Windows xp setup restarts my computer

October 21, 2010 at 21:29:25
Specs: windows xp home edition sp2, intel celeron processor/ 256m RAM
Hello everyone I need some advice. When I run Windows xp setup my computer does 1 of 2 things.. it either gives me the error code 7 at the very beginning after it promts to hit f6 and begins to load windows executive..or if i try to press f5 when it says hit f6 the computer shuts down and restarts. i am aware that the code 7 is most likely hardware issues but if i try to force HAL why is it shutting down?? any help would be appreciated thank you for reading.

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October 22, 2010 at 05:06:57
I would do it again, to get your HD really clean, use both of these, they are instant ( no waiting ) start with Zap 1st & WIPE OUT immediately after. Both can go on your boot disk ( you can use a W95,98 or ME boot disk, either floppy or put the files on a boot cd ) Set your bios to boot from floppy or cd 1st. Only safe way to clean up the HD, is to do it on it's own, in other words no other HD connected to the cable or motherboard.

1: Put the boot floppy or cd in the drive & start or restart the comp.

2: Type > zap 1 & press > Enter.

3: Type > wipeout c: /nq /np & press > Enter

4: Remove boot floppy or cd, insert XP ( or whatever operating system you want to install ) cd & reboot, format & partition ( recommend NTFS ) as required.


WIPE OUT: as the name implies, this utility will absolutely WIPE your hard drive. For those times when an industrial strength cleaner is needed to remove any pesky files Fdisk may have left behind. A readme file is included in the zip file. WARNING...WIPE OUT will remove ALL data from the Hard Drive.
/nq = no queries - you will not be asked if you are sure.
/np = no partitions - this will overwrite the MBR.

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November 8, 2010 at 03:37:54
Thank you very much. You gave the most sensible advice ive seen yet..and believe me its a nightmare trying to find people who actually know what they are saying. I will post as soon as i give zap and wipeout a try but i bet your right ive suspected that or bad ram but i just had a fresh copy of xp on it and a P.O.S. fixit program deleted the entire i386 folder out of my system32 folder thats 2 times this has happened stay away from Avanquest Fix IT Utilities because they dont fix sh**! In fact they have ruined my cpu and i bet im not alone.. professionals should work out all bugs before releasing to public but anymore pros are just a scam 2 get you to buy. Now thanks to them i have 2 run all over america to borrow a pc so i can copy these boot disks and get on with it....I am limited to my ps3 for now.

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