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XP Pro SP3 reinstall problem.

Dell Dell latitude d400, d500, d600, d80...
October 25, 2010 at 17:59:56
Specs: Win XP Pro/SP3, Pentium M/2GB
This is a Dell Latitude D400. Last week XP started to freeze up on me. I ran some diagnostics which indicated the HD was possibly going bad on me. I also ran Memtest 86+ to rule out bad memory. The memory passed with no problems. XP then occasionally restored the registry from a backup during boot ups, so I got Hiren's Boot CD and used it to backup the harddrive to an external drive. The mini Linux's (on the cd) dd command was not able to back up the drive as it found an error on the drive. The same with partimage. So I tried ddrescue set to read the error spots indefinately. That was able to image the drive with no errors. I then wrote that image to another HD. For the most part the image transfer went smoothly. The new drive was able to boot XP up but the freezing was still happening. So I decided to do a repair to see if that would solve the problem. The repair went smoothly with no problems. I then started to put the various updates back on with no problems until I tried to reinstall SP3. I decided to see about reinstalling Firefox 3.6 as I suspected it's installation was corrupted. The install would freeze up. At this point I decided to move ComboFix over from Hiren's Boot CD. It pulled an update down off the net and then went through my system after having me stop AVG. It did find something called PriceGong and removed it. I was able to reinstall firefox after that. I used Windows updater to install the last 64 updates with no problems. From there I discovered that AVG was preventing SP3 from downloading, so I disabled it. From there it downloaded and installed. After a reboot I discovered that logging in would hang after the desktop wallpaper loaded. It would not go any further and the HD will just thrash only. For now I am going to image this partition to my external drive and rewite the the other image back so the drive will be back in the prerepair state. Then I'll try ComboFix again to see about the malware. Hopefully that will fix the problem. Just in case it doesn't and I end up back with the post repair state, does anyone know why the SP3 reinstall is causing the hang? I had it installed last year and did not have any problems with it.

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October 26, 2010 at 04:02:36
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October 28, 2010 at 21:57:20
I decided to resolve the SP3 reinstall in a different way. I made a slipstreamed version of my XP Pro SP2 install disk with SP3 on it. From there did another repair with the slipstreamed disk. No problems with the repair and at SP3. Installed all needed updates with windows upgrade. I also discovered that my antivirus AVG 2011 was contributing to the freeze ups. It has only been on this PC for a couple of weeks. After discovering that there were many complaints about this version of AVG, I uninstalled it from safe mode. I then installed Avira. No further problems and am glad to have my laptop working right again.

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