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XP Installed 2 times

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March 2, 2010 at 19:14:48
Specs: Windows XP
I had to re-install Xp on my Dell Optiplex 745 and (obviously) did something wrong. I now have XP installed twice. Once on C drive and again on D drive. They both seem to be working fine but the computer boots up to a black screen and I have to choose between the two XP's. Once I pick either one of them it will load XP normally. What can I do to fix my mess up? Thanks

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March 3, 2010 at 02:20:17
1. Boot to the first installed XP (i.e. C: drive).

2. Format D: to reclaim that space which is being used by the second XP installed.

3. Edit your boot.ini file on the C: drive to remove reference to the second XP.

To edit your boot.ini go to my website at :
and look up the link titled:
"All you ever wanted to know about boot.ini files".

Also if you do not want the black screen prompt to display after you have removed the second WinXP, you can change the delay in the boot.ini file to zero (i.e. timeout=0).

When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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March 6, 2010 at 10:04:47
maybe simply Delete it from your D.
should it run fine on C good.

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March 6, 2010 at 18:07:25
BEFORE deleting anything, make sure you have a good backup of your data!

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March 6, 2010 at 21:31:16
mm perhaps also...; so as to ensure you are able (still) to boot to version you wish to retain...

Boot the version you wish to keep; presumably on c: drive?

Set it as default OS to boot; then reboot - to verify it does just that...

Then delete the version on d: drive; and then edit the boot.ini so as to delete the entry there for the version on d: drive...

To set default OS to boot... and also easily edit the boot.ini go via:

MyComputer\Properties\Advanced\startup/recovery - settings

When you edit the boot.ini.... cafrefully note the entry for the default OS to boot; and ensure you do NOT delete that (main) entry in the main body of the boot.ini below that default OS line... The one you will delete will be slightly different to the one for the default OS on c: drive (the version you wish to retain).

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March 7, 2010 at 05:45:39
Thank you all so much!! I have it fixed thanks to all of you.

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