XP Pro does not boot from install CD or HD

September 25, 2010 at 23:02:39
Specs: Windows XP

Yesterday I clicked on a Yahoo link and PC rebooted on its own. Today, can't boot at all. First, it was restarting on its own over and over. Don't know if it's a virus or what. Never had a problem at all with this PC. Now it won't boot at all. I tried rebooting from XP install CD, to try to repair but to no avail. It enters setup and when it is about to load I get BSOD with several STOP messages. I have done it so many times they seem to be different all the time. Can't enter safe mode either. It looks like it's going to boot into safe mode and right when I get the "safe mode" message it stops and reboots. I have been searching and searching but since most solutions are with msconfig, I can't even get there.
All I want is one reboot so I can copy some very important files and be done with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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September 26, 2010 at 01:51:22
mmm is there "stuff" on the drive (personal files, mp3s, pics etc.) that you wouldn't like to lose?

Presuming so... first set about accessing and preserving them all - off the system entirely.

Get your self a copy of knoppix or ubuntu (linux on a DVD) and boot with that. Then copy all thoise precious files etc. to extrenal storage - DVD and/or another HD. Verify the copies are truly accessible on at least one other working system too...

knoppix.com and ubuntu.com both offer an ISO which you can download for free. Save to a HD; burn to a DVD; boot with that DVD.

Once data secure... presuming you have full version (or even an Uppgrade) XP CD... and it has Recovery Console on it (some didn't in th epast). Boot wit that and use Recovery Console to allow a full chkdsk routine; and let it find/fix any problems it finds...

It is equally possible you have a duff (failed or failing) RAM stick.. Reduce to a single stick if two or more installed; min of 128Meg. and see if system will boot OK with each stick in turn installed? If it works with one and not another... ditch/relace the stick that doesn't allow a boot up etc.?

But first use the knoppix or ubuntu disk as just above to access/copy files etc...

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September 26, 2010 at 09:09:48
Thanks trvlr,

I have 2 memory sticks and swapped them and then installed one at a time, but to no avail.
Burned the Ubuntu ISO and when it goes to boot from CD, the ubuntu logo comes out at first but then it goes into a DOS menu with commands and stops. Can't boot from that either.

My Windows XP install disc is the original I installed and also has SP2 on it, if that helps. Can't boot from that one either. It goes into the XP logo and hangs. Can't boot into safe mode, last known config etc.



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September 26, 2010 at 11:51:54
ummm When you say Ubuntu goes to a dos menu and then stops... Does that mean that it will not accept/allow any commands to be used at that level?

Can you note any of the bsod/error messages?

I doubt incidentally this is an msconfig issue; it's much earlier in the chain that that.

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September 26, 2010 at 12:02:05
Hi trvlr

There were so many different BSOD message codes that I lost track at the end of the XP install cd.

The ubuntu would not load at all. It would almost boot then go into DOS messages. It was just like when it tries to boot into safe mode then stop.

Tried Knoppix (6.2.1) and it went a little further. Received the big penguin (logo) at the beginning and began to load, then started to receive the PC info (CPU, Memory, Processor) and it stopped.

My cousin advised to try Knoppix 4.0, so am downloading now. Will burn ISO and give it a shot.

Will keep you posted.

Thanks very much for your help.


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