Wireless connectivity problem

March 2, 2009 at 18:33:48
Specs: XP pro, 1.7 Ghz centrino, 1.5 gb pc2700
My mom's laptop is having a lot of trouble staying connected to my wireless network as of late.

It loses connectivity to the network even when it's in the same room as my router, and when I do get a connection I max out at about 10 KB/s. It's about 10 times faster with the wired lan but 100 KB/s is really really slow for my connection. I downloaded the same file on my computer with a speed about 8 times higher on my own laptop.

My router is a D-link and I have it set up with for G and N with a wap. The computer has only recently started doing this. Any ideas?

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March 2, 2009 at 22:01:46
If you have an N router then understand that the wireless adapter that is G will shut the whole router down to the G speed...it will only become as fast as the lowest protocol using it!

Try updating the drivers to the adapter that you believe is causing the issue. Sometimes going back to an older driver will enhance performance.

Sometimes the adapter itself just wears out and like humans slows down :) try seeing is an usb wireless adapter installed to the same computer still has the same issues...if not then you have found the problem. If it is still an issue then there is some application that is blocking the connection and causing the problems....make sur it is clean of all spyware/malware/viruses and programs running in the background using all the bandwidth such as maybe a seeding connection from a torrent download that keeps trying to start.
Use winpatrol (free) to stop all start-up programs and keep them from accessing the adapter till you say it is ok.

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