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October 1, 2009 at 09:35:43
Specs: Windows XP, 2.8ghz/ 1and a half gigs
okay so i tried to install a second hard drive, my old one is a pata 40gig running windows xp, it was almost out of room(had 3 gigs left of free space) so i decided to install an 80g sata drive(really rough drawing of what my mother board looks like http://img143.imageshack.us/i/mymot...
i am using a dell gx280..... sooooo my problem is that when i put in my second hard drive the 80gig,(which had windows xp on it) in it renamed my original hard drive to "D"(supposed to be "c") however i did not notice until after i was done being an idiot(you'll find out in a minute), my goal was to just use the new 80gig to store more information, so i whent ahead and removed the the page file on the 80gig and formatted it. now somehow in the process i accidentaly renamed the 80 gig from "c" to "H". this is where things went bad, in "My Computer" it now showed that there were 3 hard drives. "C"( wich would not open, listed it as having nothing, ie just an icon) "D" which was the original hard that that i was running windows off of[used to be "c"]), and the new "H" drive.from this point none of the windows utilities would work, like Storage devise manager. at this point i noticed that my original hard drive was labeled "d".
"that's wrong"i thought so i restarted my computer in hopes that it would be recognized as "c", well it got through the first windows loading screen( the one with the black background) however it continues to freeze at the second one with the blue background my guess is that this is the logging on loading screen. i have tried almost everything i can think of: unplugging the 80gig HD, nothing. reinstalling windows on the 80gig, nothing. along with doing a lot of messing around in the bios.

currently my 40gig drive is now recognized as "c" but guess what..... still getting stuck at the same screen(found a screen shot http://z.about.com/w/experts/Window... ) so i am currently repairing windows on the 40gig(using windows xp install disk)... if this still doesn't work what else can i try doing to fix this

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October 1, 2009 at 09:49:31
The windows repair will fix the issue though you may end up with the ide booting as d:. Sounds like another device took c: from what you report concerning the three drives in my computer.

Always make sure to disable card readers when installing/repairing xp if you have one in the system as they tend to take the drive letters first.

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October 1, 2009 at 11:15:12
After the repair is done, swap the connectors on the motherboard. I think you have the 40gb inserted into the second drives connector, instead of the first. You can check the markings on the motherboard to make sure.

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October 1, 2009 at 20:04:07
okay so i just got back and the recovery went well... it was all
working properly however my 40 gig is back as being
registered as "d". i had to restart after updating my
antivirus(avast!) and now i am stuck at the welcome screen. a
long story short i no longer have a legal copy of windows xp installation cd so my thought was to just install windows 7 rc
onto my secondary drive(the 80gig) and see if i can just copy
the files off of my old hard drive....
@aegis: i wish it was that simple, my 40gig drive the pata is
set to be the primary on the ribbon cable thingy. my sata the
80gig is set to the secondary slot on the motherboard. the
problem lies in the bios it list's the dives as such:
sata drive 0 options: on OFF
sata drive 1 options: ON off
pata drive 2 options: ON off
pata drive 3 options: ON off
(caps meaning selected)

any other suggestions

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