xp hangs at boot for about one minute

January 27, 2012 at 08:44:48
Specs: Windows XP
A few days ago, my netbook became very slow since the hd entered in a wrong mode, PIO mode.after a google search, I fixed the problem by running a little script named resetdma.vbs.
now the hd is relatively fast (50 mbytes/s on average)

But starting from those days, a new problem emerged.(I do not know if it is causally related to the previous)
The PC boots well, but when my background appears it hangs for one-two minute without icons nor task bar. Then all countinue normally.
I uninstalled the antivirus avira. nothing
I installed other two: symantec and avast. nothing
I defrag,optimize, update the system. update the driver , run sfc /scannow.nothing
I try bootvis from microsoft. It said that explorer starts and hangs for a minute.
nothing happen in meanwhile, no (or very little) cpu nor disk actvity ( I can start taskmanager with ctrl+alt+del) then alg.exe starts and all goes fine.
Important. If I boot in safe mode all is fine. So I think it may be a driver problem.
but what driver?How can I figure out this?
The netbook is a acer aspire one with XP home SP3. 1gb ram, 160 gb hd. It has a rescue partition of about 5 gb.

thankyou in advance.

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January 27, 2012 at 12:13:29
As you said, maybe a driver-related problem, or even some application software you've recently installed which installs a driver - that could be an antivirus software, a third-party firewall, or third-party cd-burning software.

Try to remember what you installed just before the problem started. Chances are, that will be the cause, so uninstall it.

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January 27, 2012 at 13:23:41
DO NOT run more than ONE anti-virus program at a time. They tend to conflict with one another.

IF the motherboard chip set drivers have not been installed the hard drive is not able to run in a DMA mode, which is much faster than PIO.

Di you recently install Windows on that netbook?

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January 27, 2012 at 13:27:20
I installed too many programs.
Is there a way to analyze the boot sequence, with a software abit more sofisticated than bootvis, in such a way to figure out the driver/program responsible of the delay?
Bootvis tell me only that when explorer load all stop for 1.5 minutes. But I immagine
that explorer itself loads some piece of code or driver. I need to discover this
with more precision.

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Related Solutions

January 27, 2012 at 13:39:45
"A few days ago, my netbook became very slow since the hd entered in a wrong mode, PIO mode.after a google search, I fixed the problem by running a little script named resetdma.vbs."

Windows will automatically force a hard drive or optical drive connection to use Pio mode if it detects that the drive is producing too many data errors.
The script you used removed the line(s) from the registry that forced the hard drive into that mode.
If the problem that caused Windows to force the drive into Pio mode has not been fixed, Windows will eventually force the drive to use Pio mode again.

With a desktop computer, if there's nothing wrong with the drive, that's commonly caused by a problem with the data cable connection, but that should NOT happen with a laptop or netbook because there is no data cable.

You could unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery, then make sure there's nothing loose regarding the connection of the hard drive to the laptops connector for it, but there's probably nothing wrong with that.

Test your hard drive.

Seagate's Seatools will test (almost) any brand of hard drive.
Do the long test.

Look in the Event viewer to see if any program is flagged as not working properly, during the time frame Windows is loading.

Control Panel - Classic View - Administrative Tools - Event viewer

If you have installed Microsoft's Windows Search or Windows Desktop Search add-on, I recommend you un-install it !

If it has been installed you will see that searchindexer.exe is running in Task Manager.

searchindexer.exe is supposed to run only when you're not actively using the computer, but the problem is once it's running it NEVER stops running, and it slows down EVERYTHING in XP when it's running despite the fact that it doesn't seem to use much CPU time.

There should be an entry for Windows Search or Windows Desktop Search in Add or Remove Programs if it's been installed. If you see that, un-install it !

If there is no entry for it there, see response 3 in this:

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February 2, 2012 at 12:18:13
thankyou Tubesandwires, all
I eventually fix my problem looking at the system event viewer as you said.
It reported an error associated to the WIA service.
I disable the service and the problem was fixed although
now my system no more recognises my canon camera when I insert it in the USB. However by starting "camerawindow" canon application all go fine
so I am quite satisfied.

thanks again


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February 2, 2012 at 14:30:36
Thanks for the thanks.

If you click on the info about the Event error, then click on the highlighted link, there may or may not be info about how to fix the problem on the Microsoft web site.
If the problem is curable, then you can enable the service again.

Also, if the service is listed many times as having started okay, and if the errorr isn't appearing many times as you scroll down the list, the times it produced the error may have been a temporary problem that went away.
E,g, some errors can be caused by a poor internet connection.
If the service is listed soon after that as having started OK, then the times the errors were produced was a temporary problem.

"now my system no more recognises my canon camera when I insert it in the USB."

You must install Canon's software for the camera, properly. Windows itself may not recognize it all otherwise.
However, it's memory card can be removed from the camera and you can read it's files in any memory card reader's slot that can read it , without having to install any Canon software.
(Higher capacity memory cards require more recent memory card reader circuitry.)

Use the USB cord it came with,
and you may need to plug it into a different USB port, it may not be detected properly when it's plugged into a USB hub, etc. :

Troubleshooting USB device problems
See Response 1:

I have three Canon digital cameras.
When I plug any of their USB cables into the front USB ports on one of my desktop computers, they are not detected properly - the same goes for USB flash drives and USB connected printers - corded USB mice and keyboards work fine with those ports.
If I plug them into the USB ports built into the mboard on the back of the case on that computer, all devices are detected fine.
The wiring between those front USB ports in the case and the header they connect to on the mboard is inadequate. It's an el-cheapo case.

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