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Solved XP Folder Tasks Bar docked Left Side Desktop

Microsoft Windows xp media center 2005
January 18, 2010 at 10:10:34
Specs: Windows XP
This one is a real challenge. Of all the issues I've had and resolved.....this one I cannot figure out. I hope someone can. I'm really getting tired of this Folder Tasks Bar stuck on my desktop. It takes up 1/4th of my desktop !! When I change my wallpaper it goes UNDER it. Also, sometimes the screens that I am working on go behind my wallpaper.
This all started at the same time. Any ideas would by welcome.
It is NOT the taskbar.
It is my desktop. It thinks it is a file folder with the Folder Tasks Pane on the left side. The Folder Task Pane reflects what is on the desktop, when I put my cursor over an icon, gives me the details,
etc. My desktop acts like a file folder with my wallpaper as a backdrop. That is the only way that I can explain it.

I cannot right click on the Folder Tasks Bar on my desktop. I cannot even put any of my icons on it. Also,it is animated. There is a Folder Task that opens up, Other places open up, and then Details. I can right click on the wallpaper part that is on my desktop, though. This Folder Tasks thing does not have a toolbar. No Tools.
I went as far as going to my desktop Folder, (C:/Documents and Settings/Name/Desktop), but didn't get anywhere there, either.
Also, there is not an "X" on it, like the one in my desktop folder, to get rid of it.
The Files and Folder Task part of any folder you open that is on the left side of the folder window is stuck open ON MY DESKTOP. I've tried switching the entire desktop and folders to the classic view but it still stays open. It is staying there also on the desktop when there are no windows open at all. Tried changing all the desktop settings in the properties but still can't get it to close.
I have even paid MS Tech to help me solve this issue and have sent screen shots still NO RESOLVE – Can someone help me rid my desktop of this seemingly STUCK in place FOLDER/Task Bar!!

Thank You,

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January 18, 2010 at 10:48:22
✔ Best Answer
JusMeLP, Go to the link below, click on "Win XP Fixes" (left side), click on "Remove Common Tasks from Desktop" (right column) then download the "XP_CommonTasks.exe " file. Instructions are on the page.

It will correct your problem.

If it doesn't right click your Desktop, choose Properties, under the Desktop tab click the Customize Desktop button, under the Web tab uncheck ALL items, click OK/Apply/OK


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