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Solved Windows XP will start up in safe mode only

Microsoft Windows xp professional w/serv...
July 5, 2011 at 03:41:32
Specs: Windows XP Service Pack 3, AMD 64 dual core 1.7 ghz/2gb DDR2 RAM
I recently put together a computer from some spare parts I had gleaned from other computers, but I've run into a roadblock I can't get around. After installing all of the hardware, I started to install windows XP. All works well during the Installation (I formatted the disk drive with a NTFS file system) until the moment it finishes, and attempts to boot up the desktop. The computer stays in a reboot cycle, continuously rebooting once the startup sequence reaches the Windows XP loading screen. It seems to restart right before the desktop is loaded (I've never seen anything other than the Windows loading logo) and a blue screen shows up as the computer crashes, but it only appears for around half a second. I tried to disable automatic shutdown after system failure, but even after it’s disabled, the blue screen disappears before I can read what it says. Soon after I tried booting the computer in safe mode, and I actually got windows to start up and go to the desktop. I attempted to boot safe mode with networking, but the computer crashes shortly after imitating the [safe mode with networking] boot mode. Another important thing to note is the fact that one of the pins is missing on the CPU, and for a great deal of time, I thought all was doomed. After some extensive googling I found that there have been examples of CPU's working properly, even with missing pins. Once the computer started in safe mode without BSODing, (Blue Screen of Death -ing) I became hopeful for an answer or solution to my dilemma.

In light of the information given, is it possible to fix this computer up to where it can run windows XP 32bit without BSODing every time? Or am I entirely screwed, and must buy a new CPU to get the computer to work?

Any insight and guidance would be dearly appreciated. thanks in advance
- V

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July 5, 2011 at 13:43:42
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We have no idea if the hardware or the software is good to begin with so you have to select one to test.

If you had access to some same level xp disk you could copy it to an image and then check md5 against yours.

To test hardware consider ultimate boot cd and use some of those tests. Also might make a bartsPE cd and try it. Make the cd on some other system.

Be sure to set bios settings correctly or to default of failsafe to begin with.

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July 5, 2011 at 18:29:26
Im fairly sure that the only hardware problem is the one missing pin on the CPU (processor). Other than that the system should be in fairly pristine condition. The state of the hard drive is slightly questionable because I literally found them in the back of one of the closets in my house.

Thanks for the input, if it isnt too difficult though, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to hook me up with a link to a tutorial so I could learn how to test the hardware and software with the methods you mentioned earlier.

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