windows xp repair froze at installing windows

October 15, 2012 at 17:59:51
Specs: Windows XP
my IE on my desktop was not working at all (normal or safe mode). I tried everything that I knew to do, from running my virus and malware programs and doing system restore several times to no avail. I then remembered that the windows xp cd had the system repair on it. I have used the system repair in the past with great success. so I decided to give that a try. well now for the past 3 days my screen has said "installing windows" and "39" minutes till complete. I contacted Microsoft and they told me to boot it up and run the chkdsk cmd from the command promp. well if it won't boot up in normal mode or safe mode then how can you do chkdsk. so do I need to buy a new HDD and do a fresh install or can it be saved. am writing this on my laptop where IE works.

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October 15, 2012 at 19:28:38
XP crashes on installation are usually but not always hardware related, or sometimes the virus is so entrenched you must delete the partition (losing all data), recreate a partition and format the computer. Microsoft is suggesting checking the hard drive for errors. To do that you boot off the XP cd and pick the option to repair your computer using windows Recovery Console. After selecting that it will prompt you a few questions....and take you to a command prompt at the command prompt type in: chkdsk /r and hit enter, the /r will automatically repair any errors it may find. I would suggest you after trying that I would download seatools, make a bootable cd and do an actual long test of the hard drive. It is better to use the actual maker of the hard drives diagnostic utility, but I find seatools works well on most any drive make. If the hard drive fails then you replace the drive and get your data back off the old drive. If the hard drive passes then you need to continue on looking for the cause, such as bad ram, a faulty pci card, faulty board etc.

Seatools for Dos is what you download to make the hard drive diagnostic.

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October 16, 2012 at 11:13:08
ok. I turned the computer off and back on again and then pressed the f12 key so that I could boot off of the cd. the blue screen came up for me to choose what I wanted to do. I selected the recovery mode by pressing "R" and it only asked me one question, which was what hard drive did I want to boot from. I selected C because that it the only hard drive. it did not ask any more questions and now for several minutes now all I have is a black screen with the mouse curser on it from which I can move around. the command prompt has not opened yet and all is quiet when you press your ear up to the tower to listen for any hope. I think that at this point a new hard drive is needed.

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October 16, 2012 at 14:26:18
Make a Linux Live CD on another computer and see if the dud computer boots from that. As it only works between RAM and the CD it will give you a clue where the trouble lies. It should work fine even if the HD is dud. You should also be able to view your HD with it (unless it has failed).

I tend to use Puppy Linux 431 for this sort of thing as it is very basic and saves nothing to your HD.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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