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AVG to scan thumb drive
Asked by Jeff Root
3 answers
13:23:34 4/24/17
drive infected and i can't see my files
Asked by alieenaaa
29 answers
07:29:57 4/23/17
i was victim of scammers they have locked my laptop
Asked by mikeprice
3 answers
14:05:56 4/13/17
AVG anti-virus error message
Asked by JWR243
2 answers
17:53:22 4/02/17
How to remove virus that malware scanners fail to remove
Asked by wlt
2 answers
13:35:32 3/07/17
How to recover data deleted by antivirus from WD hard Drive
Asked by mackjohn
3 answers
14:25:30 2/09/17
Auto typing virus on pc
Asked by Potatocouch
45 answers
17:46:41 2/08/17
ransomeware on my pc
Asked by justdon
7 answers
03:49:06 1/26/17
Did a virus team up with water to break my touchpad?
Asked by ImeanHaru
touch pad
2 answers
05:03:47 1/09/17
Solved [Solved] i got an application inside every folder
Asked by Alirazajaffri
6 answers
14:52:05 12/31/16
How do I get rid of all of the porn my son downloads?
Asked by hswhdjfvjfdhbd
8 answers
20:12:52 12/14/16
Laptop has a virus
Asked by CGeorge
3 answers
05:47:36 12/12/16
Solved [Solved] How can I delete shop at home from Mac El Capitan 10.11.8?
Asked by BaltimorePhil
2 answers
14:22:31 11/25/16
Solved [Solved] Windows XP - AVG Free Anti-Virus update - missing icon
Asked by JWR243
windows xp
AVG free
Virus Protection
4 answers
07:18:48 11/22/16
Solved [Solved] AVG Free download time in Windows XP Pro (SP3)
Asked by JWR243
7 answers
02:50:10 11/21/16
Your computer might be at risk pop up
Asked by resources397
10 answers
01:18:58 11/04/16
Solved [Solved] Virus warning, real or fake?
Asked by JWR243
3 answers
03:31:27 11/01/16
Something to check out - another virus utility The Scanguard
Asked by trvlr
7 answers
02:06:04 10/19/16
Solved [Solved] Son's HP laptop Disk Usage Shows 100% Always
Asked by Truc Nguyen
40 answers
17:27:13 10/12/16
RogueKiller app found Hidden.ADS & other issues (see log)
Asked by Bangkokindy
7 answers
03:16:56 10/11/16
Solved [Solved] Disk Usage shows 99% for 10 min each time I boot laptop
Asked by Truc Nguyen
40 answers
03:59:14 10/03/16
Solved [Solved] How can I reset my dell laptop
Asked by Zackychan
Windows 10
3 answers
20:09:15 9/26/16
How to Delete disable AVGIDSAgent ?
Asked by neiher
5 answers
21:22:19 9/25/16
Solved [Solved] the procedure enty pintgetlogicalprocessorinformation could
Asked by mazharsheikh
1 answer
08:00:59 9/17/16
Very Sophisticated Hacking? Now what?
Asked by Elie-Ko
3 answers
20:06:48 9/13/16
Solved [Solved] How to remove .scr virus without losing infected folders?
Asked by liakossf
37 answers
07:33:52 9/11/16
alll files and folders are creating shortcut itself
Asked by hansprasad
2 answers
09:28:30 9/07/16
Solved [Solved] Virus has taken over HP laptop
Asked by Maryselb
2 answers
20:41:51 8/30/16
Solved [Solved] Need to get Malware off computer.
Asked by Pfoot
7 answers
07:40:03 8/18/16
Solved [Solved] windows xp pro having trouble installing virus protection
Asked by Davidw
7 answers
18:42:58 8/17/16
Solved [Solved] Your windows computer has been blocked
Asked by topbooka
43 answers
05:55:38 8/16/16
How do i deviruse my computer when nothing is opening?
Asked by CauzlessMe
7 answers
11:54:13 8/03/16
Solved [Solved] What is putting files onto my computer?
Asked by
24 answers
18:09:08 7/27/16
What should I do?
Asked by LisaGG
10 answers
00:21:03 7/21/16
What type of virus would randomly rename a file or folder?
Asked by pkgrvlnd
15 answers
18:12:12 7/19/16
Solved [Solved] What is a new folder that has shown up
Asked by Mike Madd
strange folder
15 answers
16:43:02 7/14/16
What can I do about person who infected my pc with virus
Asked by report88
5 answers
17:07:26 7/07/16
conhost.exe virus in services
Asked by ChristopherTGarrett
black screen
23 answers
05:38:28 6/28/16
Solved [Solved] Help getting rid of redirect virus?
Asked by gmackie
32 answers
06:28:18 6/26/16
What to do if a virus does not let me run antivirus?
Asked by enid
2 answers
11:14:12 6/25/16
Solved [Solved] Bad image error everytime I open a program
Asked by JackVenom
24 answers
00:12:33 6/25/16
Solved [Solved] Why i am gettting theeese
Asked by John199
2 answers
20:03:03 6/21/16
Can someone please help me?
Asked by Kaiiiiiiiii
6 answers
09:54:07 6/17/16
my computer after 1-2 minutes creates a super blockage
Asked by Mr.needhelp
7 answers
21:56:43 6/07/16
how do i remove the green arrow on some words on safari?
Asked by wadha
1 answer
13:01:23 5/28/16
How to get rid of this nasty virus?
Asked by sKald_UK
12 answers
06:55:20 5/27/16
Solved [Solved] n't download my walmart purchased norton multi-device
Asked by glover
6 answers
04:17:00 5/20/16
Solved [Solved] Windows Vista says it has no hard drive space. Teryez too:(
Asked by Bevin76
hard drive
6 answers
07:41:46 5/14/16
Can't get rid of temp file called hydrologist.exe
Asked by lotahelp
4 answers
14:37:30 5/12/16
Solved [Solved] Not able to run any antivirus program
Asked by Vivek95
30 answers
06:20:26 5/09/16
Malware message from Web Root when trying to install Hitman
Asked by reinagcm
5 answers
20:14:55 5/05/16
threebg alias George Clooney sends zipped file virus infutur
Asked by Gutterman2
5 answers
05:51:33 4/21/16
AVG ERROR CODE 0x00070643
Asked by Piperon
4 answers
18:11:51 4/17/16
how to add windows defender to menu context
Asked by magnogreato
1 answer
10:26:37 4/15/16
Why can't i access google?
Asked by Leatherman
7 answers
02:57:06 4/14/16
Run Hitman Pro & Trend Micro Maximum security at same time?
Asked by Jodibfp
2 answers
00:57:51 4/10/16
deleted files restoring automatically
Asked by sranu21
3 answers
21:11:19 3/28/16
How to get rid of MyBrowserBar on FIREFOX
Asked by spanisherri
3 answers
21:14:20 3/20/16
How to restore files after infected by cryptolocker?
Asked by buratti
4 answers
05:50:59 3/14/16
Solved [Solved] Apps32: what is this program?
Asked by Marty9
13 answers
17:24:47 3/02/16
virus has frozen computer
Asked by markmc
6 answers
14:47:59 2/24/16
Solved [Solved] Please help w/ the avg antivirus sceurity protection
Asked by angels16
3 answers
00:07:25 2/16/16
virus is blocking mcafee?
Asked by robert.cortez681
1 answer
17:51:44 2/15/16
Solved [Solved] Yet more problems with Trusteer Rapport
Asked by tommyw
2 answers
23:40:07 2/03/16
Who are these Trusted installers
Asked by cheryldsosa
3 answers
19:52:58 1/27/16
Computer restarts when running my antivirus
Asked by IvoMax
6 answers
18:30:11 1/26/16
How can i fix error code 0xC0070643
Asked by Yoyo123
2 answers
14:20:32 1/25/16
Solved [Solved] change BIOS to support a bootloader
Asked by Conundrum
6 answers
21:04:13 1/24/16
Solved [Solved] does Free Hide IP software really work?
Asked by hotdogsinmilk
1 answer
12:07:29 1/23/16
bsod dllregistry failed virus locked my pc
Asked by KendallL
2 answers
17:59:49 1/09/16
Solved [Solved] System Virus? need some help
Asked by WarrenTSI
25 answers
06:27:59 1/09/16
Solved [Solved] How do I get rid of Norton virus??
Asked by Jon_Doe
Dell Inspiron
3 answers
12:31:36 12/26/15
Solved [Solved] testing a ransomware on a virtual pc, funny. i need help
Asked by jaysarma987
4 answers
03:54:52 12/16/15
How to overcome virus that prevents pc installing updates
Asked by reserved
2 answers
07:10:07 12/08/15
How to get rid of
Asked by CorgiGirl
2 answers
19:43:21 11/30/15
Acer Aspire freeze/crash in a minute of use.
Asked by Kristian779
windows 7
6 answers
12:59:36 11/30/15
What is and how to get rid of it?
Asked by fjickdieiid
2 answers
16:36:56 11/23/15
Solved [Solved] How can I remove gateway bible verse from Chrome book?
Asked by Vronni
7 answers
01:35:00 11/22/15
Solved [Solved] Is a recovery partition safe from infection?
Asked by ISAmad
Recovery Partition
3 answers
20:15:35 11/15/15
Solved [Solved] Where do I install my Norton Product Key Number?
Asked by PatriciaHithersay
5 answers
09:05:42 11/12/15
Need help to get rid of Trojan:win32/patched AO?
Asked by fjickdieiid
3 answers
18:26:27 11/11/15
uninstall and install virus protection
Asked by pjayebrown
3 answers
19:47:55 11/06/15
how can I move away the virus trash from my usb memory
Asked by JUNESER
9 answers
20:45:22 11/04/15
Cannot search on google
Asked by rachelS
3 answers
19:29:15 11/02/15
PUP: Bahaty makes me crazy, need ways to remove it?
Asked by fjickdieiid
2 answers
14:44:17 10/16/15
Solved [Solved] FBI Anti Piracy Hack - Preventive Action
Asked by deacons323
5 answers
05:24:20 10/14/15
Solved [Solved] nsurlsessiond keeps downloading data. What is going on?
Asked by slimewowgrogga
3 answers
08:19:03 10/04/15
Virus warning pop up opening Microsoft Edge in Windows 10
Asked by adacel22
4 answers
20:43:00 10/03/15
Got hit with ransomware after downloaded & installed Win 10
Asked by RJA
10 answers
16:19:05 10/01/15
is it a virus?? a f**k you virus???!!! on my XP?!
Asked by jaysarma987
22 answers
10:05:19 9/29/15
Solved [Solved] Win32/NetFilter.A found by Eset
Asked by Bangkokindy
16 answers
08:38:53 9/26/15
How do I download Norton Security I bought from Costco
Asked by dmbear
6 answers
04:48:50 9/26/15
Solved [Solved] Win10 Virus Problem On Lenovo Laptop
Asked by Bangkokindy
101 answers
18:54:13 9/20/15
What's the best program to remove severe virus
Asked by Furrow92
3 answers
17:01:28 9/19/15
Safer Browser Hijacker/Virus Removal Help
Asked by FalconCry
8 answers
01:27:28 9/15/15
Request for Help with Virus
Asked by kelaren
43 answers
19:53:53 9/12/15
I cant get rid of this torntv. Tried everything! please help
Asked by Noor1
4 answers
16:39:16 9/12/15
Solved [Solved] I can't remove BrowserSafeGuard
Asked by 12Strings
7 answers
05:11:41 9/12/15
Solved [Solved] how to remove BrowserSafeGuard Windows 7
Asked by 12Strings
3 answers
00:06:07 9/10/15
Solved [Solved] tablet with trojan virus then did factory reset is it safe?
Asked by missjackson
6 answers
19:19:13 9/07/15
How do I stop the home page in chrome being hijacked
Asked by wotcheruk
4 answers
22:45:16 9/02/15
where we found virus in our computer
Asked by wesen
4 answers
00:37:36 9/01/15
What's with ak ssl imgfarm comcast & how do I get rid of i
Asked by DtotheT
1 answer
03:26:44 8/26/15
Solved [Solved] revenge to phishing emails
7 answers
07:04:23 8/23/15
Solved [Solved] Windows defender can not find Baidu.exe Virus
Asked by auto7890
3 answers
05:41:30 8/22/15
How to eliminate BSOD:Error 777 on Windows 7 ultimate, FREE.
Asked by PedroACastillo
1 answer
22:00:53 8/19/15
getting rid of potential malware
Asked by
1 answer
16:01:45 8/14/15
Virus Preventing Me from Accessing the Internet
Asked by meowhelp
3 answers
15:18:03 8/14/15
Virus blocking antivirus and updates
Asked by Susca
4 answers
20:42:19 8/11/15
Solved [Solved] how can i install norton internet security with product key
Asked by jameslochrie
6 answers
17:21:48 8/08/15
Solved [Solved] how all files shows in a shortcut in pen drive ?
Asked by manish3777
1 answer
08:21:46 8/03/15
Only Selective Programs will Open On Windows 7 PC
Asked by Aroon97
windows 7
4 answers
23:21:09 7/30/15
My Avg Says My Identity Is Not Componet Activated HELP ME!!!
Asked by OrelAdler
2 answers
06:17:27 7/30/15
Virus took control of laptop touchpad mouse & USB drives
Asked by mzladyv26
4 answers
16:28:42 7/24/15
Solved [Solved] Get rid of virus detected ransomware message when logging on
Asked by Mitzi1111
3 answers
21:04:06 7/22/15
Solved [Solved] How do I get Win32:Rontokbr-L off computer?
Asked by clfriday
3 answers
03:00:38 7/20/15
Solved [Solved] How do I eliminate a virus if my antivirus stopped working?
Asked by VanessaCollen
7 answers
11:33:21 7/19/15
virus crashed computer can i get photos back somehow?
Asked by tarren87
4 answers
10:40:07 7/10/15
is aovoiido.exe a virus
Asked by auto7890
12 answers
19:13:18 7/05/15
Solved [Solved] Cryptowall 3.0 ransomware on company's NAS. Some help...
Asked by hitech444
7 answers
16:26:15 7/02/15
Conhost.exe slow down my PC
Asked by fjickdieiid
3 answers
05:18:07 6/30/15, is it a malicious website?
Asked by fjickdieiid
3 answers
15:27:35 6/24/15
Is a safe website
Asked by iekidikkkd
2 answers
07:17:30 6/24/15
Solved [Solved] new virus need to know if i can get rid of it
Asked by tbourcard
4 answers
17:35:03 6/22/15
green arrow KEYWORD highlight monster virus -- in chrome
Asked by 3xxx
4 answers
17:11:42 6/22/15
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