XP computer goes to Setup at boot

June 26, 2011 at 08:05:42
Specs: Windows 7
I have the virus authz32.exe which I was unable to remove from my computer and it corrupted some of my window files. I tried to repair Windows XP using the reinstallation disk that came with my computer. When I booted from this disk and eventually selected the repair function it ran to the '36 minutes remaing" and froze. (This was at "Installing Devices") I turned the computer off and rebooted from the hard drive. It went to a screen: "Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure" and "Press F1 to Continue, F2 to Enter Setup".

Pressing F2 takes me to Setup and pressing F1 launches Windows (the Window Logo comes up and it behaves like it is loading) it then goes to "Setup is Being Restarted" and it takes me back to where the computer. Pressing F1 and then F8 takes me to the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". If I try to reboot in any of the "Safe" modes I receive the message "Windows XP Cannot Run Under Safe Mode" The other items take me back to the "Setup is Being Restarted" screen which eventueally takes me back to where the operation froze and it asks me for the XP disk.

Do you have any solutions to get me out of this loop or at least get me to a command prompt?


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June 26, 2011 at 08:48:53
You should have concentrated on removing the virus, now you have things totally mucked up. Boot off the XP disk, delete the partition, create a new partition, format as NTFS (full) & reinstall XP from scratch. You'll lose everything, but I'm sure you have backups, right?

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June 26, 2011 at 11:01:38
I had virus software which caught the virus but was unable to remove it. I was hoping I wouldn't have to wipe the drive. I do have about 99% backed up. I believe I have three partitions but I am not sure I can get to them.

Any suggestions on how I can either see the partitions or get to a command prompt?

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June 26, 2011 at 16:13:15
"I believe I have three partitions but I am not sure I can get to them."

Re-installing Windows from scratch only deletes the data on the partition you install Windows on.

When you have problems during the second stage of XP's Setup it's almost always caused by Setup not being able to deal with some hardware configuration problem - it often happens when it's detecting devices, with 3x minutes remaining, x often being less than 7.
Setup may black screen and reboot the computer and start the second stage over again, after it has had the same time remaining on the screen for a long time, e.g. as long as ten minutes or so - if you're impatient, you may not have waited long enough for that to happen.
Or, sometimes, Setup freezes forever when that happens.

Remove the AC power to the computer, remove all cards in slots other than a video card if that applies, and unplug everything other than a keyboard and mouse, that is not essential to running Setup.

Make sure your ram and video card if that applies are all the way down in their slots.

Boot the computer with the Windows CD in the same drive it was in - you don't need to press the key to boot from the CD - and Setup will attempt to finish the second stage of Setup again.
If that doesn't fix your problem, you're going to have to install Windows from scratch, however, if that doesn't help, the same thing may happen again when you do that.

However,the problem may happen during a Repair installation of XP but not during an install from scratch.


I had the problem of Setup black screening and rebooting and starting the second stage of Setup over again in an endless loop when I ran a Repair installation of XP Home on a friend's computer (Intel D850MV mboard) .
I looked on the web on another computer and found it's a common problem, and trouble shooting info.
It turned out the problem was caused by a Creative Audigy sound card - when I removed it and restarted Setup from the second stage , Setup completed fine.

NOTE that if you do not get to the end of Setup, one way or another, even if you have to skip loading stuff, when you try to do a Repair installation of Windows, you will probably NOT be given the option of doing it again if you start Setup over from scratch.

The same card caused no problem months later when I installed XP Home from scratch on the same computer. I forgot to unplug it before starting Setup, but no harm done.

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