Windows 10: Hardware Problems

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Wired Speakers Hum When PC Sleeps
Asked by DerbyDad03
20 answers
18:27:37 4/20/20
Can my dell t3500 use 1600mhz memory sticks
Asked by Bassodog
2 answers
07:10:56 4/10/20
Solved [Solved] can you use on screen keyboard in bios
Asked by DelilahJones
3 answers
15:11:53 3/20/20
SD card not detected on my PC Windows 10
Asked by arbernstein47
7 answers
20:53:32 3/17/20
Battery Life Question - Surface Pro 4
Asked by DerbyDad03
16 answers
20:52:05 3/17/20
help me!. my Samsung S19A100N monitors not recognized by W10
Asked by advill
13 answers
20:50:52 3/17/20
Computer is freezing to unknown reason
Asked by tewch
10 answers
20:49:43 3/17/20
All prints are going to one drive
Asked by Grayclassic
3 answers
02:43:17 3/17/20
Epson xp - 440
Asked by harleydude3
4 answers
21:54:36 2/04/20
Solved [Solved] computer kicks me off banking websites
Asked by sparky11
2 answers
16:04:43 1/19/20
computer rest not working bios not found
Asked by gerosue
4 answers
07:40:45 1/01/20
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL after ram installation but win7 32bit
Asked by George79
15 answers
13:19:03 12/21/19
External harddisk not readable.8
Asked by ngkh
3 answers
04:45:16 12/06/19
Solved [Solved] CeRtain keys wont work unless I pRess shift
Asked by Lillian13102
6 answers
01:14:46 10/27/19
connecting two monitor to a laptop.
Asked by Jimaltringer
1 answer
21:19:54 9/16/19
white like grey dots on monitor
Asked by kzchester
8 answers
04:14:28 8/25/19
Solved [Solved] why does printer print blank page rather than word doc
Asked by cunctator
11 answers
02:05:11 8/12/19
Disk usage 100% problem, unusual
Asked by toniww
18 answers
16:04:06 7/31/19
when i plug in my pci-e 6 pin into my graphic card my pc shu
Asked by Trip-Wire
6 answers
21:08:27 7/05/19
Solved [Solved] Windows 10 WIFI Will Not Turn/Stay On
Asked by CPU13
8 answers
09:06:15 5/26/19
why does my samsung r530 camera not functioning?
Asked by kingpollo
2 answers
10:24:02 5/16/19
Solved [Solved] My Lenovo yoga 500 laptop screen randomly turns black.
Asked by Alamin
5 answers
20:18:52 4/30/19
Stripped or Windows 10 lite?
Asked by Macgomes
3 answers
17:10:02 4/16/19
One of my drives keeps making beeping sounds.
Asked by Major1
22 answers
12:05:38 4/08/19
Solved [Solved] on HP laptop: half ok, half lt green. Split is horizontal
Asked by deadrise
1 answer
13:22:03 2/28/19
Solved [Solved] HP desktop=bad shutdown=blue blank screen. No picture, no ic
Asked by Bevfarmer
6 answers
21:00:26 1/17/19
my video card went out - my red or orang is PINK
Asked by ckbeme
2 answers
08:11:56 1/08/19
I need all of my usb slots worked on they are all broken how
Asked by BigDnAZ332
5 answers
07:37:05 1/07/19
Laptop builtin HP TrueVision HD webcam is not working.
Asked by kathrynBarr
2 answers
20:30:09 1/02/19
Please help, my sound does not work, i have tried everything
Asked by kdias7
4 answers
21:38:50 12/16/18
Why can't I run google on my lenovo idea pad 81A5
Asked by sherriLandry
1 answer
12:43:30 11/02/18
Solved [Solved] Sound Issues Playing from Speakers, not Headphones
Asked by CPU13
9 answers
12:03:42 10/27/18
my canon TS5100 wont print any documents sent
Asked by tues
8 answers
05:19:49 10/09/18
Remove disks and Media
Asked by syshhr
6 answers
08:20:28 10/03/18
Computer asking for other user user name and password wind
Asked by sandraann
2 answers
15:41:31 9/29/18
Laptop Not Connecting to Internet
Asked by CPU13
11 answers
07:16:34 8/24/18
Solved [Solved] Why does D: drive magically show up and is full?
Asked by AbdelRahmanMahmoud
3 answers
05:26:51 8/03/18
Solved [Solved] 2 separate computers, stopped letting me log in.
Asked by Polly1959
11 answers
14:14:57 7/13/18
Solved [Solved] Loads of duplicate folders acting like shortcuts
Asked by Borisg
3 answers
20:32:14 6/28/18
why is my bluetooth so problematic all of the sudden?
Asked by therealtony
2 answers
20:59:36 6/24/18
Solved [Solved] d drive is full and no files show up
Asked by Ni12323
2 answers
20:41:38 5/31/18
what does short DST warning mean
Asked by hehegamma
1 answer
22:14:13 5/15/18
Solved [Solved] my centon USB is write protected I dont Supprime
Asked by Marco11
1 answer
15:14:05 3/21/18
Solved [Solved] Lenovo five and six keys not working
Asked by MDott
5 answers
13:56:01 3/19/18
Solved [Solved] Having trouble getting computer screen on to TV screen
Asked by MariaSJ49
10 answers
21:16:49 3/03/18
Solved [Solved] Drivers for Windows 10??
Asked by Azisurrehman
5 answers
15:10:17 2/27/18
Solved [Solved] some of my keys aren't working
Asked by ekswvu88
8 answers
12:11:32 2/22/18
Solved [Solved] Bios error, and my keyboard wont work
Asked by Mellow
boot up
start up
4 answers
05:50:53 2/16/18
PC won't boot from CD/DVD after the new update
Asked by Name3012
CD Drive
2 answers
21:01:28 2/14/18
No installed printers are working
Asked by buratti
30 answers
23:16:15 2/13/18
Solved [Solved] windows 10 can't see hard drive
Asked by Buffy283
9 answers
13:57:08 2/11/18
Solved [Solved] Computer completely freezes at unexpected times.
Asked by Bargathus
2 answers
14:34:10 2/09/18
Solved [Solved] Sleep mode stops to work well, PC is dead after wake up
Asked by przemek6085
Windows 10
sleep mode
22 answers
03:54:23 2/09/18
xps x521l no more touchscreen, nvidia gt 640m won't load...
Asked by DarkKnight4Life
4 answers
04:58:10 1/31/18
Solved [Solved] HP officejet 6380 wont fully instal since windows 10 update
Asked by Josca
3 answers
08:34:25 1/23/18
XMP safe mode question
Asked by sew333
7 answers
12:08:07 1/18/18
Solved [Solved] How do I boot Windows 10/To Go from USB-HDD??
Asked by Comrade
3 answers
15:03:11 1/16/18
need acomdata hard drive driver
Asked by Spbrown68
2 answers
12:05:09 1/06/18
How to Fix: Dell Laptop White Screen Verticle Lines Flashing
Asked by jarvisshed
1 answer
08:49:48 1/06/18
Solved [Solved] why are the buttons on my mouse working opposite?
Asked by No1diva
1 answer
11:52:15 12/17/17
Why do I have scrolling problems so much ?
Asked by ShirleyCurtis
4 answers
13:46:36 12/11/17
IIAMA refresh 144HZ -soon after power outage booted with low
Asked by sew333
6 answers
09:28:56 12/01/17
Solved [Solved] How do I get my ethernet connection on laptop to be stabe?
Asked by tim182
10 answers
20:26:20 11/30/17
USB ports, and after a new install, Touchpad stopped working
Asked by Win10Issues
7 answers
05:16:55 11/21/17
How do i fix my speaker
Asked by BRANDI
4 answers
21:05:46 11/20/17
what are the other files on recovery d drive
Asked by troix1313
2 answers
04:24:29 11/20/17
Solved [Solved] Coputer Randomly shuts down
Asked by MCO3
5 answers
20:57:46 11/10/17
screen will not center
Asked by eddie.b
1 answer
14:03:30 11/09/17
CD-ROM issue Windows 10 - Zero Free and Used Space
Asked by starky1211
CD Drive
1 answer
03:11:25 11/03/17
why my touchpad is not working after upgrading to windows 10
Asked by lizrhona
1 answer
09:49:45 11/01/17
Solved [Solved] why does wmp open when I hit question mark on keyboard
Asked by twallin
8 answers
11:00:16 10/19/17
Solved [Solved] Amber light on the power button on Inspiron 2205?
Asked by vamC
1 answer
10:20:37 10/19/17
Windows 10 update removed my printer
Asked by bccamper
16 answers
19:50:34 10/13/17
Computer Doesn't Recognize Graphics Card
Asked by SGTRock13
3 answers
07:37:22 9/30/17
Solved [Solved] how to reconnect file history drive
Asked by diivas86
1 answer
01:23:56 9/27/17
Cloning HDD 1 TB to SSD 250GB
Asked by george4896
Windows 10
11 answers
20:31:12 9/15/17
Solved [Solved] Can a DVD multi player burn a disc?
Asked by AzJack
4 answers
17:31:05 8/11/17
How do you fix: Computer only show the top half of a browser
Asked by ThatPoppy
1 answer
15:03:28 8/07/17
Solved [Solved] I am unable to format a CD-RW after upgrade to W10
Asked by J-M-H
cd burning
6 answers
10:15:28 6/28/17
why slow PC after router virus
Asked by MaryO
1 answer
15:29:38 6/23/17
Solved [Solved] Secondary HD always spending 100% time processing reques
Asked by mruboy
Slow Performance
Slow Startup
2 answers
21:32:15 6/14/17
Windows 10 can't load
Asked by rickmtaylor1
2 answers
15:12:15 6/14/17
Solved [Solved] Windows 10 update caused touchpad malfunction
Asked by ksays
8 answers
13:15:04 6/06/17
Solved [Solved] windows 10 dvd reader and writer drives will not function
Asked by Bluejay700
optical drives
1 answer
06:06:56 5/05/17
Solved [Solved] How to download a free burn drive allowing burning DVD
Asked by redsandy
1 answer
18:54:36 4/24/17
Solved [Solved] Unable to log on to Levevo
Asked by Stars18
1 answer
02:33:27 4/17/17
Creating a drive letter for an OS X formatted hard disk.
Asked by nitish159
hard drive
6 answers
19:43:32 4/01/17
Solved [Solved] problem dell xps l501x
Asked by laieas
2 answers
06:39:37 3/31/17
Solved [Solved] Why does my laptop start too lag after a couple minuts?
Asked by MartijnWeiland
14 answers
15:25:55 3/26/17
Solved [Solved] video card for legacy p4
Asked by polyal
5 answers
12:51:40 3/22/17
Solved [Solved] Win 10 doest see my DVD/CD device
Asked by ROLLYJS
19 answers
19:51:19 3/05/17
Why does my modem to beep about every 15 minutes?
Asked by donaldosr
1 answer
14:48:46 3/02/17
New Build PC shows wrong amount of available ram for Windows
Asked by HexHax
1 answer
04:09:02 2/24/17
Solved [Solved] How Do I Get My Secondary Hard Drives to Show Up
Asked by D1337tion
4 answers
21:06:52 2/20/17
how to reinstall external floppy disc reader Windows10
Asked by Bamspc
2 answers
16:27:43 2/11/17
How can I turn off continuous beeping?
Asked by wasd
5 answers
09:59:13 2/11/17
Solved [Solved] toshiba satellite not charging
Asked by BoBoyd
1 answer
03:18:51 2/07/17
hard disk not detected (Lenovo z5070)
Asked by mahmoudkiwan
3 answers
15:41:10 1/29/17
Remotr App/W10 Tab/Cursor Dissapears/Not Detecting Keyboard?
Asked by ToolPunk
1 answer
06:35:46 1/27/17
Solved [Solved] how to aptio setup utility loop in Windows 10 Linx7
Asked by rogerl
7 answers
07:10:02 1/26/17
Solved [Solved] video card for dell optiplex 760
Asked by wgaxp
4 answers
12:41:14 1/23/17
Solved [Solved] Restoration Incomplete Screen Won't Let Me Use My Laptop
Asked by Knightwalker
2 answers
14:37:39 1/06/17
Shift and media keys keep trying to open mp3 players
Asked by nabbynabs
Keyboard Problems
4 answers
07:29:53 1/06/17
Solved [Solved] Why did my Acer screen suddenly go black?
Asked by DianeM
black screen
4 answers
21:11:44 1/05/17
Solved [Solved] How do I go about finding out if I need to replaceg the
Asked by debg
1 answer
16:27:59 1/05/17
mouse moves left but pointer goes up
Asked by aidentopshot
1 answer
06:30:09 12/30/16
Solved [Solved] Small Part of Computer Screne is dim. Is this fixable?
Asked by mettiboe
6 answers
12:00:45 12/19/16
Computer wont charge battery, battery is new
Asked by papccs
wont charge
5 answers
20:10:41 12/16/16
Solved [Solved] EFI file error on boot
Asked by jonesuom
2 answers
07:06:01 12/08/16
Solved [Solved] cannot get working schedule to open due to jave/and windows
Asked by marlavan
2 answers
05:00:13 12/08/16
How do I restore everything on my Acer aspire e15 laptop
Asked by Tequile
1 answer
00:12:23 10/24/16
Why is DVD burner ignoring video size in Windows 10?
Asked by BreakingtheNotBroken
16 answers
08:34:52 10/19/16
Can't use my laptop displaying automatic repair
Asked by Venu1
1 answer
15:04:34 10/12/16
External monitor not recognize on Win10, but power saving.
Asked by supercuteboy
External Monitor
6 answers
08:35:03 10/08/16
pc display problems not showing anything
Asked by AKHILESH8572
Windows 10
2 answers
09:23:31 10/04/16
Make my HP icore17 laptop transfer data faster
Asked by DUCE
2 answers
20:44:18 9/08/16
Computer won't accept password
Asked by bdehart2
3 answers
05:14:07 8/27/16
Solved [Solved] Corrupted master file table & boot error--What should I do?
Asked by mz219
3 answers
02:37:02 7/19/16
Solved [Solved] mouse no longer let me login or check out with 1 left click
Asked by Peteman
1 answer
16:13:33 7/16/16
How do I reconnect my drive to File History?
Asked by gponting
1 answer
07:01:21 7/16/16
My Computer Screen Is Constantly Grey Tinted
Asked by vcmorr01
3 answers
09:52:22 7/10/16
Brand new Transcend disk drive LED has problems
Asked by tspace7
2 answers
11:32:57 7/07/16
how to reconnect file history drive on windows 10?
Asked by Paul724
1 answer
09:12:58 7/07/16
what is the reason for a transcend hard drive to not be reco
Asked by JacklineSwai
1 answer
03:50:02 6/29/16
my laptop cursor won't move
Asked by ace5936angelbabygmai
2 answers
07:25:40 6/25/16
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