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XP gone loco! Phoebe program not responding

Microsoft Windows xp home sp2
March 15, 2010 at 07:50:18
Specs: Windows XP
Recently my machine has been experiencing problems (slow, unresponsive etc) and has upon rebooting been displaying a message saying that a program called 'Phoebe' is not responding. I've never seen or heard of this program before and have no idea if it's connected to the problems listed below.

Okay, I've scanned every drive for Phoebe.exe. Nothing found. I've also scanned using AVG, Spybot and Windows Malware removal tool. All of which also discovered nothing! I have also defraged all drives.

I'm running on 2GB of RAM, which for a machine that has been put through it's paces running software like Adobe creative suite for years has 99% of the time stood up to the task.

Within the last couple of months though it has developed a really irritating glitch which is now making the machine a real pain to work on. Without warning and for no apparent reason (by which I mean that this problem doesn't seem to follow any particular set of events) XP with suddenly begin behaving very strangely. Most notable is that it develops a problem where clicking on commands will either not respond as they should or start opening windows which it shouldn't. Examples:

Click on the start button and instead of the usual menu which allows you to shutdown etc being displayed, the menu will flash onto the screen for roughly the duration on the mouse click and then disappear again making it impossible to actually access any commands on that menu. The same will also happen with drop down menus.

Clicking on a desktop icon will, instead of opening the application, open up the Properties window for that application.

This can happen five minutes after starting up or after working away for hours and hours. But it has now got to the stage where the machine is almost unworkable (and since I use it for work that's a big problem!)

Whether any of this is directly connected to the mystery 'Phoebe' program I don't know, but if anyone has any idea of how to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated.


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March 15, 2010 at 09:21:02
Are you using any one of these products...

in particular a mouse or keyboard?

Also, what happens when you press the Windows Key to open the Start Menu?

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