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any chance to recover external hard drive
Asked by bccamper
27 answers
17:00:26 6/20/19
Solved [Solved] New SSD critical Temps
Asked by sysmed
14 answers
08:55:05 6/20/19
Solved [Solved] how to manage Synology NAS on file explorer in win 10
Asked by willem1933
NAS Synology
7 answers
04:25:37 6/13/19
Wattage from my motherboard
Asked by Major1
4 answers
20:53:42 6/05/19
Solved [Solved] Best Western Digital internal hard drives
Asked by Major1
5 answers
20:37:54 5/31/19
Solved [Solved] What are the BIOS settings for Nvme SSD?
Asked by Rocco
5 answers
20:43:56 5/28/19
Solved [Solved] should I keep this refurbished?
Asked by Newguy8
2 answers
08:37:11 5/19/19
Solved [Solved] Is it okay to handle a hard drive logic board frequently?
Asked by Newguy8
2 answers
20:02:09 5/14/19
i keep getting a message recovery drive is full how do you
Asked by amnesia59
4 answers
00:07:17 4/23/19
What is a raid drive/unit?
Asked by Major1
11 answers
21:33:34 4/21/19
How to select drive for File History backup
Asked by Major1
1 answer
10:04:17 4/15/19
Solved [Solved] Recommend Router for MacBook Pro
Asked by alice909
2 answers
09:06:26 4/11/19
Solved [Solved] Can an over heating CPU cause HD corruption?
Asked by ulaoulao
3 answers
09:13:01 3/22/19
Solved [Solved] Connector on old Dell laptop 2.5 HD made by IBM
Asked by Jeff Root
7 answers
01:32:23 3/21/19
can a raid card be use as a hard contoller?(not in raid conf
Asked by treveena
Solved [Solved] How to Restore satelitteLl305
Asked by Jesusfreak
Restore satelitte...
1 answer
04:47:49 2/27/19
suggestions for hard drive for external backups
Asked by trvlr
5 answers
18:34:58 2/25/19
browser blue wheel keep on spinning
Asked by raycat
4 answers
14:22:15 2/24/19
How to Access HardDrive that isnt showing in My Computer?
Asked by johnlery
4 answers
08:50:33 2/22/19
Solved [Solved] Computer hangs and won't open exe files. I think SSD ??
Asked by Sub
99 answers
04:28:57 2/07/19
Solved [Solved] My D drive says it has 11 GB on it but I can't find any file
Asked by Susan_mcc1
7 answers
21:02:57 2/02/19
I replace it with a new hard drive but still a href=/a
Asked by Ikponmwosa
64 bit
1 answer
09:03:57 1/17/19
Multiple Transfers or Task on a HD at the same Time ok?
Asked by NekroG
2 answers
04:18:43 1/09/19
Solved [Solved] What are pros & cons for external & inbuilt hard drive PC?
Asked by Skap631
6 answers
08:45:33 12/31/18
Need to buy an external Hard drive but dont know which brand
Asked by blehhhhhhhh
3 answers
05:50:08 12/26/18
Solved [Solved] hard drive adapted to a multi USB plug?
Asked by bobbyedededed
9 answers
20:55:14 12/25/18
Solved [Solved] Why my ssd have worst write speeds?
Asked by CoSmY98
Slow Performance
5 answers
09:42:54 12/25/18
How to solve hard disk failure warning?
7 answers
15:21:52 12/09/18
Buffalo external drive not recognised
Asked by manousia
3 answers
20:32:31 11/29/18
Solved [Solved] Faulty QNAP transfer disks to new but same model
Asked by jmeader
13 answers
10:10:56 11/15/18
Computer can't find operating system on 3 computers??
Asked by Sara3crows
9 answers
09:14:15 11/14/18
Solved [Solved] external HDD only showing half of its memory
Asked by leonardj65
21 answers
10:17:56 11/02/18
Solved [Solved] how to unlock forgotten WD HDD smartware password
Asked by vidyut
2 answers
07:17:45 10/29/18
Solved [Solved] Why is no driver for MovingStar External Drive in Window
Asked by Texasnole
1 answer
08:55:36 10/23/18
Good mans MP3 player
Asked by Jimsbob
4 answers
11:48:04 10/20/18
how to setup a toshiba laptop with new harddrive.
Asked by LivvysList
1 answer
13:08:26 10/15/18
Solved [Solved] Transcend 1TB external hard drive Led is not blinking
Asked by blehhhhhhhh
2 answers
15:15:44 10/03/18
Solved [Solved] HDD is full. How can I go about uninstalling programs I don'
Asked by Dawie
33 answers
13:58:43 10/01/18
Solved [Solved] Trying to switch my SSD to a different Sata Connector.
Asked by RWGraphix
7 answers
15:59:52 9/01/18
Solved [Solved] How to convert PATA to SATA in laptop?
Asked by Austin2
9 answers
12:39:15 8/27/18
How to format or read SSD out of the box
Asked by klenog
2 answers
11:57:05 8/24/18
Solved [Solved] Where is hard drive in Compaq Presario laptop CM2130?
Asked by Ecl
hard drive
7 answers
10:09:13 8/20/18
Solved [Solved] Seagate plus backup problems
Asked by cairdandrayner
1 answer
10:54:05 8/12/18
Solved [Solved] PC won't turn on after SSD installation. Any ideas?
Asked by Greensky
4 answers
08:11:00 8/02/18
Solved [Solved] What hard drive to choose
Asked by Newguy8
7 answers
12:27:57 7/27/18
Solved [Solved] problems swapping hard drive
Asked by Gcentral
6 answers
15:05:29 7/18/18
Solved [Solved] Problems with my 4tb external hard drive
Asked by Pleashelpme
5 answers
06:58:33 7/17/18
Solved [Solved] How do i retreive data from transcend external hard dri fail
1 answer
07:41:29 7/05/18
Solved [Solved] why does my HDD storage capacity display only 931GB on a 1TB
Asked by leonardj65
2 answers
10:20:48 6/30/18
How can I recover 14GB of ssd disk space wasted on unknown
Asked by skrambam
3 answers
20:50:12 6/23/18
Solved [Solved] Is my internal HDD in danger?
Asked by liakossf
2 answers
16:17:57 6/21/18
Solved [Solved] Question about the danger of TLER on a home desktop
Asked by Newguy8
3 answers
12:18:09 6/16/18
Solved [Solved] Should I use an enterprise for my only home hard drive
Asked by Newguy8
4 answers
16:21:46 6/13/18
Solved [Solved] Why won't my laptop find its CD/DVD drive any more?
Asked by Stationmaster
5 answers
14:51:26 6/10/18
Solved [Solved] What cable do i need for this scsi HDD
Asked by Tommy_rockstar
2 answers
02:13:17 6/08/18
unlocking drive protected by bitlocker
Asked by bccamper
5 answers
16:47:00 6/02/18
Solved [Solved] How do i find spares for ibm laptop
Asked by Richard43
5 answers
17:54:55 6/01/18
Solved [Solved] What kind of External Hard Drive to get?
Asked by tcw82
11 answers
16:44:32 5/30/18
Solved [Solved] Why does my computer shut down by itself?
Asked by Charles28
110 answers
06:33:26 5/28/18
Laptop hard drive 5 times faster than my desktop. How possi
Asked by i_am_jim
13 answers
16:01:22 5/25/18
How do I clear 40 MB Local disk D: when there are no files?
Asked by SimplyLisa
16 answers
20:51:53 5/24/18
Second hard drive not visible in win defrager
Asked by likelystory
12 answers
14:11:19 5/23/18
replace old hard drive with SSD for my laptop
Asked by TomyBean
8 answers
17:10:55 5/22/18
Solved [Solved] Can I install faster hard drive
Asked by YOJIMBO
5 answers
14:13:15 5/17/18
Solved [Solved] Installing NVMe M.2 SSD Drive in laptop
Asked by themagicman
3 answers
21:00:56 5/11/18
Solved [Solved] How to let DOM SSD work on 486 motherboard?
Asked by jzyang
9 answers
07:51:58 5/10/18
Solved [Solved] why is my c drive so full and so small?
Asked by Joshy1
hard drive
Disk Space
free space
26 answers
05:58:13 5/06/18
cant see hard drive
Asked by BlueChip
42 answers
01:36:38 5/02/18
use same external SSD as boot drive on more than one Mac?
Asked by trvlr
2 answers
16:36:06 4/30/18
Solved [Solved] Heat Sink for Samsung 960 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD 512GB?
Asked by themagicman
9 answers
19:34:03 4/20/18
Solved [Solved] Making my Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD Boot Drive?
Asked by themagicman
10 answers
09:02:29 4/18/18
Hybrid HDD & SSD
Asked by KingCeszar
17 answers
10:52:56 4/17/18
Solved [Solved] HDD's & SSD's Using Installed Programs
Asked by KingCeszar
18 answers
21:19:16 4/12/18
Solved [Solved] Lost files form Buffalo HD-PNTU3. Please help
Asked by rpg123
4 answers
07:50:33 4/09/18
Solved [Solved] My laptop has Toshiba PWWAM motherboard does it support i3
Asked by Vinish
14 answers
01:34:40 3/28/18
Is the drive defective?
Asked by agalpha
2 answers
21:02:38 3/26/18
WD 1 tb My Passport stopped working after I renamed it, why?
Asked by Nick11111
12 answers
20:51:53 3/25/18
Install operating system on hard drive.
Asked by JohanKamfer
3 answers
15:50:21 3/24/18
Asus P5QL-VM EPU and Hard Drive Issues
Asked by NeedHelpSOS
47 answers
19:53:12 3/22/18
Solved [Solved] Laptop will not instal winXP due to no access to HDD
Asked by eu4ric420
Internal HDD
2 answers
13:31:55 3/19/18
Question about partitions and manmount
Asked by cosmo18
5 answers
06:06:22 3/17/18
dvd drive not accepting cds/dvds
Asked by CharlieChrysler
1 answer
17:04:30 3/16/18
Solved [Solved] Disk Drive Status Problem
Asked by WarrenTSI
3 answers
13:46:38 3/14/18
WD Passport always appeared as My Passport.. Now a Local C
Asked by passporthelp
3 answers
11:05:31 3/02/18
Solved [Solved] Can an external hard drive be connected to two computers?
Asked by Brian W
9 answers
01:03:33 2/20/18
Solved [Solved] How many bad sectors are dangerous?
Asked by agalpha
hard drive
Bad Sectors
6 answers
11:03:48 2/19/18
Solved [Solved] how is it possible my ssd and hdd show up as different volum
Asked by 80808.dom
3 answers
21:13:16 2/17/18
Solved [Solved] Why is it showing system
Asked by azdbacker
6 answers
23:30:51 2/13/18
Solved [Solved] external hard drive storage file backup compatibility
Asked by BlackKnight
4 answers
20:39:07 1/22/18
Dell Inspiron E1505 Cannot Find New Hard Drive
Asked by LilacGlitter
hard drive
25 answers
15:53:05 1/19/18
Solved [Solved] How to recover data from a corrupted hard drive
Asked by Brian W
13 answers
05:38:11 1/19/18
Solved [Solved] Two identical HDD. Backed up one of them but space differs
Asked by Scratcher
11 answers
14:43:33 1/10/18
Emachine powers on, screen remains black, cannot boot.
Asked by Golfnut
2 answers
02:30:36 1/10/18
Solved [Solved] does my motherboard support NVMe hhhl PCIe SSD
Asked by Ryan Vande
3 answers
16:51:22 1/09/18
Solved [Solved] how to transfer from a broken laptop to new laptop
Asked by mentalmichelle
5 answers
16:29:52 1/09/18
How reliable are recertified and toshiba hard disks?
Asked by tantrik
hard drive
4 answers
21:37:50 1/02/18
Solved [Solved] Is a SSD drive appropriate for a Lenovo G50 from 2014
Asked by willem1933
6 answers
20:45:45 12/29/17
What should I try to get my RAID to work correctly again?
Asked by Geyck
1 answer
22:51:14 12/26/17
Solved [Solved] Transcend M3 external HDD not detected
Asked by Emcon
6 answers
11:57:10 12/26/17
Solved [Solved] how to solve the issue of smart hard disk error?
Asked by pcprob
4 answers
13:52:34 12/21/17
New hard drive on Lenovo G50-45
Asked by Bino
12 answers
09:33:48 12/15/17
how to unlock Toshiba MK5059 GXSP
Asked by kingman
7 answers
10:19:25 12/13/17
How serious is error code on storage device from Lenovo
Asked by Lexicon
2 answers
15:18:15 12/11/17
Hard drive space decreases after deleting files
Asked by blurryface
5 answers
08:28:15 12/11/17
Solved [Solved] Asus x2oom not coming up and it shows it charging....
Asked by darry55
4 answers
07:22:04 12/09/17
I want to hardwire old ide harddrive to work as an external
Asked by a14uncase
3 answers
03:56:43 12/09/17
How do I make sure my verbatim hard drive has backed up
Asked by ZEKE
2 answers
09:31:59 12/01/17
Any chance of reviving a dropped laptop?
Asked by TrainWreck
6 answers
08:59:15 11/22/17
Formatting for external hard drives
Asked by rapattack
2 answers
03:28:56 11/22/17
Solved [Solved] Connecting iomega RPHD-TG to new MacBookPro
Asked by DavidInsley
5 answers
12:53:27 11/13/17
Backup HDD are larger then the original HDD
Asked by cedrix2001
22 answers
08:22:07 11/09/17
Solved [Solved] Thunderbolt 2.0 SATA vs. USB 3.0 SSD?
Asked by susanrs
1 answer
19:48:05 11/08/17
Is it posible to install 10 TB Hdd on the x58 intel chipset?
Asked by LilPhucq
6 answers
05:20:35 11/08/17
is that ok to use 19v 1.75a charger in my asus laptop X456U?
Asked by xean
3 answers
14:07:34 11/03/17
Solved [Solved] External Hard Drive is not showing up after DBAN wipe?
Asked by Pappers
4 answers
16:58:50 11/01/17
Iomega LPHD-UP3 HDD issue
Asked by Picjowhile
1 answer
06:14:08 10/28/17
no fixed disks present
Asked by angelrodriguezjr777
6 answers
21:14:13 10/26/17
How to connect external hard drive to Dish DVR
Asked by JKAEC
1 answer
15:51:35 10/22/17
Restoration Incomplete Screen Won't Let Me Use My Laptop
Asked by Mzniecy
4 answers
21:19:33 10/21/17
Solved [Solved] HDD capacity error please help
Asked by computernoobram256kb
9 answers
19:02:43 10/20/17
lock.bat missing help cannot remember where the hidden files
Asked by arpits14
windows 7
10 answers
04:00:48 10/17/17
Solved [Solved] Is an SSD faster than Optane-cached hard drive?
Asked by Rocco
8 answers
12:04:28 10/11/17
I have a blank screen on my toshiba laptop, how do I fix it?
Asked by KimP
5 answers
15:01:26 10/02/17
Solved [Solved] clone HDD with damaged sectors?
Asked by riider
6 answers
18:50:45 9/28/17
My 750 GB HD, not detected on my PC
Asked by waelalomari
2 answers
03:26:52 9/28/17
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