windows will not boot however windows.0 will

September 25, 2010 at 07:05:22
Specs: Windows XP Pro, not sure - not at office
Antivirus 2010 attacked my computer 3 days ago. Could not get out of it so turned off computer. When i tried to re-boot got blank screen and disk usage light turned off. I decided to re-install Windows using install disk from vendor. Re-installed and at that time did not realize that i was reinstalling as windows.0 and to complicate things more i changed user id from "a" to "ab".
Now when i boot i have to choose which os to boot to - both say "windows XP Pro" the first one in the list is "Windows.0" and it boots fine. I then installed Kaspersky, AVG and Malaware software scanned and deleted various Trojans etc. thinking that i would then be able to clear the problem and eventually reboot back to original "Windows".
Under "Windows.0" when i look at "All Programs" list i do not see programs installed under "Windows" but they are in my program files directory. I did not re-install any of these programs under "Windows.0" but am able to run at least one "Visual Foxpro 9" seemingly with no errors.
Problem is that i would like to go back to original "Windows" and remove "Windows.0" completely. I have printed a document that explains how to remove "windows.0" and understand what needs to be done but until i can boot under original "Windows" i am at a loss
as to what to try next.

Incidentally i was running "AVG" free version when the "Trojans" attacked
Any help would be appreciated

Thanx, Jud

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September 25, 2010 at 08:04:11
You have a real mess on your hands. I suggest you recover all your important files, documents, pictures, etc, then completely wipe the HDD & start from scratch.

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September 25, 2010 at 08:59:42
Thanks Jam for responding. I generally agree. Problem is i have Office 2007 which has used all avail license(s) and dont want to have to deal with Msoft explaining that i am not seeking to cheat them out of some fee by installing illegally.

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September 25, 2010 at 09:49:39
It's too late now, but did you bother to do a google search for "how to remove antivirus 2010 virus" before attempting the reinstall? There are numerous sites that explain how to get rid of it. I doubt you removed's still lurking in the other windows installation & might very possibly jump to your windows.0 installation.

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September 25, 2010 at 23:20:31
Hi again, yes i did read and printed the article you mentioned and performed many of the searches it suggested after installing "windows.0" partition. I used search option of "hard disk C" as opposed "local drive C". None of the searches yielded any results. I was surprised by this

Made no attempts to change or delete "registry" values

When i ran Kaspersky i watched files being searched and saw a mixture of paths; "Windows" and "Windows.0" were both displayed as scans progressed. I have the logs and reports from "kaspersky" and "Malaware" but i believe i lost "AVG" since when i installed "Kaspersky" since it said "AVG" was incompatible and needed to be deleted first.

I am absolutely positive that when original problem occurred "ANTIVIRUS 2010" appeared on the top left corner of the window and 3 items were detected in the scan.

If i decide to delete the partition and re-format the hard drive and then completely re-install WINDOWS this should completely eliminate any and all, should it not?

I have no intention of keeping two versions of XP PRO on the computer.

By the way, does

Do you know if each copy of 'XP PRO' have its own "Registry"?

Thanx again,

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September 26, 2010 at 01:42:34
Each installation of XP will have its own registry.

Re' scanning etc...

When you run any scan - first disable the System Restore function; then scan. Once system is clean.. reboot and re-enable System Restore.

Also even now consider booting with Knoppix or Ubuntu (Linux on a CD/DVD) and do a full freebie on-line scan via (Housecall); and possibly AVG as well (if they offer one still).

Booting via Knoppix etc. means the entire drive is a resource for the Linux OS and all files etc. are checked - if you invoke a full scan...

As regards reviving original version... First copy all data etc to external storage (optical or another HD); verify it is truly accessible on another working system - ideally not the second installtion etc - but another working PC.

Having first ensured to your best ability that drive is clean... you may be able to revive original version via either Recovery Console options, or a true/proper repair installation.

Ther eis also an excelelnt utility disk to which I can/will point you later - haven't got the details to hand at work... It's Winternals ERD Commander 2005; and is around as a download... If it can't fix a damaged isntalltion the likel nothing can - apart froma possible repair installation. If it does work... likely it will preserve the prograammes installated intact.

With regard to those programmes... you can likely extract the installaton keys (CD keys etc. from original installation) - Belarc may allow this? Also it may be possible to even determine if there is a specific file etc. that you can also copy from original installation and use to re-acttivate an fresh installation in whichver OS version you choose? You can do something along this line with XP itself; and it is "legal"...

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September 26, 2010 at 02:57:58

Just got home from picking up my pc from the office(broken one) and am getting ready to plug it in. Very useful info from you


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