
how to delete files in Qbasic?
Asked by skaters
11 answers
08:07:06 6/24/17
Solved [Solved] laptop won't turn on
Asked by vandal67
windows 7
29 answers
21:22:47 6/20/17
How to remove all carriage return in a TXT file
Asked by rkptcs
9 answers
12:34:35 6/19/17
Solved [Solved] Broadcom no bootable device, entering grub rescue - help?
Asked by edislost
windows 7
4 answers
11:56:03 6/16/17
Solved [Solved] Change color to a portion of a text in excel
Asked by Shirisha
2 answers
05:31:41 6/16/17
Solved [Solved] How to add a shortcut to Startup
Asked by uncledewey
3 answers
14:50:19 6/15/17
Is there a setting to d/l in IE??
Asked by Golddigger
36 answers
12:06:52 6/13/17
Solved [Solved] how do i get the HDD password off
Asked by Sno
5 answers
23:58:07 6/10/17
My keyboard makes beeping sounds and i cant type, only my mo
Asked by computernotboffin
5 answers
03:26:31 6/07/17
Why are celebrity voices missin?
Asked by dorothymcgann
1 answer
12:00:55 6/02/17
Solved [Solved] when i had done the cleaning of CPU
3 answers
16:36:15 5/30/17
Toshiba laptop l655d wint turn on display
Asked by Karani254
home premium
5 answers
23:47:33 5/23/17
Sony Vaio Windows 7 Recovery DVDs....
Asked by cybill
2 answers
17:01:05 5/23/17
how to fix this
Asked by shagoto
2 answers
06:02:11 5/20/17
Solved [Solved] Gateway laptop won't turn on WIFI
Asked by Blandford
5 answers
06:04:48 5/13/17
Solved [Solved] I changed the computer name and workgroup name, cant log in
Asked by Sam1972
3 answers
11:24:04 5/12/17
Word wants a Java update in order to open after a restore;
Asked by Delilah914
6 answers
15:50:11 5/05/17
Solved [Solved] How to get rid out of this booting error windows 7
Asked by SunnyOne65
7 answers
08:47:23 5/04/17
lenova laptop windows 7
Asked by jusus27630
1 answer
22:43:46 4/30/17
Solved [Solved] Computer is getting very slow
Asked by Theja
6 answers
02:42:02 4/24/17
dell xps l501 freez
Asked by alienouri1
5 answers
08:09:51 4/18/17
windows 7 laptop tries to connect user to server when off ne
Asked by Thomasmasonc
2 answers
16:16:19 4/16/17
Solved [Solved] How do I move files to a USB drive using DOS commands?
Asked by EScatalpa
2 answers
02:14:35 4/08/17
Solved [Solved] Fix my slow email
Asked by carolinagirl5132
19 answers
14:49:58 4/05/17
How do you get past the black screen so you can get in.
Asked by Goldie84
2 answers
21:03:17 4/03/17
Solved [Solved] Sata 2 seagate dell inspirion 12205 all in one
Asked by downeyart
1 answer
20:29:30 3/30/17
Solved [Solved] Restore image using Acronis
Asked by susja
11 answers
21:24:53 3/27/17
My Ethernet Cable is Connected but not blinking
Asked by Unkown420
7 answers
10:20:31 3/27/17
Solved [Solved] How to back up SSD NVMe PCLE 3.0 X4
Asked by Presview7
5 answers
23:15:07 3/24/17
Solved [Solved] Second time Windows Update finds old update
Asked by snoopy567
8 answers
19:07:14 3/24/17
double emails from Hotmail account
Asked by NonTechwoman
7 answers
18:15:28 3/21/17
Solved [Solved] Printer prints blank pages mg 3500, but does print labels
1 answer
14:30:41 3/21/17
My wireless printer won't work
Asked by Lynna
3 answers
20:12:03 3/19/17
microsoft server regsiter stops working
Asked by segoodw
1 answer
15:36:59 3/17/17
Psexec save to different output files
Asked by ShadowHawk
1 answer
19:30:20 3/16/17
Lenovo ThinkPad T500 stuck on startup repair
Asked by Chipo
2 answers
04:44:05 3/13/17
Can xp still be upgraded to 7 free?
Asked by Tawna
4 answers
14:02:19 2/28/17
Solved [Solved] Cant open ANY .exe files in Windows 7.0
Asked by skybluecraig
19 answers
14:51:23 2/27/17
Solved [Solved] LibreOffice How To Use
Asked by carolinagirl5132
6 answers
14:35:14 2/25/17
how can i zip multiple files with same names
Asked by hpooja19
3 answers
23:47:07 2/20/17
Solved [Solved] I can not bring my volume icon back in the taskbar
Asked by aaparsi
5 answers
01:06:11 2/13/17
Solved [Solved] how to write Batch file for extract data between same words?
Asked by chandrukase
2 answers
07:06:16 2/09/17
Invalid MS-DOS window while backing up data to DVD
Asked by jewjem
1 answer
16:27:07 2/07/17
HP laptop internal battery 601
Asked by Wayne-Riley
14 answers
20:29:25 2/05/17
Solved [Solved] My G62 Notebook won't update.
Asked by Licata
3 answers
08:06:25 2/03/17
have half screen when accessing my emails in
Asked by vstanford
3 answers
14:30:39 2/01/17
Startup repair didn't work
Asked by pc4jolly
12 answers
07:34:59 1/31/17
find firnames with invalid characters such as a % and re
Asked by N2NEFUN
2 answers
02:42:05 1/30/17
Solved [Solved] I want to be able to still run a windows 7 prog in 10 years
Asked by RandS
10 answers
01:58:10 1/22/17
unable to get my old facebook back
Asked by jamesW
7 answers
03:46:10 1/20/17
Transfer of archived documents from yahoo to iCloud
Asked by Rainey.Kim
1 answer
03:41:53 1/20/17
Can I turn a list file (like music genres) into empty folder
Asked by PaluRainbowSong
2 answers
09:23:04 1/10/17
Script error shown when booting up
Asked by Charles28
script error
15 answers
06:39:49 1/10/17
Super high memory usage, please help!
Asked by Spikejolteon
7 answers
05:08:05 1/08/17
how to enter command prompt without logging in windows 7?
Asked by GulamMurtuza
4 answers
03:30:10 12/29/16
Solved [Solved] Windows 7 Factory Restore Issues
Asked by RosyBottom
windows 7
factory restore
4 answers
16:36:38 12/28/16
Turn on green keys
Asked by MzBoyd
2 answers
09:19:31 12/26/16
Solved [Solved] Computer Shuts off Randomly
Asked by AceTrainerMoon
2 answers
18:52:29 12/21/16
Trying to update my daughter's computer....
Asked by shanna99
windows 7
12 answers
14:08:00 12/18/16
how to install hot fixes
Asked by tomtt
3 answers
05:35:12 12/18/16
Solved [Solved] Moving Peachtree Classic Accounting from One PC to Another!
Asked by themerc
windows xp
9 answers
07:13:47 12/14/16
how to fix black screen
Asked by wheelsray2
6 answers
14:45:38 12/09/16
Black screen. Gateway laptop nv52 tried about everything
Asked by WayneWesley
1 answer
13:31:53 12/09/16
How can i get my @ mail symbol on a Dell latitude e4300
Asked by Mikeshere
4 answers
16:27:15 12/08/16
Delete folder/files - access denied
Asked by andwan0
4 answers
15:13:13 12/06/16
Spooler keeps sending print job over and over
Asked by 0x34
4 answers
23:46:32 12/05/16
Solved [Solved] Screen problem or drivers
Asked by sardor
24 answers
12:33:48 12/03/16
Solved [Solved] Why is this HP Compaq desktop booting so slow?
Asked by wes0125
slow boot
6 answers
20:32:02 11/30/16
Solved [Solved] Hi Dear Masters (Bios)
Asked by sardor
4 answers
13:48:12 11/30/16
how to change bios settings on lenovo z560
Asked by dkishore516
windows 7
4 answers
12:29:25 11/27/16
Solved [Solved] How to find and clear the duplicate files?
Asked by Marton
3 answers
07:19:28 11/25/16
Solved [Solved] What does the acronym IME stand for?
Asked by Caleb.M
1 answer
03:13:35 11/22/16
possible to recover/reload emails?
Asked by indigian
23 answers
03:12:31 11/19/16
Solved [Solved] How to prevent unwanted scans from speedfixtool.
Asked by brodor
2 answers
22:51:36 11/18/16
Solved [Solved] i need video please. :)
Asked by Ganselem
3 answers
08:58:37 11/18/16
Solved [Solved] cannot recover saved incredimails in windows 7
Asked by 9523johnp
1 answer
03:45:03 11/14/16
Solved [Solved] Getting BSOD on shutdown after logging out of AOL
Asked by WarrenTSI
15 answers
19:02:45 11/12/16
W7 stuck in loop of extracting .exe file converted from .jar
Asked by asdfghjkl12
5 answers
02:09:32 11/07/16
Solved [Solved] How do I search for a exact file in win 7 windows explorer
Asked by ComputerNut
1 answer
06:59:09 11/03/16
Someone please help I don't know what to do
Asked by Richardmurry
3 answers
05:33:26 10/23/16
Solved [Solved] How can I stop Excessive Junk/Soliciting E-mails
Asked by uncledewey
7 answers
11:10:27 10/17/16
front usb port(pc) not working properly. ANDPCI YELLOW MARK
Asked by udhayakumar_k
usb port
3 answers
22:28:16 10/12/16
fix printer just to print not save
Asked by PatCrews
3 answers
22:19:09 10/12/16
Will Windows 7 work with Intel E8400?
Asked by CyberDude
8 answers
20:50:21 10/09/16
Solved [Solved] For some reason I can't send email attachments anymore
Asked by Dawie
3 answers
10:51:26 10/07/16
printer only prints part of page of email att
Asked by margelica
3 answers
06:49:04 10/07/16
Turn bluetooth on/off via W7 systray instead of Device Mgr
Asked by rapattack
2 answers
06:44:05 10/03/16
Brand new Trust speakers stopped working after two days
Asked by mopiey
2 answers
20:26:53 10/01/16
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