Windows XP won`t open (details)

August 12, 2009 at 10:44:15
Specs: Windows XP
Ok this might be a relatively long post, but I tried to make as precise as possible and as less influenced by panic or confusion as possible. It will take only some minutes to read, and in the end it will help a lot I`m sure lol.

So recently I got some virus from a lyrics site (lyrics sites are filled with flashy stupid ads and most of them look unsafe). After a minute or so on the site, my computer began being slow and finally I saw some pop-up of AV Care (the virus) acting as if it were doing a scan of my computer but I managed to close it. Some other viruses also managed to get in my computer, but I don`t remember exactly what they looked like physically (I mean, if it showed up as an ad, or anything like that, I don't remember).

I didn`t have an anti-malware program at the time, I only had Avira Antivir (which looked to be very good as it oftenly prompted multiple messages in a row that it had found a virus while I was doing nothing on my computer). When I saw I was infected, I went to get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but it was hard running it (the virus was blocking it).

I saw that the virus didn`t seem to be really harmful, so while scanning and doing stuff I went on to play some Unreal Tournament 2004 (just to show that the virus itself was probably gone. It wasn`t slow or anything: everything was fine). Actually, I just ended AV care in the process windows in the task manager and I never got again AV care pop-ups.

Later on I tried with another anti-malware program, CounterSpy, and it did find some malicious programs. It `removed` them, but after a second scan right after the first one I saw that there were still viruses (maybe the same ones). So I decided to try again with MBAM to clean them up for good.

After a while I managed to make it run a scan but unfortunately I got some random bug that makes freeze the program while it is scanning, so I couldn`t run a proper complete scan. I saw that it was freezing on some file called zipfldr.dll (which is in Windows/system32 if i recall).

Then this is where it gets tricky. I did a search in the WINDOWS folder to find that file and I went to dinner. When I came back, I saw the file had appeared in the results (obviously), but when I went on to click on it, the computer beeped once (a medium beep actually, I don`t know if it helps), and everything froze, totally. I shut down the computer using the power button and when I tried to shut it up back, the computer actually made the usual sounds when you open it up (the fan started working, and the lights on the computer were normal) but on the screen, there was nothing. The little light on my monitor is actually orange, as if there was NO signal what-so-ever. There was no signal coming from the keyboard too, it seems.

After some manipulation on my monitor, I saw a message once (not coming from the computer, but more from the monitor itself) telling that the monitor did not receive any signal at all.

So overall, my question is, is this happening because of the virus itself (even though it happened a long time after the first observations) or could it be because some VERY random occurence happened to me and something like my graphic card or my monitor has stopped working because of another possible factor?

Can a virus even do that?

(I gave the most precise explanation I could so you could understand how random and weird this is, feel free to tell me anything that might help now or in the future)

(ok lol!, as I was finishing this post, I tried opening my computer for the 6th time, and it finally opened.But please answer me I feel like it might happen again, my computer looks very damaged by this virus :S )

Some problems I have right now because of the viruses (if it can help): google redirect, 25% slower Internet (I have Firefox), I got stuck once on an infinite ``Windows is starting up...`screen, and multiple freezes at random occurences, mostly when dealing with MBAM. Also saw a little pop-up in the right bottom side of the screen saying that one of my file was corrupted when I went on Ventrilo. Sometimes I also hear a ridiculous amount of `clicks`, you know, the sound you hear when you click on buttons on Internet or when you enter on a page.

I did not modify any part of my hardware recently, too.

Feel free to give any comment that might help for the future or right now, I have all the time there is to give further specifications about everything that happened.

It would be cool if you could tell me how to fix the google redirect problem. I tried some stuff I saw on Internet but most of it was like ``look if your Internet is connected``, which sort of stupid. I`m not THAT newbie in computers lol.

Sorry if it was long, I just want to be sure people won`t come out with solutions that are too basic or plain stupid.

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August 12, 2009 at 11:25:14
You sound like you're not a stranger to a computer, so try this. Boot up in Safe Mode. Turn off all system restore points. Run every scanner you have Antivirus / Malware etc. When they complete, reboot windows normally. See how it acts and if it's ok, you can reset the system restore points if ya want. As you may know, many virus's use windows files or embed themselves in the system restore so when you scan from windows, they just replicate themselves upon reboot.

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August 13, 2009 at 06:47:39
I just happened to me again. When I start my computer the screen is black.

Grasshopper, the problem is that I don`t even get the first loading screen from Dell or whatever. I see nothing when I shut it up.

But I will try what you told me to do if I can ever open it up. It seems to be random, because after a while I can open it up with no problems.

Anyway, if anyone else wants to help me please do so. My computer really pisses me off right now

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