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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135 - S2386 laptop, windows vist
Asked by YonasTarekegn
2 answers
00:35:35 9/14/15
Solved [Solved] Tp-Link router power adapter quiz: more voltage = more range
Asked by Takeru
3 answers
11:45:12 9/13/15
5.1 channel surround sound problem
Asked by dixit017
2 answers
05:25:06 9/12/15
Solved [Solved] Black screen gateway all in one.
Asked by Patsym20281
4 answers
00:18:32 9/12/15
Solved [Solved] 7-years-old Hannspree monitor starting to halo
Asked by sttigg
1 answer
14:09:02 9/10/15
HP 620 laptop won't stay on during boot
Asked by freakyfonty
7 answers
12:27:18 9/10/15
Is Lexibook tablet Swipe that doesn't work fixable?
Asked by Dale123
1 answer
08:05:31 9/10/15
Solved [Solved] goodwill acer still has p.wrd protected administrators acco
Asked by iamKeith
2 answers
23:52:18 9/09/15
Solved [Solved] Please Review My PC Build!!
Asked by ComputingSanic
4 answers
18:05:43 9/09/15
Solved [Solved] How Much Wattage and cooling do I need?
Asked by ComputingSanic
2 answers
18:25:47 9/08/15
Chromebook keyboard keys somtimes not working mainly hjmnkuy
Asked by steve17152
14 answers
06:53:01 9/08/15
Solved [Solved] Why does my computer shut off randomly all of the sudden
Asked by znhunter
8 answers
16:58:56 9/07/15
Toshiba Satellite screen unresponsive after Factory reset?
Asked by Tmanning
18 answers
23:52:42 9/05/15
Curious about Packard Bell Laptop I recently acquired
Asked by Mike Newcomb
2 answers
15:43:49 9/05/15
Solved [Solved] Safely replace power adapter for Encore 8 port hub switch
Asked by Takeru
5 answers
15:05:29 9/05/15
My custom-built PC Randomly shuts off during intense gaming.
Asked by abennette32
7 answers
13:45:05 9/05/15
how to know a mobo
Asked by donsimon
5 answers
23:23:00 9/01/15
Solved [Solved] What CPU'S can a D865GVHZ motherboard support?
Asked by oldster53
2 answers
15:12:24 9/01/15
HOW to repair a Dell Battery SLICE for A Latitude XT2 laptop
2 answers
07:27:42 8/31/15
Packard Bell Store & Save 3500 is not recognised by my PC
Asked by cjoyner
2 answers
05:12:36 8/31/15
Help me build ULTIMATE Video Editing Workstation PC Computer
Asked by kwik129
4 answers
20:19:26 8/30/15
Why Do I Get This Blue Screen Crash Error Message?
Asked by Joey_Roddy
error message
12 answers
19:16:32 8/28/15
Solved [Solved] Why dont i have display????
Asked by SteveGet
4 answers
18:57:49 8/27/15
Solved [Solved] What power supply should i buy?
Asked by gabriribeira
3 answers
15:25:56 8/26/15
Solved [Solved] Need to know how to install Win7 OEM on new custom-build
Asked by latln
wont start
4 answers
20:25:38 8/24/15
broken left side of laptop screen. help with a work-around?
Asked by maraudersgirl
broken screen
1 answer
04:54:48 8/24/15
Solved [Solved] How do I get this to reset with required data missing?
Asked by TiredUser
6 answers
16:43:44 8/22/15
Solved [Solved] Can a laptop with HDMI output transmit more than 60 hz?
Asked by Greatgamer
3 answers
05:53:00 8/22/15
Solved [Solved] I took apart acer laptop now keyboard wont work
Asked by Greatgamer
2 answers
14:52:47 8/21/15
Why does my keyboard makes a tone and does not type letters
Asked by Ivan1290
3 answers
20:52:28 8/20/15
Solved [Solved] Computer freezing briefly while playing games?
Asked by Mekkie
game freeze
11 answers
09:44:08 8/20/15
Solved [Solved] Uses for old Lenovo 3000 desktop J115 ?
Asked by Jonharuk
2 answers
10:02:03 8/19/15
PC suddenly turns off while playing but fans are still on
Asked by XxTreceZxX
turn off
power supply
4 answers
04:46:11 8/18/15
No web browsers open. Help.
Asked by Bergeek
1 answer
00:16:51 8/17/15
Issue with HP laptop Truevision HD webcam (Windows 10)
Asked by glomer
1 answer
19:18:54 8/15/15
Solved [Solved] toshiba dvr19dtkb dvd drawer won't stay closed. Is this fixa
Asked by Michaelam
2 answers
14:35:51 8/15/15
Solved [Solved] Xiaomi Mi Pad 16 GB Heating Issues
Asked by JaySan
Mi Pad
2 answers
11:34:43 8/14/15
Campatible Laptop Keyboard Multiple Choices
Asked by ToolPunk
3 answers
04:11:54 8/14/15
Solved [Solved] Unable to turn on custom-built machine
Asked by compu-angus
4 answers
00:30:28 8/14/15
Newly bought laptop stuck at Aptio Setup Utility Bios.
Asked by hotterthnfire
2 answers
13:51:46 8/12/15
Dell laptop battery Plugged in not charging solution?
Asked by dafirenze
Laptop Battery
not charging
25 answers
05:08:28 8/12/15
Solved [Solved] My HP Laptop seems hot after downloading windows 10
Asked by mysterygal22
16 answers
14:57:57 8/10/15
A white shade on new asus laptop display
2 answers
10:28:14 8/10/15
Solved [Solved] emachines D620 laptop battery replacement problem
Asked by MalcolmLowe
Laptop Battery
5 answers
00:45:16 8/10/15
Front panel connectors and boot up screen
Asked by Anthony5508
boot failure
front panel
11 answers
12:45:28 8/09/15
My computer wont recognize the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Asked by flobot
2 answers
11:10:18 8/09/15
Solved [Solved] Need Advice Help me choose between asus and acer laptop
Asked by SAIF
3 answers
10:22:16 8/09/15
kebord laters not working properly in ph7.0, that kes f k l
Asked by rajur
3 answers
05:24:04 8/08/15
My PC is lossing power with no shutdown need help please
Asked by TEXT
1 answer
18:18:34 8/06/15
Solved [Solved] Raspberry PI 2 board USB ports electrified my fingers
Asked by rbm
3 answers
16:57:32 8/06/15
Solved [Solved] how to figure out how old my computer is?
Asked by ssnader
2 answers
11:23:05 8/06/15
Solved [Solved] Computer switches off randomly.
Asked by Rossive
1 answer
05:33:08 8/06/15
Solved [Solved] Computer starts itself after sleep mode
Asked by sv1120
1 answer
00:50:51 8/06/15
Solved [Solved] How do i get my pc back to order, it can't boot,
Asked by RAM28
windows xp
5 answers
21:12:31 8/05/15
Problems with hitachi dvb T2 freeview recorder
Asked by Monktondave
1 answer
12:49:54 8/05/15
Solved [Solved] Will this setup work?
Asked by Richard59
2 answers
18:46:04 8/04/15
problem with display resolution
Asked by Trisha64
4 answers
06:08:19 8/03/15
Laptop suddenly loses power and internet connection
Asked by pacific24
10 answers
20:57:54 8/02/15
Solved [Solved] Im looking for the top half of my hp laptop
Asked by crisbowles
7 answers
01:08:32 8/02/15
Solved [Solved] UPS does not give any DCoutput.what we will check first.
Asked by palvinder
17 answers
15:32:00 8/01/15
Solved [Solved] How Does My Build Look
Asked by sv1120
1 answer
10:36:05 8/01/15
Solved [Solved] New Build – ATI Graphics driver stops responding when Gami
Asked by sy_price
2 answers
14:20:55 7/31/15
gateway laptop wont connect to wifi?
Asked by cnevans
9 answers
17:36:18 7/29/15
Solved [Solved] Acer Aspire laptop caps lock notification stopped working
Asked by ChickenLittle
1 answer
23:33:31 7/26/15
My s5200 camera wont turn on the screen lights up
1 answer
05:18:57 7/26/15
How to boot acer aspire e 15 laptop
Asked by RealistJzo
5 answers
16:36:25 7/25/15
Solved [Solved] Screen displaying only left side, ghosting to bottom of same
Asked by Nathan_nohack
4 answers
20:55:38 7/24/15
Solved [Solved] HP Proliant ML350 G3 wont show POST
Asked by Cyberfox24
3 answers
16:10:17 7/22/15
Solved [Solved] no power in power button & DVD drive of pc
Asked by BinayMaity
4 answers
22:38:15 7/21/15
Solved [Solved] Asus Ultrabook screen is not displaying
Asked by RossBoyce
2 answers
07:13:09 7/20/15
Solved [Solved] First home built PC, display and boot issues.
Asked by Adamantus10
15 answers
15:14:09 7/19/15
Dell XPS 400: 1,2,3 diagnostic lights + 2 beeps
Asked by robsblake
4 answers
11:47:12 7/15/15
Solved [Solved] The tablet i have has frozen its a lenovo ce 0700 androi
Asked by richard55
1 answer
23:36:56 7/14/15
Solved [Solved] Whats the meaning of 1, 3, 4 green lights on Dell desktop
Asked by aregakowestside
2 answers
05:25:27 7/14/15
the power source went in how do i open the back of laptop
Asked by tcorona
1 answer
21:36:02 7/13/15
Solved [Solved] question on UPS compatibility on US vs Asia
Asked by dj3642
18 answers
11:50:58 7/13/15
Solved [Solved] How to turn on my laptop Fujitsu Lifebook S Series
Asked by gilbertflorido
1 answer
04:40:58 7/13/15
Solved [Solved] hp compac presario sr2163WM
Asked by ebpretired
2 answers
00:44:03 7/12/15
Solved [Solved] pc keepes shuting down
Asked by tonyx
8 answers
14:00:23 7/11/15
Solved [Solved] i5 4690 or FX-8350 processor
Asked by XxTreceZxX
1 answer
06:16:51 7/09/15
Solved [Solved] HDMI wont display on bootup on broken Asus Laptop Screen
Asked by Jngala
7 answers
14:36:47 7/08/15
Solved [Solved] PSU Pop and Smoke
Asked by agalpha
8 answers
14:29:32 7/08/15
Asked by earlpg
7 answers
06:37:12 7/08/15
Solved [Solved] Anyone own a notebook that cannot have spare batteries?
Asked by craby63
13 answers
20:51:13 7/07/15
My computer is freezing up randomly. Help?
Asked by LividTortoise
5 answers
10:30:28 7/06/15
Solved [Solved] How to correct DNS Error Cannot find server
Asked by Sylvaniafrustrated
5 answers
08:34:11 7/05/15
why dell 6600 not turning on...?
Asked by sajeelahmed
4 answers
03:14:40 7/04/15
Solved [Solved] user with palm grip Need Silent Wired Mouse & nothing else
Asked by NinjaSilentGamer
1 answer
21:27:12 7/03/15
Solved [Solved] Where to download wiring diagram for mobo model MCP61-PM-AM
Asked by Punice
4 answers
21:57:49 7/01/15
Spilled acetone nail polish remover on Macbool Air (laptop)
Asked by crystakat
3 answers
16:11:01 7/01/15
Nothing shows up on screen when turning on Lenovo desktop
Asked by maludave
1 answer
00:44:28 7/01/15
what is the defect of laptop screen having horizontal line
Asked by arjay
1 answer
10:10:53 6/30/15
Solved [Solved] How long can a USB mouse cable get?
Asked by Jeff Root
16 answers
06:06:08 6/30/15
accidentially crossed mobo wires PC won't boot no lights
Asked by Nu2gateway
4 answers
01:18:03 6/30/15
Solved [Solved] Derek can you follow up here?
Asked by Ewen
7 answers
17:24:00 6/28/15
Solved [Solved] How a UPS get charge?Should it remain ON or OFF during charg
Asked by bajajsahab
3 answers
06:13:07 6/28/15
Solved [Solved] Complete system reboot without user prompting. First build
Asked by Azzza42
91 answers
13:27:07 6/27/15
Any idea how to make this telephone Model FXP-851 function
Asked by MahainGazawi
2 answers
23:09:59 6/26/15
Solved [Solved] Black screen after Windows 7 registry update - mobo or video
Asked by litasch2005
18 answers
11:51:35 6/26/15
Solved [Solved] Key in some key will non-stop enter
Asked by bctam
3 answers
08:07:54 6/26/15
Solved [Solved] Why are my connection speeds different?
Asked by ldsrobinson
3 answers
20:56:25 6/25/15
Solved [Solved] Transplant fingerprint reader from Lenovo T420 to E420?
Asked by krh
2 answers
13:25:26 6/25/15
What motherboard supports intel dual core processor
Asked by mayankbhardwaj
14 answers
19:37:15 6/24/15
.how to stop computer overheating? Cleaned it 5 times
Asked by mrvlatkovic
6 answers
16:19:49 6/24/15
IBM keyboard alphabet scrambled
Asked by Nibirulilu78
5 answers
21:16:00 6/23/15
Certain games causing frozen black screen
Asked by XxTreceZxX
black screen
1 answer
03:58:53 6/22/15
How to stopa laptop from restarting after the splash screen?
Asked by lunatoons
6 answers
06:49:13 6/21/15
charger - plugged in but fluctuatin bw charging and not
Asked by mohit14
5 answers
00:46:22 6/21/15
Solved [Solved] Will Windows 7 run on IBM XP Pro T40 Thinkpad
Asked by Nibirulilu78
2 answers
06:14:25 6/20/15
Display turns off while computer stays on. Why?
Asked by MathTeacherGuy
display problem
monitor problem
6 answers
17:54:00 6/19/15
Solved [Solved] Monitor turns off sometimes but my custom-built PC stays on
Asked by Astronic
6 answers
13:50:39 6/18/15
compaq presario cq62 keyboard is not working.
Asked by CheekyChiki
1 answer
07:33:17 6/18/15
Solved [Solved] Is this Toshiba Satellite laptop suitable to run Win 10
Asked by browndonkey
5 answers
17:34:49 6/16/15
Asus x83v won't come on
Asked by Freakyfonty
2 answers
03:24:41 6/16/15
Solved [Solved] Blinking Lights on Hp Pavilion dv6700 laptop
Asked by Freakyfonty
1 answer
22:21:08 6/15/15
Solved [Solved] No beep Codes, POST or input to monitor on computer startup
Asked by Mal495
18 answers
22:06:26 6/15/15
reduce brightness on monitor
Asked by screener
4 answers
16:05:39 6/15/15
Solved [Solved] Why does My Gateway only charges while it's plugged in?
Asked by MIDouble
6 answers
16:31:38 6/13/15
New charger won't turn on my compaq laptop
Asked by gtaggart
2 answers
14:01:32 6/13/15
Solved [Solved] Garmin Nuvi 205 portable GPS receiver Reboot Loop
Asked by Joey2
reboot loop
1 answer
22:01:13 6/12/15
Solved [Solved] Computer Shuts down suddently.
Asked by LividTortoise
Unexpected shutdown
22 answers
17:05:37 6/12/15
Toshiba screen stays black
Asked by mjwagoner
6 answers
08:30:04 6/12/15
Solved [Solved] Help my laptop screen has moved to theright
Asked by BigGeordie
6 answers
04:55:53 6/11/15
Solved [Solved] Max SATA HDD Size on Tyan S2865 K8E
Asked by WallyWorld
1 answer
01:38:54 6/11/15
Solved [Solved] How to factory restore eee 901XP without disk
Asked by jackielong
8 answers
09:32:34 6/10/15
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