XP SP3 Random re-boots and freezings

Intel / D865glc
November 27, 2010 at 16:44:36
Specs: Windows XP Pro SP3, 2.793 GHz / 1006 MB
Hi all.

For the last few weeks I have been experiencing random reboots. If not random reboots or when the computer has been left running unattended for a number of hours in the evening while I watch TV, when I return to the PC I find that there are a number of blank error boxes.

I click on the the only visible O.K. button but nothing happens.

I then try clicking on any desktop icon and again nothing happens other than all the icons disappearing from the Sys tray including the Start button on the left.

Everything has now frozen up. I am forced to turn the PC off with the tower power-button

After a reboot, all works as it should.

I get any of the above freeze ups at lease once a day, sometimes more.

I have substituted/replaced my HD (I can make a quick swap with the PC powered off) as they are loaded into caddies. I tried running XP Pro SP3, XP Home, and Windows 7. This problem happens with all three O.S's.

My CPU runs as 41deg Cel which is listed as O.K. when test performed (must stay under 50 deg Cel)

I have run a Memory test for a number of hours to achieve 700 percent (ie. 7 times in succession and uninterrupted) and that showed as no problems.

I have made multiple Malware deep scans, CCleaner and registry clean including a number of deep AV scans.

Again everything comes up as it should and nothing is found.

From all these tests it would indicate to me that the problem may be with the actual mechanics of the PC, one or more of the components.

Can anyone suggest anything else as I am thoroughly stumped.

May the "FARCE" be with you!

"Thinking hurts my head that's why I live in West Australia"

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November 27, 2010 at 18:20:33
It could be a failing power supply. Computers are very sensitive to any disruption of power to the machine. There's really no sure fire way to test it. The freezing could be a power issue or a software glitch.

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November 27, 2010 at 22:06:38
Hi grasshopper.

No it is not a software glitch as it does the same thing with 3 different HD's each having a different O.S. on them, (XP Home, XP POro and Win7), this problem just came out of the blue about 6 weeks ago.

I have the power supply as a suspect as you suggest and again as you say, it is not an easy thing to test out, especially if you do not have a known good power supply/device to swap over for test purposes.

Thanks for the input.


"Thinking hurts my head that's why I live in West Australia"

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