Windows XP won't boot correctly at all?

March 25, 2011 at 06:55:16
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Not sure how to explain it, but when I start Windows, it tells me the system didn't shut down properly. I was watching a movie when about 5 black windows (they looked like they were from the system) appeared. I didn't know what they were there for, so I closed each of them. Then I got a message saying something about an illegal operation? However I'm not sure what it exactly said. I do remember another window appeared mentioning 16 bit and 32 bit.. Would emulators have anything to do with the problem? Anyway.

The last time I used it, I specifically turned it off through the Start Menu. Now every time I try to turn it on, and select each option of starting with Safe Mode, Last Good Configuration, etc. It will return to the same screen. I'm not sure what to do now.

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March 25, 2011 at 08:23:05
It sound like you computer was doing an automatic update and got interrupted corrupting your system files. It could have also been a virus. Either way you are going to have to do a Repair Install of Windows. I hope you still have the systems disks that came with the computer...

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March 25, 2011 at 15:12:33
Sadly, I do not have the CD you are talking about. My computer is pretty old. . about 8 years.
Although I'm thankful for your answer, do you suggest anything else?

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March 25, 2011 at 16:21:44
Call the manufacture of the computer tell them you know it is out of warranty and that you are willing to pay to have them send you the systems disks for the computer; option 2, buy a new Windows XP disk (I think it is $120.00 unless you get the upgrade); option 3 take to a repair shop to have them repair the OS.

Each one of these come with different costs. You might want to do the research then decide which way you want to go. If you get the systems disk, do not lose it.

Just wandering if you tried to boot to the command prompt yet? If it does boot to the command prompt try the following command...


Once it finishes boot and pray that it worked. It probably will not work because check disk find bad sectors on your hard drive and marks them as bad. If you had too many and your system files became corrupted then you will need the CD to restore these files.

Good luck.

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March 26, 2011 at 18:17:57
I was able to input a command after booting Windows from a CD that was used for System Restore. (I tried installing it but it said it could not locate a FAT16 or FAT32.) I ran command "CHKDSK /F" and then my computer suggested running "SCANDISK" So I did. I ran a surface scan and it told me
"ScanDisk found physical damage on drive A that it cannot correct.
Scan Disk cannot repair damaged cluster 2 because other damage to drive A prevents it." I viewed the log and it said "Surface Scan Data could not be written to cluster 2. The \IO.SYS file is currently using cluster 2. ScanDisk did not patch the cluster."

So what exactly am I going to have to fix? Or am I going to have to purchase a brand new computer?

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March 29, 2011 at 08:12:18
Why Drive A. That is usually a floppy drive. Did you do a scan disk on c:? Try...


so it scans your hard drive not your floppy.

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March 29, 2011 at 19:52:33
When I input that command it says that it's a bad command or invalid file.

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