WinXP Reboot Loop with BSoD

March 29, 2009 at 07:55:00
Specs: Windows XP s2

i have an issue where my computer reboots after windows flash screen, i ran a Chkdsk after booting form CD, i did chkdsk /p. Now it flashes the BSoD after splash screen, then reboots and loops. The same thing goes for The last known good configuration, Safe mode, Safe mode with Cmd Prmt, and safe mode with Network.

I am currently Running a Chkdsk /r through win XP cd. If that doesnt work i will try running a repair install. I doubt its anything hardware related, i reset all my connections Ram cards etc. The guts of the PC are completely clean.

I have read multiple posts with similar problems, but none seem to have solutions without Reformating. i really hate reformating and installing, i just dont have the time.

does any one have ideas as to what i can do to fix this matter

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March 29, 2009 at 08:37:14
Have you seen what's on the BSOD? Assuming at least sp2 installed, there should be on the safe mode menu an item 'disable restart on failure' or similar, so you can see the problem.

Most common causes (in my experience) are corrupted registry file and unmountable boot disk. The former can be repaired by restoring a set of registry hive files from the system restore backups (kept in system volume information folder). Ideally you need either something like a bartpe disk or mount the drive in another machine to do this. may be helpful.

The latter can be fixed from recovery console (which you obviously already know how to use). After chkdsk - which you've done, run fixmbr & fixboot.

If its a registry problem, the BSOD may detail which registry hive file is corrupted.

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March 29, 2009 at 10:55:27
I think it is corrupted Registry as well, i have had multiple corruptions happening on my computer of late, Corrupted Users, Corrupted boot.ini file, i have no idea what the cause of this corruption is.

Is there a way to disable the "system reboot on failure" through ms-dos, i have no way of actualy getting passed my splash or Loading screen. Even in safe mood the BSoD pops up then reboots immeaditly.

i am seeing some registry edits when searching through dos, it was somthing lik "fa8916748......" dated last night before i turned off the pc. and it says i cannot veiw this registry edit.

i have run fixboot and it gavemea new boot sector, i will try the fixmgr and report back here asap

the fixmbr did not work,

i forgot to mention, that i am using sp2...
but the windows XP disk that i have is sp1 Extremely Generic. i dont havew Scandisk on this Winxp Disk. when i go into repair its just the MD-Dos, in which from the CD i log into my windows Admin, in MS-DOS not actual windows.

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