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December 21, 2011 at 01:11:53
Specs: Windows XP
I bought a new 2 TB HDD and formatted it well.
I then created 10 partitions,each about 200 GB each.
On the first partition,i installed win XP and all went well.
Next,i installed the same XP into the next partition as an emergency alternative bootup option.
As far as i know,i have a legal bought , genuine xp os and since this is installed in the same machine and motherboard,all should be fine.
Nothing will be in this 2nd partition except the win xp os.

Next i went to device manager and then to start up configuration and configured a 2nd bootup option.

The reason for this is that if my pc cannot work and after all the disk checkup and repair and defrag and anti-virus and spyware check cannot help,i intend to boot to the next partition.

Will this help?

Should i use XXClone as it is free or pay for Acronis.?
I have tried using Macrium Reflect but it does not seem to work.Maybe i am doing something wrong,or the free software has flaws or the paid Acronis alone can do it?

There is some confusion as to the term backup,image or clone the hard drive.

All your suggestion will be well appreciated.

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December 21, 2011 at 01:45:01
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If you installed XP to the first partition, then installed XP to the second partition, the setup should have automatically configured a dualboot option allowing you to choose which installation of XP to boot. There should be no need for you to clone anything within the 2tb disk.

If you are looking at backup options in the event of an operating system crash, it is my opinion the backup should be to a separate physical drive. Cloning of your operating system partition to the backup drive would then be the appropriate course of action.

You should also be aware that the bootfiles for both installations of XP reside on the root directory of the first partition. If that first partition becomes corrupted you may lose the ability to boot the second. My suggestion would be to wipe the second partition and edit the boot.ini file of the first to remove references to the second. Then get a second disk and use it to periodically clone your C drive as a backup.

By the way, your EULA states:
Installation and use. You may install, use, access,
display and run one copy of the Software on a single
computer, such as a workstation, terminal or other
device ("Workstation Computer")
This seems clear to me that you can install only One copy within the licence. A cloned backup is not a second installation, but your dualboot setup would seem to me to be a second separate installation and be outside the terms of the EULA.

Opinions of site members differ on this and no-one at the time of a previous debate was keen on calling Msoft to ask them for a definitive answer. Since both your installations of the operating system will require activation it will be interesting to see whether the automated activation system at Msoft hiccups when you do so.

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December 21, 2011 at 02:17:49
Thanks Richard59 for your quick and detailed reply.
I actually did contact MS (in March.2011) and you are right as to activation.
I told them that since hdd were cheap ( before the flooding in Thailand) ,i bought 3 hitachi hdd ,each 2TB.
To make sure that they are working,i formatted the first and as usual,had windows xp activated the first day.
The 2nd day,i did the same thing.
The 3rd day,i did the same thing but this time,windows did not allow me to activate because i am deemed to have exceeded my activation!
I informed MS that it nowadays,the modern chassis houses 4 hdd bays and people do have 4 hdd and all connected by 4 sata cables and powered up.
So why can we not activate and use all 4?
It is technically the same motherboard,all hardware is the same,eg,display card,dvd rw and so on.Nothing has changed and all are housed within the same chasis.
They said that i can only activate win xp only on the 1st hdd and nothing more.This is unreasonable and illogical.
They wanted my key and other info and i asked them if this will let me activate the 3hdd but they said no.I also asked them if the 2nd hdd should fail,and if i formatted it,can they activate it? They said no.
Then i said since they cannot help,why bother asking for my xp details?
I suspect that they will feed all the info into their system,use the EULA to protect themselves and since i cannot activate my xp,i am forced to go to win7!!
Of course,they want us to migrate to win7 when our xp is forced to die or severly restricted to perform.
That is purely a business strategy to force us to buy win7 and i am against such practices.My loyal and trusty xp has performed well for the past 8 yrs and looking at how win7 perform,i am not impressed.All the bells and whistles and fancy stuff do not impress me well.I stick to the tried and true.

Back to my pc,do you suggest that i clone/image my 1st hdd C drive to a 2nd hdd.?
Since the 2nd hdd has win xp installed in C,let's refer to it as C2.

Now comes the big question for the 2nd HDD.
Should the clone be put in C2 or another partition?Or does it really matter?

This is a good way for me to understand and learn how a computer system works and how the hardware ( >> HDD ) interface with the software (win xp ) and the limits and creative solutions to circumnavigate the obstacles.

Thanks again.Your suggestions will be tried out.

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December 22, 2011 at 02:37:09
Thanks Richard59
I will wait for a few more days and if by Friday there is no other replies,then you have offered the best answer by default.
It is a tough question but you took the time to explain and better yet,in layman terms.
Happy holidays to you!

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