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Solved [Solved] How do I pull partial data from a cell?
Asked by Mark_C
6 answers
07:01:10 12/15/17
Solved [Solved] How To SUM values Based On Text
Asked by srsr
2 answers
06:47:49 12/15/17
Solved [Solved] I need a count A function to display nothing in a cell
Asked by Daniej
4 answers
11:21:54 12/14/17
Solved [Solved] How do I count cells across multiple worksheets (50)
Asked by Daniej
5 answers
11:20:10 12/14/17
Solved [Solved] Instructional text in a cell
Asked by Daniej
14 answers
17:51:17 12/13/17
Solved [Solved] Formula to evaluate adjacent cell value, and return text
Asked by User444
2 answers
13:15:03 12/13/17
data transfer from one sheet to other sheet
Asked by rbtripathi
2 answers
03:47:26 12/13/17
why does my conditional formatting get scrambled by a macro
Asked by Excelerator2048
1 answer
16:42:53 12/12/17
Index match, Choosing between multiple returns
Asked by ADunbar
4 answers
13:02:38 12/11/17
Solved [Solved] excel if then condition, use remainder
Asked by niteyez
5 answers
06:39:07 12/10/17
Outlook 2010 quick search not working as it used to
Asked by loll_l
4 answers
05:27:09 12/07/17
Solved [Solved] How to combine index, match and sumif function here?
Asked by ROG
5 answers
11:22:35 12/06/17
Solved [Solved] Windows 10 computers wont run excel macros
Asked by gardenwizard
5 answers
20:23:51 11/30/17
Solved [Solved] How can I add ribbons to my toolbar in Excel Starter 2010?
Asked by Michele1964
2 answers
11:02:59 11/30/17
Solved [Solved] caculate real time in excel
Asked by myqueen
3 answers
18:26:48 11/28/17
Solved [Solved] How to insert a rows after date is changed
Asked by officedyn
4 answers
18:08:00 11/28/17
Macro to save multiple files independently in pdf.
Asked by RaiCabanig
3 answers
01:03:25 11/24/17
Conditional Format With A Macro: Command buttom
Asked by all_excel
7 answers
04:53:02 11/22/17
Outlook OST file bkup missing a folder that I deleted today
Asked by LenN
2 answers
19:35:37 11/21/17
Some of my favorite data in outlook
Asked by RubyBlack
2 answers
15:43:35 11/18/17
Solved [Solved] how to calculate aging with condition.
Asked by ManojKhanduja
2 answers
22:24:41 11/16/17
Solved [Solved] Auto Insert New Row on Different Worksheet and copy info
1 answer
07:54:35 11/16/17
i want to update specific columns from one workbook
Asked by luvyogesh100
26 answers
06:11:20 11/15/17
Solved [Solved] which formula to use in from of Excel
Asked by lioncaco
1 answer
20:12:57 11/14/17
Pop-up reminder by using Userform
Asked by UNIC0RN
1 answer
05:44:07 11/14/17
Solved [Solved] Find and Correct country names!
Asked by adiityaa1
partial match
14 answers
06:42:25 11/12/17
Solved [Solved] Why does my Outlook freeze during synchronis step
Asked by PabloP
4 answers
12:12:50 11/10/17
Solved [Solved] Stop The Automatic Update Of A Date Column
Asked by busspot
2 answers
02:37:21 11/10/17
Excel addition formula adding
Asked by RockyD007
1 answer
13:23:18 11/09/17
An Excel Macro To Find match & Copy Rows IN COLUMN
Asked by Ricky777
1 answer
05:02:50 11/05/17
Solved [Solved] Cannot find error in formula
Asked by ArifVohra
2 answers
04:53:26 11/05/17
Why does my outlook express not opening hyperlinks
Asked by Fincheck
7 answers
13:04:31 11/02/17
Solved [Solved] Use this formula, to state true if between 2 different times
Asked by Sovereignty86
2 answers
12:17:19 11/02/17
Solved [Solved] Outlook 2010 login isues
Asked by Blakeley01
17 answers
11:12:48 11/01/17
Insert ow where I need after previous insert row
Asked by MattressMax
5 answers
03:47:44 11/01/17
How to find data form another Woorkbook
Asked by UNIC0RN
1 answer
01:29:25 11/01/17
Bowling spread sheet stats difficulties with formulas.
Asked by ShawnK
3 answers
07:59:15 10/31/17
Solved [Solved] Vlookup changing date completely
Asked by sweetblasphemy
4 answers
16:43:15 10/30/17
Solved [Solved] Why is excel 2010 not keeping my formulas?
Asked by djax
5 answers
07:11:13 10/30/17
Solved [Solved] Excel Drop Down impact next cell
Asked by Zter
1 answer
21:54:25 10/29/17
Also unintentionally deleted my custom dictionary
Asked by Ian_Retired
4 answers
23:08:29 10/28/17
Solved [Solved] excel reduce by 10 if greater than 10
Asked by MrZen
4 answers
18:07:13 10/26/17
Solved [Solved] Help me Duplicate Rows In Excel
Asked by scorbett
2 answers
08:55:26 10/25/17
Solved [Solved] export data from excel to text file
Asked by BBonline
6 answers
06:24:11 10/25/17
Solved [Solved] Send an automatic email from within Excel if a formula value
Asked by TOMMASO
26 answers
03:51:36 10/23/17
Solved [Solved] Coping Data from one cell to another cell
Asked by tmthomas
2 answers
11:12:35 10/20/17
Solved [Solved] How do I calculate an exact percentage in excel
Asked by Jkcharle
1 answer
19:54:08 10/17/17
Solved [Solved] How do I round the prodcut of a formula to the nearest 100?
Asked by artbascomb
1 answer
10:11:50 10/17/17
Attention to : AlwaysWillingToLearn *** Please Help !!!
Asked by Tomal
2 answers
05:36:03 10/17/17
Any definitive solution so far?
Asked by Mu
2 answers
07:59:08 10/16/17
color coded difference of cell value in excel
Asked by hardiksenjalia
1 answer
12:16:19 10/13/17
How to insert variable number of columns based on cell value
Asked by MaximPak
4 answers
11:23:21 10/13/17
if the days between today and the renewal is same or = 0
Asked by Tomal
4 answers
05:31:23 10/13/17
Complicated IF Formula under multi conditions
Asked by walid26
3 answers
19:41:29 10/12/17
Solved [Solved] I have 4 different dates and I want to apply IF condition
Asked by ROG
2 answers
08:22:54 10/12/17
Solved [Solved] If field contains date then formula help!
Asked by Becsritfw
2 answers
18:12:51 10/11/17
Solved [Solved] Nested IF statements in Excel 2013 not working with hous cal
Asked by jallen1956
2 answers
10:08:20 10/10/17
Solved [Solved] Excel Macro Question to Find & Copy whole rows
Asked by ayk5473
3 answers
16:54:05 10/09/17
Solved [Solved] How do a lay out an EXCEL IF statement using DATES?
Asked by lenamia465
1 answer
10:03:44 10/09/17
Solved [Solved] Change color of cell based on rotating work schedule
Asked by Holyoblation
10 answers
10:42:14 10/08/17
Solved [Solved] Excel - If greater or less than zero then YES or NO
Asked by Deedsters
3 answers
09:48:46 10/06/17
Solved [Solved] how to check a big list against 75 keywords in Excel
Asked by pennypedley
1 answer
09:26:46 10/05/17
Solved [Solved] How to contrl excel cell value
Asked by walid26
1 answer
08:08:51 10/04/17
Microsoft Excel database spredsheet
Asked by mtassis
1 answer
06:39:48 10/04/17
How to recover a corrupted file .pdf ?
Asked by pretty6455
2 answers
09:22:28 10/03/17
how to work in excel?
Asked by zuel
2 answers
02:50:13 10/03/17
Solved [Solved] How can I create several folders directories from Excel?
Asked by Tweir
1 answer
00:39:30 10/02/17
Excel Macro to Cut and Transpose cells
Asked by TRoberts
2 answers
07:19:14 9/29/17
Excel Macro to color certain phrases within a cell
Asked by hm897086
excel macro
1 answer
03:38:51 9/29/17
Solved [Solved] Excel date format solved.
Asked by Georged
4 answers
06:36:04 9/28/17
Solved [Solved] How do I count how many tasks are in a certain month?
Asked by GingerLeake
1 answer
13:19:54 9/27/17
Solved [Solved] Excel formula to return number of days in a month?
Asked by mollyj
excel formula
3 answers
08:28:45 9/27/17
Solved [Solved] Word VBA Dependent Drop Down Error
Asked by ShellyBeth
3 answers
05:26:28 9/26/17
Hello, I need to fill an excel column using a calculation
Asked by phillysree
1 answer
15:36:59 9/25/17
Solved [Solved] If multiple ranges contain a certain text, then return text.
Asked by DavidChin
5 answers
08:09:22 9/25/17
how to delete duplicates within two spreadsheets
Asked by annpilar
1 answer
03:59:54 9/22/17
Solved [Solved] Copy the Same Cell across Different sheets into a new sheet.
Asked by BarefootBluegrass
1 answer
19:00:17 9/19/17
What to change a colour change formula for an old date
Asked by Katieee
2 answers
11:58:03 9/19/17
Solved [Solved] Insert row with change of value in col A in excel
Asked by peekabeaux
1 answer
12:30:10 9/15/17
text in text boxes disappears (Office 365)
Asked by jennymac23
1 answer
12:17:36 9/15/17
Solved [Solved] Want to pull raw data from one sheet and convert it into oth
Asked by db20
1 answer
16:36:35 9/13/17
Auto fill date Cell in Excel Document?
Asked by calemera
5 answers
05:59:17 9/12/17
export data from active wooksheet
Asked by eltigre
1 answer
07:07:06 9/11/17
Solved [Solved] Outlook Calendar is Auto Sending appointments to a 3rd party
Asked by onemoretman
4 answers
17:14:53 9/08/17
Solved [Solved] excel Question - paste and convert to numbers
Asked by fight
3 answers
16:54:12 9/05/17
Solved [Solved] How to fill color in the cell having negative value
Asked by md.emaad
1 answer
11:58:05 9/05/17
How to extract records randomly from Excel Sheet1 to Sheet2?
Asked by skmd
2 answers
15:49:28 9/04/17
Solved [Solved] Move Row to the bottom of the same worksheet if Yes
Asked by KSeel
1 answer
00:47:29 9/04/17
Corrupted file ms project. How to restore?
Asked by pretty6455
ms project
2 answers
06:26:58 9/02/17
How can I export only filtered ms access form data to excel?
Asked by ocm1
2 answers
05:51:14 8/29/17
How to create an Excel macro to Conditional Format
Asked by 4Dale2
2 answers
13:14:03 8/28/17
How to find out how many type of items occur in each month
Asked by babyrach
4 answers
17:31:07 8/27/17
VBA Codes to copy, transpose and paste data
Asked by lhm
3 answers
09:01:20 8/27/17
Solved [Solved] How to select a fixed number of random rows in VBA
Asked by djdbg
17 answers
01:09:19 8/25/17
Solved [Solved] Hide/Unhide Command Button with save file option
Asked by eltigre
3 answers
05:37:58 8/24/17
Default format Outlook 2013: HTML
Asked by ExclusiveTweety
2 answers
02:48:09 8/23/17
hi! how can i possibly automate a subsidiary ledger sheet?
Asked by 88145
3 answers
01:42:42 8/23/17
Solved [Solved] Move data to another sheet when deleted from original
Asked by ru5h666
3 answers
08:43:40 8/22/17
If Ranges Contain One Of A Few Strings and other references
Asked by AJ600
17 answers
17:27:52 8/21/17
Solved [Solved] How to modify an Excel VBA formula
Asked by User444
3 answers
13:27:48 8/21/17
Solved [Solved] I'm getting a #DIV/0! error even if cells have data
Asked by ChGatsby
5 answers
05:33:37 8/20/17
Year Formula returns the same year for different entries
Asked by Tijuan
1 answer
19:21:05 8/18/17
Solved [Solved] Why do my Office 2016 documents revert to read-only?
Asked by Sarah.stephens
1 answer
12:25:23 8/18/17
Solved [Solved] Excel formula to calculate time in quarter hour increments
Asked by mratekin
1 answer
06:26:48 8/16/17
Need help with nested if function ( I think) to return text
Asked by ilogistics
1 answer
05:15:45 8/12/17
How can I put the Word doc icon on my desktop?
Asked by Charzam
3 answers
13:13:01 8/09/17
Solved [Solved] If a range contains one of few strings and another, numbers
Asked by AJ600
10 answers
10:30:01 8/09/17
Solved [Solved] how to restore deleted custom dictionary?
Asked by Frikkie
2 answers
02:17:43 8/09/17
if two different cell colour same then condition should true
Asked by joshwin
excel formula
1 answer
20:02:20 8/08/17
comparing and retrieving value with blank cells
Asked by mmarhala
1 answer
07:04:32 8/07/17
there are no variants with email password
Asked by josephprice
Outlook 2007
3 answers
08:52:10 8/04/17
how do you trigger an email from excel using a DATE RANGE
Asked by mikev
7 answers
00:51:17 8/04/17
Solved [Solved] Cell colour based on age of person
Asked by bruce0000
3 answers
20:04:56 8/03/17
Solved [Solved] Insert copied cell with formula and merged cell
Asked by eltigre
4 answers
05:02:18 8/03/17
VBA copy a row if empty copy another row
Asked by suzysss
19 answers
23:07:25 8/02/17
Solved [Solved] Fuzzy Lookup/vlookup to match lists
Asked by Haus
1 answer
18:01:54 8/02/17
Cannot empty deleted items in Office 365
Asked by Evpoelje
delete files
1 answer
06:25:10 8/02/17
Solved [Solved] (Easy) Excel VBA Conditional copy paste components of a row
Asked by Odysseus
VBA macro
excel vba
2 answers
00:02:59 8/02/17
Solved [Solved] how to determine if a number is on the +/- side of a number
Asked by jetxcc
7 answers
08:18:28 8/01/17
Macro to add a column in between two columns
Asked by DanielChen
1 answer
03:48:44 7/27/17
Solved [Solved] Email address links & Excel
Asked by RMaxwell
1 answer
01:27:57 7/27/17
Solved [Solved] copy lines and replace values base on 2nd criteria
Asked by siech
8 answers
16:08:15 7/26/17
Need VBA Code To Calculate Hours
Asked by Jyotika
1 answer
06:06:27 7/26/17
Invoice data also copying empty rows while saving the invoic
Asked by AJKR
1 answer
08:53:13 7/25/17
Need to open Excel xlsx file
Asked by jean.richard
2 answers
00:35:43 7/25/17
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