Xp WiFi-AP

March 29, 2009 at 16:51:02
Specs: winxp pro, duocore 2.8GH/2GB
Dear Gurus,
I have used my ADSL Livebox router with an ethernet cable to the PC for three problem free years.
But things change.
I want to get a newly acquired NetBook, Compaq mini 701AS connected to the Internet as well.

Stepping through the Livebox installation disc instructions taking the route adding a second computer with wiFi.
Then entering the name, in my case Livebox-6F10, and then the the WEP key a big 24 +2 character string, ( no spaces) .

And after that, pressing the Livebox 1 button to make the associate led start flashing. ....

....But after a couple of minutes a messaage appears saying that maybe either the name of the net or the code I entered was wrong.... all very logical.

At that point I called the Orange help line to see if they could sort me out.
We delved into a whole realm of tabs, places I never knew existed, wiping out things, reinstalling ... anyway after an hour or so, I began to get worried that the call would cost more than the netbook.

We closed the session down by the nice tele-technician man saying that the livebox was OK and probably there was something wrong with the netbook.

This left me where I had started. I decided that maybe I should be installing the Livebox setup secquence in the (NBk) NetBook. There was one little problem, my humble NBk doesn't have a Disk reader unit. Still I copied the LiveBox entire disk onto my 16GB pendrive and stuck it into one of the USB ports which the NBk DOES have.

I prayed and started the setup sequence. At least I was being guided through the same steps as seen on my home PC.
As before I got that same error message.

Q1. Does the NBk need to know about LiveBox, apart from entering the access code when the scan for a net , in my case, shows that there is indeed a net called LiveBox-6F10?

Anyway, at this point I was seriously doubting that the my Livebox router wasn't equipped with something needed. But also maybe it was my brand spanking new NBk.

To eliminate. I took the NBk to a friend's business. He had me connected via his Mac airport in a jiffy to the Internet. I sighed with relief, at last I knew the Livebox was dodgy, wireless-wise.

He shook his head, no maybe you need to set up something in your PC.
I asked what?
He shook his head... I'm an Apple OSX, not a Windows Guru.....
Wow maybe he was right... but then also I had just had a qualified tele technician telling me that it must be my NBk... obviously he had earned his keep with me as the NBk was able to connect to the internet.

Then I started thinking about antennas about the TxRx analogue side of things. The NBk has bluetooth and wlan capability according to the user guide.
So what if I switched off my computer and router and just scanned my immediate horizon for other nets.???

I did.

The Next net scan showed that the Livebox-6F10 net was miraculously still there as well as six other nets. No luck with going through the routine of trying to connect to the very strong signal on that Livebox-6F10 net.

Q2 Would the 'no connect' be because it was someone else's net and thus have a different access code?

Anyway there was one open net called Netgear and Eureka I could connect through it to the internet.
All this time with my PC and Livebox router switched off.

I sat back at this point trying to imagine what I really wanted. Basically it was to connect a second computer (My NBk ) via
my Livebox router , to the Internet...

I also mused over the fact that livebox has no antenna. maybe inside? No the setup disk says nothing detailed about wireless connectivity apart from recognizing that it is a setup option. (Which I tried and got me nowhere). Also inside would be difficult , because the box is a good Faraday Cage. No signal either received or transmitted due to the box's metal walls.

Q3. Does anyone know of a livebox sporting an antenna?
There is no external RF connector that I can see apart from maybe using the power cord???

Here I thought that modern technology had done away with antennas, things like the NBk and my cellphone do have them, but not visible.

A little voice in my head said. To TR between the NBk and the PC you must have antennas.
The NBk has them maybe the PC as well. Mentally I dismissed this because my Asus P5K Premium mother board was also in a Faraday cage .... Ah but... in three years I hadn't needed a net, so best go back and look through the books that came with the computer,
There it was . An Invoice item asusWiFi
Well well... I DO have the TxRx installed, maybe not activated , I have it there beneath my nose...an ASUS WiFi-AP Solo TxRx unit and a connector for an external antenna unused and up till now unseen by me.

At this point some doubts.
Q4. If I install the necessary software from the Asus DVD and thus get the NBk connected to the internet will I lose my ethernet cable connection?
Q5 If I can get both , PC and NBk, connected at once to the Internet where do I define the topography of my very modest net?

I honestly fear mucking things up because as is obvious from all the foregoing, I haven't the foggiest idea on how to set up a net...
Spanish saying here is ... mejor el malo conocido que el bueno a conocer....

Help please
Bye and thanks

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March 30, 2009 at 21:13:24
First off not to be rude, but why are you using such an archaic piece of networking hardware?

Go to Wal-Mart and buy a Linksys router you will be much better off.

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March 31, 2009 at 16:33:53
Dear Smills, that was a brilliant idea. I'm going to check it out


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