xp missing winhttp.dll

November 26, 2010 at 12:18:04
Specs: Windows XP Home SP3, Pentium 4/ only 512 Ram???
running windows XP Home SP3.
Cannot resolve error message that keeps showing up--"missing WINHTTP.dll".

Cannot use original XP CD-rom to find & restore missing file, as now running SP3 so original CD not sufficient any longer...system requires SP3 CD now, which I've never had since was updated to SP3 via download.

Norton Full System scan cannot complete "Browser Settings Check" nor "Network Address Check". System often locks up, and always runs V-E-R-Y---S-L-O-W-L-Y for even a novice like me (speed was just fine several months ago). Took computer to another repair place who told me that something was "preventing them" from fixing the problem, and they wanted to sell me a new state-of-the-art computer. Yes I know this system is outdated, but I don't use it for much besides email and internet research. I would prefer to restore this system to health now, and upgrade to another computer with Win7 later when budget permits.

Found an update on Windows downloads that might(?) fix the "WINHTTP.dll" problem, but Windows Genuine Advantage will no longer validate my original OS, so cannot download this fix. Never had the Genuine Advantage validation problem before GEEKSQUAD "fixed" a virus a few years back. Hmmm?

How do I fix this Windows Genuine Advantage problem so I can use the windows articles and downloads??? I do have my original product key and original OS CD-rom.

Is there anything else I can try that will more directly remedy my missing WINHTTP.dll issue??? Remember, I am not really knowledgeable, but I do follow instructions extremely well ;)

Thanks for even being willing to read this, and to work with a novice.

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November 26, 2010 at 12:31:29
"I do have my original product key and original OS CD-rom."

Then you need to change the installation key in WinXP to the valid one accompanying your installation.

First download SIW and use it to determine the current installation key information. Write it down. Look in the software licenses listing to access the keys.

Then read the articles linked below to learn how to change the key.




One other item to note is this. You can make a new WinXP CD that will include SP3 & more. The process is call slipstreaming. nliteOS is one program to create a slipstreamed disk.

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