WinXP and quad-monitor cards

February 26, 2009 at 16:35:57
Specs: Windows XP, Core2 2GB
I've tried 2 ATI FireMV 2400 video cards (quad monitor; one PCIE, other PCI). Both should have worked according to docs, but not necessarily according to tech support. Tech support is right.

The PCIE secretly requires x1 slot. The PCI version hangs on boot and, when I tried to download the most recent drivers, Windows XP Media Center didn't offer ANY video card drivers. Hmmm. FYI, I updated my BIOS to the latest HP version.

Q1: Has anyone successfully installed ATI FireMV 2400 cards on XP Media Center (SP3)?

Q2: If XP Pro (for instance) is required, can I simply overwrite with the new version?

This is a development PC and I'm not anxious to re-install/rebuild everything.

Thanks in advance.

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February 26, 2009 at 20:45:03
Are you trying to install these as a matched pair? Because if you are it most definately will not work.

SLI requires not only matching cards but matching protocols as well along with an interconnection cable.

If you are trying to install as a single video graphics card then you must set the BIOS to search for the card to start it...
a) PCI-e card must use the x1 slot and not secretly as it is designed for that...totally different protocol than PCI.... BIOS must be selected for PCI-e video adapter
b) PCI video adapter must use the PCI protocol and the BIOS must be set for that video adapter.

Do not rely on Microsoft for any drivers for the Video Adapters as more than likely they will be out of date. Go to the Video Adapter manufaturer web site and download the driver from there for which ever card you use.

The operating system does not dictate as to what video card is used...That is determined by the motherboard and RAM that is being used....and again dependent upon the basic socket design built into the motherboard as
all of which are different sockets and form factor although the motherboard may have the capabilities of using any of the 3. The BIOS must be set to the correct one so it can be detected properly upon boot!

Change Is Good

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February 27, 2009 at 04:25:39
My first attempt was the PCIE version. After installation, and including download of the most recent driver from ATI, the PC would continuously reboot. That's when the x1 requirement surfaced. $60 restocking fee.

I then bought the PCI version. When that didn't work (hang during boot), I went to the ATI site for the latest driver where they start by asking what OS you're running. When I selected XP Media Center, only Radeon drivers were available. When I said XP Pro, the full FireMV selections were available. I tried that one and the only change was that it hung in a different place (all hangs occur while XP logo is displayed).

I tried all 3 PCI slots (2 normally occupied by TV and audio card). I removed all cards. Nothing changed.

Anyway, the ATI site is what makes me wonder if moving to XP Pro would solve everything.

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