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Solved [Solved] How to fix File System error 512 for Windows 7
Asked by Dawie
15 answers
04:55:01 9/18/19
BIOS bootup runnig date problems
Asked by PhilipCox
3 answers
16:58:02 8/27/19
cpu always at 100
Asked by mark000
3 answers
06:37:42 8/22/19
troubles partitioning a drive
Asked by Looge
18 answers
04:11:57 8/17/19
2215-eit failure va boot record read failure on hp dc7800 sy
Asked by KakumbwaRichard
1 answer
05:03:04 7/17/19
Solved [Solved] How to associate a file with no extension
Asked by Mechanix2Go
9 answers
00:25:13 7/06/19
Solved [Solved] diskmgmt no active or system flag
Asked by Looge
9 answers
00:34:04 7/04/19
Solved [Solved] tfght is compressed how can i fixed it...........
Asked by Sahiltiwari
2 answers
07:14:57 6/14/19
Why is my system complaining of non system disk or disk erro
Asked by Adetona
2 answers
21:30:57 6/11/19
how to fix boot.ini problem?
Asked by dnserror
7 answers
12:05:26 1/27/19
Why does replacingg cmos battery create a floppy drive
Asked by trev1054
12 answers
21:21:40 1/17/19
Solved [Solved] can not rename external harddrive
Asked by willem1933
1 answer
16:33:23 11/07/18
Solved [Solved] dual boot with 2 HDDs Win7+Win10- need 1 on c: and 2 on d: ?
Asked by willem1933
dual boot
2 disks
7 answers
00:11:49 10/17/18
Deleting user profile Windows 7, and how to do it safely
Asked by shakushinnen
19 answers
17:29:37 8/31/18
Solved [Solved] my screen has slipped down and to the left.this happened
Asked by Bevfarmer
10 answers
01:06:32 8/30/18
protect main users profile - Windows 7
Asked by shakushinnen
8 answers
19:36:15 8/27/18
Two linked drives but no Symbolic links - How to Undo this?
Asked by Lister_of_Smeg
7 answers
07:33:47 7/17/18
Solved [Solved] VLOOKUP Returns 00/01/1900 Instead Of Blank
Asked by Ashhhhh
6 answers
20:34:23 6/21/18
I can't connect to Inet w/ win7. no network adapter driver d
Asked by leonardj65
not installed
undetected ...???...
2 answers
23:10:47 6/02/18
Solved [Solved] How do I set new hard drive to system restore
Asked by uncledewey
8 answers
07:26:56 5/12/18
Why am I unable to print from RHELinux to Win 7 Pro? Help!
Asked by Acester25
2 answers
18:58:12 5/04/18
Solved [Solved] How can I create a manual Restore Point from the Control
Asked by TLR-2004
7 answers
12:13:45 4/26/18
Solved [Solved] user profile can't be assessed
Asked by rosv
6 answers
17:19:24 4/07/18
Solved [Solved] Hi guys plz am using tecno WX3 since I bought my laptop I
Asked by Benard
3 answers
07:11:11 4/05/18
Solved [Solved] Command for computer info
Asked by uncledewey
2 answers
16:58:51 4/02/18
How Do You open C:/ on Win. 7
Asked by TAWScotts
2 answers
17:29:41 3/12/18
Solved [Solved] How can I center my laptop screen?
Asked by Barbnv
1 answer
09:58:16 3/08/18 id Adress Not Able to Login in Onlne
Asked by kumarasan
2 answers
20:50:29 2/21/18
Solved [Solved] how to hookup my 2011 emachine to my tv
Asked by jrb1391
8 answers
13:29:22 2/14/18
i have a ram problem please solve my problem,please help m
Asked by rasad
RAM upgrade
4 answers
12:23:48 1/14/18
How do I connect Win7 laptop to DOS computer?
Asked by zz28zz
5 answers
16:22:39 12/26/17
can hp d230 mt support windows 7
Asked by Quame
6 answers
05:48:43 12/11/17
Windows 7 no longer boots
Asked by shakushinnen
boot problems
23 answers
20:33:12 12/08/17
Deployment automation script XML file handling
Asked by narayanaboominathan
shell script
1 answer
07:22:37 11/20/17
Solved [Solved] No sound when watching movies on TV via USB
Asked by Mahi2804
6 answers
06:37:46 11/20/17
Why Windows 7 changed it's default ease of access setting?
Asked by WayneRS
1 answer
04:04:34 11/10/17
how can i restore the operating system for my lenovo t 430
Asked by Xray
1 answer
06:00:16 11/07/17
How do I center my screen so all the operating buttons show?
Asked by Judy1
2 answers
09:40:44 11/03/17
Thank You very much
Asked by shogun1510
8 answers
19:10:43 10/28/17
why is the user profile service failed at login
Asked by johnd5
1 answer
15:50:02 10/06/17
Solved [Solved] Buatkan video tutorial HAPUS HDD PASSWORD
Asked by Jessicaolivia
usb flash
2 answers
07:42:55 9/19/17
How to fix startup error to boot propertly
Asked by redarrow16
11 answers
18:50:48 9/07/17
still trying to activate the policies tab
Asked by ThereWeGo
8 answers
13:41:46 8/30/17
pc in sleep mode monitor goes off but CPU kept running
Asked by tensa
6 answers
10:20:51 8/21/17
Moving Raid 1 to Identical Motherboard
Asked by Avogadro
9 answers
08:08:04 8/21/17
Solved [Solved] i dont know if ive checked correct items under tools interne
Asked by sharon56
2 answers
17:41:53 8/07/17
can not open scratch disks to change memory for photo deluxe
Asked by Radar
9 answers
07:07:47 8/05/17
Solved [Solved] my asus x55c screen is remains black when I turn it on
Asked by jatind
1 answer
04:38:18 8/02/17
Solved [Solved] Celebrity voices for AOL You've got Mail
Asked by bluelinestan
1 answer
14:53:34 8/01/17
Solved [Solved] Help with Video card driver sofware
Asked by Sar
3 answers
16:54:59 7/26/17
Device Manager Error - SM Bus Controller
Asked by arkeyone
8 answers
08:01:38 7/24/17
no audio with video
Asked by mbchire
2 answers
20:48:00 7/16/17
Solved [Solved] How to get screen centred on google
Asked by lulubelle
3 answers
09:59:31 7/07/17
Solved [Solved] Windows 7 registry path information
Asked by CoffeeBreak
11 answers
16:41:56 7/02/17
Solved [Solved] Can I order and view drive files by size?
Asked by oxcart
19 answers
07:25:46 6/20/17
Solved [Solved] how can I configer in my d link 615
Asked by Maza
5 answers
03:34:22 6/15/17
Solved [Solved] Desktop changes after a new start.
Asked by willem1933
2 answers
22:00:56 5/08/17
Solved [Solved] pages not centered help needed
Asked by repeattutu
2 answers
21:53:47 3/23/17
input not support in monitir for tv tuner zeb l2012
Asked by murugesan
1 answer
14:31:54 3/22/17
Asked by Ciccas
11 answers
04:37:21 3/02/17
Solved [Solved] Why is my wireless keyboard acting up?
Asked by Chasethecloudsaway
3 answers
06:21:23 2/22/17
Solved [Solved] After doing Disk Cleanup Windows finds new update?
Asked by pedalroad
8 answers
17:01:43 2/21/17
Solved [Solved] How use new key for Win 7 validation
Asked by clubil
2 answers
03:54:50 1/26/17
Background Window lagging behind foreground window
Asked by gimini
1 answer
15:44:51 1/05/17
Solved [Solved] canon pixma mx870 only prints last line of document
Asked by sunruh
7 answers
12:28:24 11/27/16
Solved [Solved] Desktop icons disappear when Webpage larger than screen open
Asked by Dawie
6 answers
07:58:46 11/09/16
Solved [Solved] wgich way can i use
Asked by Rashidi
2 answers
11:32:48 11/04/16
Solved [Solved] WinME on new system for Win7 Upgrade. Missing drivers, VM?
Asked by atl_jt
16 answers
22:29:08 10/29/16
How to stop printed emails with date stamp
Asked by ClairS
2 answers
08:12:12 10/23/16
How do i link docs with adobe reader
Asked by a.K.A.Tripper
2 answers
12:23:21 10/08/16
Solved [Solved] How do we disable Alt + F4 shortcut. is one of the worst one
Asked by Zaxtor
3 answers
22:53:08 9/17/16
Configuring Windows features stuck at 35% for hours...
Asked by JJHart
3 answers
04:15:21 9/16/16
Solved [Solved] BIOS Update failed. Battery Below Ten Precent. Dell XPS 15z
Asked by Furlongstrong
2 answers
07:29:38 9/03/16
Can't boot Acer Veriton desktop without PS2 keyboard & mouse
Asked by boomdig
3 answers
21:10:39 8/08/16
why this error occured when i start my pc
Asked by yaminipatel
12 answers
23:08:58 7/11/16
Solved [Solved] Cant open any .EXE file on my pc
Asked by tamy_paul
1 answer
03:50:29 7/03/16
win 7 thinkpad start in loop
Asked by ShelliGrevisScott
10 answers
19:37:30 7/01/16
when trying to boot up, all I get is no bootable device.
Asked by vonzimmer
2 answers
21:13:39 6/29/16
Solved [Solved] ip tell me the problem is with computor-connect to ip slow
Asked by mervynturley
1 answer
06:37:16 6/29/16
Solved [Solved] Windows unable to complete format CD-R
Asked by confused_123
4 answers
19:29:48 6/22/16
Solved [Solved] How do i get my acer aspire 5336-2524 to load windows?
Asked by cloud55
2 answers
18:15:01 6/17/16
Changed CMOS battery and jumpers now won't power on at all
Asked by Bonniesurfer
3 answers
05:27:01 5/21/16
Solved [Solved] phoenix securecore{tm}set up utility
Asked by TerrellOwens
2 answers
19:27:34 5/12/16
Can server login credentials be migrated between computers?
Asked by taramathea
3 answers
12:11:22 5/12/16
Solved [Solved] how to enable onboard audio on a lenovo thinkpad
Asked by vandal67
2 answers
15:25:26 5/10/16
System protection tab missing win7
Asked by Fotos
4 answers
17:27:49 4/18/16
Solved [Solved] How can i can reset my password
Asked by tony332
3 answers
00:28:17 4/15/16
Solved [Solved] Eliminate Win 7 enterprise system administrator
Asked by onurcakaloz
windows 7
system administrator
24 answers
14:30:52 4/11/16
Phoenix secure core tiano setup
Asked by Arc
Windows Vista
2 answers
18:34:59 3/31/16
changing w7/64 partition's position on drive?
Asked by BabaG
7 answers
17:22:00 3/30/16
Creating Internet Explorer Content Advisor registry file
Asked by adminram
security software
1 answer
16:51:20 3/26/16
Change Duffy cd to ntfs
Asked by TonyAud
3 answers
11:46:36 3/22/16
Solved [Solved] I am unable to type the @ sign in my laptop.
Asked by Kaushalya
2 answers
09:21:38 3/17/16
Video reset to DVI but have no DVI cable
Asked by randompunk
1 answer
11:09:36 3/05/16
I need to make an autounattended.xml
Asked by zeb001
1 answer
16:10:51 3/02/16
How to return my homepage to MSN USA
Asked by Roxyann
3 answers
19:22:14 2/28/16
Solved [Solved] Can I Dual Boot Two Installations of Windows 7?
Asked by susanrs
7 answers
17:03:21 2/28/16
files taking over computer recovery+uwqfm and html and txt
Asked by stevedlutz
11 answers
17:06:58 2/24/16
Solved [Solved] Restore original yahoo homepage
Asked by sharpjustinr
3 answers
19:40:40 2/02/16
help with phoenix secureCore
Asked by kainalu
1 answer
02:20:33 1/14/16
how to reset to default group policy windows 7
Asked by SiCo
Group Policy
9 answers
06:53:49 1/05/16
Solved [Solved] how to set up permissions on a shared file
Asked by stingerssx
1 answer
17:55:36 1/02/16
Homegroup suddenly stopped working right
Asked by stingerssx
1 answer
17:41:14 1/02/16
Solved [Solved] Force Shutdown after pressing Power button in the case
Asked by Takeru
15 answers
14:48:52 12/26/15
screen only appears on right half; how can I correct ?
Asked by claradine
1 answer
14:02:40 12/16/15
Solved [Solved] Find hostname of secondary HDD removed from laptop
Asked by beachyhbt
6 answers
11:04:03 12/08/15
Printer permissions for redirected printer
Asked by mattygmbb
4 answers
00:43:54 12/03/15
Solved [Solved] Acer Aspire laptop frozen on Password screen
Asked by Kristian779
11 answers
13:09:59 11/28/15
Solved [Solved] Errors in Windows 7 Windows Update
Asked by LorenSr
3 answers
05:26:20 11/27/15
change sata mode to RAID autodetect /AHCI.
Asked by gumtree
2 answers
07:44:03 11/24/15
Log off idle profile, log on another user, start a program
Asked by gestohlenseele
8 answers
16:46:32 11/22/15
Solved [Solved] How to get settings in Windows 7 file management to stick
Asked by nilomi31
2 answers
11:42:48 11/17/15
Solved [Solved] what to do when i hit f12 comes up red screen im rying to ma
Asked by kellyc
8 answers
01:08:34 11/10/15
Solved [Solved] i want to change from a us to a uk keyboard
Asked by flakey
3 answers
02:25:43 11/08/15
Solved [Solved] How to view Temporary Internet Files -- unusual situation
Asked by Jeff Root
4 answers
18:42:03 10/24/15
Solved [Solved] Question about setting custom pagefile size in Win 7
Asked by Tim_B
5 answers
14:06:58 10/15/15
Cause of certain sites to not remember my Win 7 Pro password
Asked by Davidw
23 answers
15:21:16 10/10/15
Clearing cookies clears too much
Asked by Jeff Root
12 answers
09:08:55 10/04/15
my laptop screen is small
Asked by Cat_Face
2 answers
15:11:43 10/03/15
How to Reboot Sony Vaio 10.1 NetBook ( PCG-21313l )
Asked by NicoleGraham
6 answers
14:35:39 9/16/15
Solved [Solved] where is the usb composite device ports on my pc?
Asked by Rosemary Coslett
2 answers
23:29:32 9/07/15
Solved [Solved] Change Windows 7 PC from workgroup back to domain
Asked by mkvarume
2 answers
05:55:25 9/04/15
no user login password at Windows 7 startup
Asked by cindy19
1 answer
20:05:28 8/21/15
Startup repair cannot repair this computer
Asked by cedrix2001
1 answer
15:56:53 8/08/15
How do you adjust it to use the entire screen?
1 answer
21:25:56 8/05/15
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