Windows update crashed my PC Now it wont even

February 17, 2011 at 22:08:31
Specs: Windows XP, Intel Q6600 qud core, 2 Gigs Ram
After the updates in Feb 2011 my PC gasped and died a horrible death. I dont think I'll ever be the same again and I know my PC will never work right ever. Im so mad at MS for allowing such a trash update pack to go out ion the first place. Thousands are screaming about this all over NET. I hope someone can help me here. My windows repair "WONT" . I tried it several times. I tried several methods I found on net. Nada zip nothing It goes to x% anywhere form 20+ - 99 % and fails Wont load some .dll or some other thing or cant find NTFS files blah blah. I tried a clean install it wont . I used HIren's boot CD it wont do anything even though it looks like it works. I dont know it well enough to get into system files and delete the 0 files entries or the other things mentioned on line either as I am not really aquainted with the program and Im not a programer. So if you can help please do . The systen is a Build with an ASUS mob P5KPL-VM WITH INTEL Q6600 quad core processor, 2Gigs of Ram,
I cant get into system to give any more info unless Hiren's Boot CD can do it and mail it I dont think so though.
Can I slave this drive to my old HP Compaq? If so how do I do that properly? Then what does one do to rebuild the Boot partition on this dead HDD. It isnt a power house either with only 512 megs of Ram. I could up the ram on it if I can find any anywhere , to 2 GIGS but I cant seem to find any around. Its DDR SDRAM (OLD) Im told. This has been fun now for over 10 days and Im now looking a a pot hole out my window that should work well if I cant get this fixed LOL

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February 18, 2011 at 15:36:25
Did you try System restore?

I have had good results using this way or in Safe Mode, different to Last Known Good Configuration in Safe Mode.
System Restore is accessed the following way:
1. It's a good practice to shut down all other applications before using System Restore, as it requires a full-system reboot to complete the installation. Connecting to the internet is not required, however. So shut all applications. Then click "Start."
2. Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Then the program will load.
If System Restore doesn't work in Normal Mode, it might work in Safe Mode.
Toggle F8 or Press Ctrl ( depends on your comp ) during bootup ( just before, verifying DMI pool, message comes on )
Select Safe Mode.

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February 21, 2011 at 01:32:32
BearEagle, something else you might take a look at 'just 'cuz'. Often in updates, M$ changes the security level in IE to 'high'. I've found that anything higher than 'med' prevents downloads and kills the net. The machine will still work, but only locally. Not sure if that applies or not.
Ed in Texas

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