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External Hard Disk Problem, Not respond.
Asked by EtickJohnson
5 answers
02:50:45 5/11/17
Solved [Solved] How do I erase the hard drive on a Hyundai Super LT3?
Asked by rltexidor
3 answers
19:34:35 5/07/17
Solved [Solved] How do I set up another drive
Asked by TechGuy
2 answers
20:38:11 5/03/17
my hp Laptop 630 does not display
Asked by anagleta
4 answers
04:44:47 5/02/17
Please help, I cant access my old vault on 16 GB flash drive
Asked by kakande
2 answers
06:25:47 4/30/17
Why my laptop cannot detect my hard drive?
Asked by dswryn
8 answers
07:05:29 4/29/17
Swann dvr4-1300 cameras have static lines through screen
Asked by ChiChi2
1 answer
02:12:40 4/25/17
How to convert a UDF external drive to a FAT32 or NTFS fmt
Asked by PhotonLight
9 answers
14:41:59 4/16/17
Solved [Solved] Hard Drive Not Detected on My PC
Asked by SouthernSofty
5 answers
16:20:10 4/12/17
Solved [Solved] Seagate exHDD is showing in device manager bt nt in disk mng
Asked by RiyankaDatta
5 answers
19:15:08 4/07/17
dvd drive keeps spinning dvd but never reads it
Asked by SteveBlanch
toshiba drive
5 answers
01:12:25 4/05/17
Solved [Solved] HDD NOT RECOGNIZED on a VIA VT8237 motherboard
Asked by sunriser
hard drive
3 answers
13:27:20 4/01/17
Solved [Solved] old toshiba satellite - no recovery disk - reset to factory
Asked by MLTatLarge
7 answers
19:27:31 3/14/17
Dead IOMEGA 1TB with defective power controller
Asked by vince8
2 answers
13:52:33 3/01/17
1440 delays while running hdd regenerator
Asked by Shubham1
5 answers
19:08:59 2/26/17
Line across laptop screen
Asked by alittle
6 answers
12:36:41 2/21/17
Please What have they done to my ADATA HDD CLASSIC CH94
Asked by Krayzzy
2 answers
05:54:02 2/10/17
Solved [Solved] When is it time to back up your back up hard drive?
Asked by Splatterpunk
8 answers
13:41:00 2/09/17
Solved [Solved] repairing disc drives keeps coming up but never finishes
Asked by cusiv111
4 answers
07:03:15 2/09/17
How to test old drives
Asked by bccamper
10 answers
15:16:00 1/30/17
Solved [Solved] Samsung tv will read one hardrive but not the other.
Asked by Nolan181
5 answers
09:12:40 1/29/17
Solved [Solved] Backup files through a network
Asked by Lakshancosta
dual boot
3 answers
12:44:55 1/27/17
Solved [Solved] Desktop does not boot with hard drives plugged to the mb
Asked by aerocomp
9 answers
15:16:33 1/25/17
Solved [Solved] Why does the Hard drive lost 18GB from 250GB show only 232G?
Asked by HuvaisUvais
4 answers
23:00:27 1/21/17
Is this board designed correctly here?
Asked by agjdre
1 answer
12:05:00 1/21/17
Why don't I have access to my WD My Passport?
Asked by Dieuwiekiwi
no access
no response
11 answers
09:11:39 1/17/17
Solved [Solved] I have a seagate 750MB external HD with a damaged USB port (
Asked by Reddest
4 answers
12:48:57 1/16/17
CHKDSK seems to run forever. should I cancel it?
Asked by Pradiip
21 answers
22:52:39 1/08/17
Desktop no picture but can hear windows loading.
Asked by crazyqhub
5 answers
21:21:25 1/03/17
How do I format drive c using dos command
Asked by kimosave3
4 answers
09:28:09 12/29/16
Solved [Solved] Please help lenovo z500 statrs with charger but not with bat
Asked by sardor
hard drive
6 answers
23:26:26 12/15/16
My WD Passport is now showing up as Local Drive
Asked by LilyCat03
3 answers
13:09:48 12/11/16
Solved the 301 SMART error on boot after replacing HDD/SSD
Asked by 510Finn
1 answer
02:37:45 12/10/16
I'm out of hard drive space
Asked by purplg8r
hard drive
free space
5 answers
16:11:10 12/02/16
Solved [Solved] How to remove HDD from an All-in-one
Asked by AustinMelvin
14 answers
03:13:31 11/24/16
LaCie External HDD not working
Asked by Spotthedog
3 answers
02:46:29 11/21/16
can i fix emachine 1200 myself
Asked by beck3
10 answers
04:51:36 11/11/16
Solved [Solved] Where to get firmware for Seagate 250GB replica External HDD
Asked by msis45
1 answer
20:16:01 11/10/16
Missing data from the slave hard drive
Asked by Vandijke
4 answers
04:56:23 11/10/16
BIOS not recognizing hard drives (SOLVED)
Asked by Neuromancer
1 answer
04:29:03 11/03/16
how to unlock Toshiba Mk8010gah 80GB HDD
Asked by DataITGuy
1 answer
10:32:51 10/28/16
Solved [Solved] Transcend hdd not detected
Asked by Jamby
10 answers
08:18:06 10/19/16
Iomega 1 TB Prestige hard drive is not working on my mac.
Asked by TomMarigliano155
1 answer
12:09:09 10/17/16
Seagate External HDD Not detected on any computers
Asked by BimoNaufal
6 answers
19:15:13 10/15/16
Solved [Solved] how to know whether or not DVD writer is working
Asked by GulamMurtuza
5 answers
12:17:22 10/15/16
Solved [Solved] Recover files from 1TB external HDD not detected on many PC
Asked by ahmadmanga
2 answers
08:57:45 10/13/16
Slow write speed on laptop SSD as replacement for failed HDD
Asked by RainBawZ
2 answers
21:05:17 10/09/16
Hard disk is corrupted and unreadable
Asked by Sudershan
windows 8
6 answers
16:48:54 10/06/16
Best way to backup 5TB external HDD to 6TB?
Asked by sheefag
1 answer
10:05:07 9/25/16
ADATA CLASSIC CH11 external HDD is not recognized
5 answers
22:48:11 9/24/16
Trouble with hard drive SATA cable prone to failure
Asked by silverfox103
5 answers
17:29:59 9/23/16
why local ddisk d not working
Asked by huzaifadon
2 answers
20:57:48 9/22/16
Formatting a Compaq Evo n400c lacking optical drive
Asked by Nitrolobo
2 answers
16:30:55 9/22/16
Solved [Solved] Use extra hard drive to store CD info
Asked by uncledewey
8 answers
13:18:39 9/18/16
Add more hard drives to HP Proliant DL380 G5 Server
Asked by HuangAzen
1 answer
11:50:39 9/12/16
Solved [Solved] What causes multiple hard drive failures - PSU?
Asked by agalpha
power supply
hard drive
12 answers
08:26:21 9/12/16
latitude d610 wont boot up
Asked by peektruckingamp
4 answers
09:56:56 8/29/16
Solved [Solved] why my Transcend external hard drive does not work anymore?
Asked by JeasonRtha
1 answer
03:35:52 8/25/16
Solved [Solved] what to do ? WD passport password again
Asked by M.Nasir
10 answers
04:33:47 8/24/16
Performance low and AC/Battery problems
Asked by Ikaros345
need help
Slow Performance
1 answer
16:36:21 8/17/16
chkdsk /b work for bad cluster replaced file on moved HDD?
Asked by VilgusT
1 answer
05:23:36 8/15/16
What CHKDSK exactly showing messages on prompt?
Asked by FEION_GX
3 answers
08:05:37 8/06/16
HDD does not spin up
Asked by Jonah.abbasi
4 answers
20:18:51 7/30/16
Need to make sure about chkdsk issue!
Asked by Alex1090
8 answers
06:34:18 7/30/16
Screen of laptop is black with horizontal gray lines.
Asked by ibs1234
laptop screen
1 answer
07:03:07 7/21/16
HDD is not detected
Asked by Vamc
3 answers
16:17:29 7/20/16
touch pad dosent working while typeing any key
Asked by toufiq
2 answers
08:23:38 7/20/16
Solved [Solved] Question about Windows 10 chkdsk function
Asked by Alex1090
2 answers
04:24:42 7/18/16
How can I recover data from Toshiba laptop internal HDD?
Asked by thisfatcat
hard drive
data recovery
Internal HDD
22 answers
23:33:17 7/17/16
hey there its immanuel
Asked by immanue45
3 answers
07:05:34 7/12/16
Solved [Solved] Asus EeePC 1015PX F9 recovery menu not correct
Asked by MisterFister
2 answers
18:30:51 7/11/16
Solved [Solved] Recomended Hard Disk Tester
Asked by Oblius
Internal HDD
4 answers
04:53:49 7/11/16
Solved [Solved] the keyboard it's disabale led's in off......
Asked by hic84sh
windows xp
4 answers
00:26:48 7/07/16
External WD My Book 1140 - Not recognized?
Asked by alpacasovereign
4 answers
19:37:54 7/05/16
Older passport not spinning
Asked by chevychic
2 answers
02:34:42 7/05/16
Pc does not boot on restart
Asked by JustinMcKellar
18 answers
15:30:05 7/04/16
WD Elements EHD Auto-Data Deletion
Asked by Silenced293
external hard
1 answer
07:25:16 6/25/16
ide for win95 cannot be installed in your comouter
Asked by brainlessme
26 answers
18:26:39 6/06/16
How do I change my external hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS??
Asked by PC_Darkie
13 answers
04:57:19 6/03/16
error PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, Check Cable
Asked by netaaa
3 answers
13:09:17 5/27/16
Solved [Solved] Does ssd need to be formated for new installation of Windows
Asked by Artsu
5 answers
15:33:26 5/23/16
my WD elements 1TB external drive has become RAW!PLEASE HELP
Asked by Aamirshaikh
1 answer
01:58:45 5/21/16
Simple Question about AHCI, Plug and Play?
Asked by nuFF3
6 answers
13:18:02 5/15/16
Solved [Solved] is lenovo service bridge useful or dangerous
Asked by willem1933
5 answers
11:27:15 5/14/16
Retrieve files from external hard drive lost while upgrading
Asked by Painteman
29 answers
02:20:24 5/12/16
Solved [Solved] New leptop harddrive Error#1822
Asked by Frode
new hardware
1 answer
05:37:30 5/11/16
Solved [Solved] Trying to resolve an I/O Device error...
Asked by Dawie
12 answers
10:04:53 5/05/16
When asked to select Safe Mode options chkdsk take over
Asked by Dawie
15 answers
08:10:00 5/03/16
D Drive is missing in my My computer menu
Asked by Anilkumar1834
2 answers
13:03:20 4/29/16
Solved [Solved] computer hardware ms dos 3.1
Asked by ipci
4 answers
14:28:11 4/25/16
Solved [Solved] adata classic ch11 external HDD not recognized
Asked by Lourenco
1 answer
01:52:38 4/21/16
Solved [Solved] How do I reconfigure for complete system bkup?
Asked by Jayhwkr74
1 answer
14:58:46 4/19/16
Solved [Solved] Pro & Con of SSD for Windows Server 2008 R2
Asked by Dilaware
3 answers
01:29:19 4/19/16
Solved [Solved] The parameter is incorrect when formatting. Help?
Asked by Superman1148
hard drive
12 answers
19:08:57 4/17/16
Pheonix securecode tiano message pops up when rebooted
Asked by Cwk0331
1 answer
07:24:33 4/09/16
Laptop Hard Drive Not Detected
Asked by bibaswan
hard drive
4 answers
10:14:40 4/03/16
Solved [Solved] 1980s pc retro tape mod.. rerecord but stretch and fail
Asked by MidnighTech
3 answers
20:19:38 4/01/16
Installing from HP Recovery CD, installation freezes 12%
Asked by QualityCowboy
4 answers
16:46:33 3/31/16
How to fix SCRATCH DISK FULL issue
Asked by Vaibhav1921
3 answers
14:57:12 3/29/16
HD appears as not formatted
Asked by Cicca
4 answers
04:57:07 3/29/16
Solved [Solved] installing Hard Drive issues?
Asked by Waylok
2 answers
22:16:19 3/19/16
strange problem with External waterproof shockproof HDD
Asked by a.nikfard
not recognized
14 answers
13:16:53 3/19/16
Solved [Solved] LTO (magnetic tape data storage) or HDD for Archiving?
Asked by Elie-Ko
6 answers
08:23:16 3/15/16
dell inspiron 1525 new blank hdd no bootable devices, help!!
Asked by carterduece
10 answers
19:22:28 3/11/16
How to start brand new computer straight out of the box
Asked by Tammy4848
3 answers
20:19:56 3/08/16
Epson lx350 not printing continous
Asked by waruguru
3 answers
05:06:44 3/08/16
Issues Installing Any Windows Operating systems
Asked by CPU13
5 answers
10:35:19 3/06/16
External Hard Drive Error
Asked by neilsinc
7 answers
15:08:53 2/29/16
No drives found on boot
Asked by Deb3857
1 answer
02:54:15 2/26/16
Solved [Solved] SMART HDD imminent failure - any way to backup my stuff?
Asked by Mnindi
hard drive
9 answers
15:43:54 2/25/16
Solved [Solved] HDD and BIOS auto/manual configuration of a swap drive.
Asked by ISAmad
5 answers
00:19:50 2/22/16
Device dismounts from ROOT\NET\0000
Asked by Yup1337
3 answers
20:35:36 2/20/16
How to extract files and file system from Asus router hdd?
Asked by jwesol
3 answers
03:45:14 2/19/16
Solved [Solved] Hybrid HDD - opinions?
Asked by Diwiak
8 answers
09:58:26 2/18/16
PATA2SATA2 IDE to Dual SATA Converter
Asked by ISAmad
13 answers
06:31:38 2/15/16
Solved [Solved] Can HD errors actually be port or cable errors?
Asked by Hobot
8 answers
22:42:22 2/08/16
How can I exactly locating the physical bad sector
Asked by Jabra
Bad Sectors
3 answers
20:50:24 2/08/16
Solved [Solved] My LAPTOP Hard drive Smart was disabled
Asked by MalcomCreezy
2 answers
00:42:55 2/07/16
Hitachi 1TB internal Hard Drive Not Detected on My PC
Asked by QDT
hard drive
12 answers
16:32:57 2/03/16
Solved [Solved] Persistent SMART HDD error (HP Laptop)
Asked by Fenyx
18 answers
13:33:53 2/02/16
why is my gateway laptop NE52214u HDD faulty
Asked by dorcas
3 answers
19:34:09 1/27/16
4th Master HDD SMART Error Press F1 to resume
Asked by JFrocks
12 answers
09:13:29 1/27/16
Solved [Solved] What temperatures are considered as high/harmful for an HDD?
Asked by RainBawZ
hard drive
1 answer
05:59:40 1/27/16
Why does my computer can't start probably & give a message ?
Asked by Saad-74
2 answers
00:04:09 1/26/16
how to overcome Lenovo Power Saving Mode SNAFU
Asked by Aren
5 answers
09:40:58 1/23/16
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