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Desktop setup changes after restart
Asked by willem1933
4 answers
17:33:52 4/21/17
How do I monitor my kids online? What are others using?
Asked by dorlow
4 answers
12:36:21 4/15/17
Solved [Solved] about the Dell popup virus
Asked by garbob
15 answers
15:40:45 4/13/17
Solved [Solved] The internet.. how do i remove WatchGuard
Asked by pandora666
3 answers
15:39:05 4/06/17
Solved [Solved] Why does Rapport screw up my pc .I have w10
Asked by COSMIC2T
5 answers
11:53:50 4/06/17
Windows defender turned off
Asked by Lakshancosta
Windows Defender
security essentials
2 answers
08:05:30 4/06/17
Solved [Solved] Mcafee agent monitor installed on my work laptop
Asked by samer7374
4 answers
21:31:21 4/04/17
I can't install any Antivirus on my Laptop
Asked by R.Barillos
29 answers
22:00:56 3/23/17
How do I get back into my computer - password changed?
Asked by AMK
11 answers
15:50:15 3/22/17
Solved [Solved] why do I keep getting secure search is off when I start fire
Asked by LenN
3 answers
09:58:59 3/20/17
why one of my folders got disappeared?
Asked by
3 answers
01:52:44 3/15/17
Cannot log into my gmail on my tablet with same password
Asked by willem1933
4 answers
22:35:12 3/12/17
Solved [Solved] Does malwarebytes anti-ransomware protect suffiently ?
Asked by willem1933
4 answers
05:27:28 3/11/17
Solved [Solved] What security software do you recommend for a MAC desktop?
Asked by SharonKay
2 answers
02:17:17 3/11/17
Solved [Solved] Need help with Google Chrome install
Asked by Dawie
3 answers
03:24:02 3/03/17
Solved [Solved] how to track a iphone 5
Asked by amitalli
5 answers
20:27:26 2/23/17
Solved [Solved] How can I stop these Hackings?
Asked by WarrenTSI
9 answers
20:21:00 2/23/17
How access data, forgot my external hard drive (Mac format)
Asked by vmote26
2 answers
08:01:34 2/21/17
Getting a script error in IE intermittently that freezes IE
Asked by MADWAD
4 answers
21:15:03 2/20/17
Why can't I find Bitdefender on my computer
Asked by MSCar
8 answers
12:16:15 2/18/17
preventing virus and malware from admin user
Asked by bosshog
4 answers
10:29:24 2/16/17
how, if at all, can i restore photos after a virus?
Asked by JWFry
11 answers
11:49:06 2/14/17
How doI get rid of sharethis and it seems like other similar
Asked by farsighted
11 answers
11:30:55 2/13/17
Solved [Solved] bitdefender store coupon question
Asked by marduk22
3 answers
18:41:17 2/10/17
Solved [Solved] a program failed to load but left write protected files
Asked by stephenjvb
1 answer
17:50:32 2/08/17
Expire Local Admin Account
Asked by beachyhbt
9 answers
07:56:37 2/08/17
i don't understant this forum. trying to reply to a question
Asked by sanfranciscojim1
3 answers
14:36:10 2/03/17
I would like to erase my whole hard drive?
Asked by diamoniquejkennedy
7 answers
18:15:11 2/02/17
Windows D drive is full but no files show up
Asked by jyoti.2008
5 answers
13:21:56 2/02/17
General question about passwords
Asked by Jeff Root
7 answers
22:02:42 1/29/17
How to remove youndoo if accidentally delete the files in C
Asked by adnansani
6 answers
09:34:01 1/26/17
Solved [Solved] Chrome: Spinning blue wheel, slow page loads
Asked by ColleenMc
28 answers
18:07:44 1/18/17
Solved [Solved] How to I remove or adjust settings on Barracuda on my pc?
Asked by salesmed
1 answer
15:00:32 1/17/17
Solved [Solved] Is SuperAntiSpyware any good?
Asked by AlwaysWillingToLearn
5 answers
13:33:48 1/12/17
Solved [Solved] Should I use a VPN?
Asked by Jeff Root
1 answer
12:35:30 1/03/17
Blocked from sites by virus?
Asked by PrimalHunter
6 answers
06:58:18 12/23/16
Solved [Solved] FixMeStick on Acer Aspire E5-523
Asked by mike149
3 answers
06:08:02 12/19/16
Solved [Solved] How to get rid of Bad Image Error?
Asked by VThree
1 answer
14:44:26 12/18/16
Questions about TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
Asked by Jeff Root
6 answers
04:59:35 12/08/16
Solved [Solved] Why am I getting a pop up What to do with containertag.js
Asked by andrewfgrahame
3 answers
14:20:16 11/25/16
Solved [Solved] I need to get close buvss.exe so I can fix a patch but cant
Asked by Lee60
3 answers
04:56:24 11/14/16
Solved [Solved] I can't install mcafee antivirus
Asked by Dreemoo
windows 7
6 answers
18:34:48 11/13/16
I want to change my email password back to my old password
Asked by RickieLinneman
4 answers
22:00:22 11/07/16
Solved [Solved] Forgot my password, I know I should just keep a book for the
Asked by Godlives
4 answers
04:22:49 11/02/16
Solved [Solved] Looking for simple VPN and encryption software
Asked by willem1933
VPN encryption
3 answers
04:12:44 10/30/16
Solved [Solved] Mozilla says unsecured connection for every website except a
Asked by BillyWilson
4 answers
20:12:25 10/27/16
Solved [Solved] Regarding PasswordBox - it's Not Just in the Browsers!
Asked by KaJo
1 answer
02:49:38 10/27/16
Solved [Solved] Amature here, Is it okay (safe) to use the free Scanguard?
Asked by Nicky111
2 answers
00:19:29 10/24/16
The Best Method to permanently remove Shortcut Virus
Asked by rishi3957
2 answers
11:52:19 10/06/16
Some issues with Using iSpyConnect
Asked by rapattack
15 answers
03:52:39 10/06/16
Solved [Solved] Password security help please!
Asked by JeffRome
1 answer
16:29:47 9/24/16
Node.js server side java script
Asked by ned_st
5 answers
10:01:20 9/21/16
how long does it takes 2 apply 4 psira after traing?
Asked by shounana
3 answers
18:04:27 9/19/16
Securely encrypt drives before syncing them to Amazon Cloud
Asked by krneki
2 answers
08:36:25 9/13/16
Solved [Solved] Cannot get windows 7 to take updates
Asked by randoh
20 answers
16:08:34 8/30/16
Solved [Solved] McAfee Anti-Virus Plus Vulnerability Scan Runs Continuously
Asked by Centex
3 answers
20:52:15 8/24/16
Solved [Solved] error Ox80070005 trustedinstaller update denied.
Asked by randoh
49 answers
15:24:05 8/24/16
Solved [Solved] CPU back to running high.
Asked by randoh
5 answers
22:37:39 8/10/16
Why I can't send email from my account
Asked by honda-wisc
2 answers
10:46:27 8/04/16
Solved [Solved] Can,locate MCafee subfolder message
Asked by MeriRR
3 answers
14:24:43 7/31/16
Solved [Solved] What do you know about an app called (SparkTrust PC Cleaner
Asked by ozier
5 answers
11:13:06 7/14/16
Solved [Solved] Are my Dropbox files encrypted with Cloudfogger or not ?
Asked by willem1933
4 answers
06:07:01 7/14/16
Network Error: Printing was interrupted.
Asked by cyndi101
17 answers
05:35:47 7/05/16
start up missing .dll issues
Asked by TroyTH
5 answers
19:26:23 6/23/16
My win10 lap has auto fill ltrs and also in browsr bar
Asked by nairrenjith
2 answers
04:31:33 6/21/16
My computer won't let me run antivirus or malwarebytes
Asked by Delle
3 answers
03:12:41 6/17/16
Windows Updates hangs on 25% PU
Asked by xall
17 answers
13:45:13 6/09/16
answers about the speedfixtool from Norton's:
Asked by uncle_36
13 answers
09:36:36 6/05/16
Solved [Solved] Best Parental Control Software?
Asked by JaneWhite
parental control
3 answers
07:35:30 5/20/16
I can't install games on my computer.
Asked by dylandang
3 answers
22:58:45 5/16/16
Solved [Solved] How can I get Safari to open--it seems frozen?
Asked by pecky
8 answers
14:46:39 5/15/16
Solved [Solved] I'm not IT savvy please help me
Asked by Mai77
hdd password
1 answer
19:45:23 5/14/16
my gateway wants info i dont have about my desktop.
Asked by heasley
3 answers
21:31:55 5/12/16
How do I get my gateway zx6970 to power on?
Asked by Boymeng
1 answer
03:17:36 5/10/16
Mobile-friendly - 6 hours ago - Computer only boots as far a
Asked by letlow62
1 answer
02:51:24 5/08/16
Solved [Solved] Browsers that can use encryption
Asked by willem1933
5 answers
08:04:27 5/05/16
How would someone infiltrate and access registry?
Asked by strider97116
3 answers
13:17:19 5/04/16
Solved [Solved] I want to know if I'm registered with psira
Asked by jamessibanyoni
3 answers
05:34:23 4/24/16
Solved [Solved] How do I completely get rid of Advanced System Care?
Asked by gazza5
3 answers
10:23:28 4/19/16
Solved [Solved] What is the popularity,Reputation of Emsisoft Security?
Asked by Hindamar
6 answers
05:31:03 4/14/16
Your Downloads - are they safe?
Asked by HannahEden
9 answers
03:28:01 4/14/16
Solved [Solved] what security program should i use in windows 7?
Asked by kenfix
9 answers
03:25:39 4/14/16
Fake MS calls: be aware of this number and the obvious scam
Asked by trvlr
6 answers
16:00:23 4/07/16 how do i remove?
Asked by Houston583
1 answer
09:12:06 3/29/16
how do I restore my Lenovo b575 to factory settings
Asked by joegonzales
1 answer
01:19:07 3/22/16
how do i get rid of this warning box warning computer at hig
Asked by TammiFarris
5 answers
07:44:54 3/09/16
Solved [Solved] Difficulty unistalling AVG Antivirus (Error code 0xC0070643)
Asked by Shining_starr2006
2 answers
09:25:06 3/06/16
Solved [Solved] I have tried to install fcafee but it is telling
Asked by dark_solz4
3 answers
20:32:11 3/04/16
How to bypass admin password no boot disc or internet
Asked by rbd2011
1 answer
19:09:57 2/29/16
Solved [Solved] how to reset password
Asked by webblets
1 answer
18:07:33 2/28/16
Password storage by browser
Asked by Jeff Root
13 answers
09:22:51 2/22/16
Solved [Solved] How is Windows Defender working for you in Windows 10?
Asked by ISAmad
Windows Defender
Windows 10
5 answers
14:24:18 2/12/16
Solved [Solved] How do I make my computer's identity and information secure?
Asked by Catalysis
25 answers
18:27:51 2/05/16
Solved [Solved] How to unlock Hard Drive locked by hacker
Asked by Granv
21 answers
14:39:46 2/03/16
missing mfc110[*].dll can be found in c:\windows\syswow64
Asked by RolandJS
2 answers
13:18:21 2/03/16
how can i install Norton product key
Asked by alex51
1 answer
08:46:01 2/03/16
Solved [Solved] Protection for older operating systems (Windows 95)
Asked by ISAmad
14 answers
13:03:42 2/02/16
Why do recovered files now have dollar sign $ preceding it?
Asked by Allstar5
6 answers
13:13:38 1/28/16
Remote control & audit of all PC connected to Domain
Asked by visalnkvs
3 answers
22:41:00 1/22/16
Solved [Solved] How do i remove all traces of Mcafee from my computer???
Asked by mspac544
3 answers
01:46:37 1/10/16
Error code OXC0070643 can't install avg free on new laptop,
Asked by Karenw182
5 answers
08:59:04 1/06/16
Solved [Solved] Installation AVG Error 0xC0070643
Asked by Fourcarrz
1 answer
08:10:04 1/02/16
Solved [Solved] Is there somthing wrong with google (and chrome)
Asked by willem1933
17 answers
02:07:32 12/17/15
Solved [Solved] How to stop deletion of passwords in IE8 in Win 7 32 bit
Asked by biblebelievers
34 answers
17:38:01 12/16/15
DONT HAVE hdd1/ssd1 user password HELP ME PLEASE 911
3 answers
13:03:10 12/15/15
Solved [Solved] can someone please guide me regarding ethical hacking
Asked by aniket8411
1 answer
19:42:54 12/14/15
how do i find the numbers to validate the card i bought
Asked by mavisnelson
3 answers
16:28:52 12/11/15
Is there any way to remove pop ups from my TV?
Asked by LilacGlitter
Smart TV
3 answers
09:38:31 12/10/15
Can you help me remove Safer Browser from my PC, please
Asked by lmreber
5 answers
19:38:51 12/01/15
Please help me uninstall safer browser
Asked by pessedoffagain
5 answers
19:32:26 12/01/15
Solved [Solved] how to stop smart tag from popping up in download folder
Asked by buckbo
1 answer
07:30:57 12/01/15
Solved [Solved] Windows Defender keeps saying computer may be at risk
Asked by BarbieJXvM
11 answers
04:15:40 11/28/15
Couldn't Uninstall McAfee problem
Asked by Zenzou
5 answers
10:26:50 11/22/15
User Accounts doubled after a Reinstall of XP, 2-3 yrs ago.
Asked by infohunter
3 answers
07:01:59 11/21/15
Solved [Solved] McAfee vulnerability scanner stuck at 50%
Asked by walmcin
2 answers
15:25:12 11/20/15
Solved [Solved] How good is trend-micro maximum security 10 versus others
Asked by chrlshlmn
1 answer
00:27:31 11/16/15
Solved [Solved] I installed a free trial of zip cloud & want it deleted
Asked by Sunnybeach
1 answer
06:45:50 11/15/15
Solved [Solved] Trojan.ADH.2, Norton, WINXP vs WIN7, CD not seen in drive
Asked by ISAmad
7 answers
23:55:26 11/07/15
How does one find a default set up password for HPpc?
Asked by JO13
1 answer
08:09:59 11/04/15
Solved [Solved] Roku is showing up in my arp cache
Asked by ISAmad
arp cache
8 answers
19:08:43 11/02/15
Why McAfee full scan takes 4-hours?
Asked by ozier
9 answers
19:01:43 11/02/15
Solved [Solved] how to uninstall nmsrvc.exe
Asked by farsighted
12 answers
20:21:23 10/31/15
Solved [Solved] has youtube really destructive viruses???
Asked by
13 answers
08:37:46 10/30/15
thread exeption not handled black screen keeps comng up
Asked by
30 answers
02:29:36 10/30/15
Solved [Solved] W7 IE11 (all browsers) only work in safe mode (See HJT log)
Asked by JimiS82
windows 7
26 answers
14:46:51 10/27/15
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