Windows installer folder 50gb on xp. Help!

March 12, 2011 at 08:26:43
Specs: Windows XP
My 80gb hard drive has 7000 files totaling 50gb in the windows installer folder, so I all I need to do is find a way of removing them. Easy, right? I've installed the windows installer cleanup utility, and it found a big long list of files, so I clicked remove and a few useful files like links to programs disappeared off the start menu, but the 50gb of crap is still there. I've found mention of msizap being included, but the utility is installed as a single file with no help file or options whatsoever, so I can't make sense of it.

I've tried downloading and running msizap.exe, but the command prompt stuff seems to be beyond me, and I just can't get it to work. Clicking on the icon for it makes something flash on screen for a second and that's it. Apart from getting annoyed with MS for not putting out a fix, I've achieved nothing.

I don't have the xp disk to reinstall windows, so the only option I can think of is to install linux and use that til I can afford a new pc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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March 12, 2011 at 09:01:10
How to determine which .msp files are safe to delete

It's about Microsoft Office 2000 causing the problem but the same method can be used to remove Windows Installer files you don't need in any situation.

2000 and up sets the location in the Registry to where you last found something when you searched in Regedit.
Re-set Regedit to the beginning of the list - click on My Computer - on the left each time you search when something has been found in the registry, otherwise you will not be searching the whole Registry the next time you search.

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March 13, 2011 at 03:17:32
Thanks! I'll give it a go.

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March 13, 2011 at 03:31:18
I did that with the first file, and it took a couple of minutes. Am I right in thinking that using this method I'll have to check all 7000 files individually? If so, I need to get one of those utilities working. If I do 30 files an hour, it would take six weeks working 9-5 to do them all. :)

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March 13, 2011 at 09:04:27
You could print a list of the files in......\Installer but that wouldn't help much.

I took a look at a previous Topic about the same problem on this site that I answered in:

In mickliq's response 8 in that he points to two articles.

HOW TO: Clean out Windows\Installer folder correctly


".....downloading Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (NOTE: This tool has been retired and is no longer available from Microsoft) and then running the command msizap.exe G!...."

C:\Windows\Installer Folder is out of control!


After installation browse to C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\ to find MsiZap.exe

(refers to)
This page may be helpful as well:

msizap G (without !) works just fine.

SO, there IS an easy solution, if you DO NOT have Microsoft Office 2007 or later or any of it's components installed.

Microsoft's "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" is an excellent program but Microsoft no longer has it available to download on their website because they found it causes problems if you have Microsoft Office 2007 or later any of it's components installed.
They don't have any details about what the problems are, but I suspect it only causes problems if you use it to try to un-install Microsoft Office 2007 or later or any of it's components .

I have in the past and still use that Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, mostly on other people's computers.
If you don't have Office 2007 on the computer, or any of it's components, or possibly a newer version of those, it's unlikely you'll have problems when you use it.
My XP MCE 2005 and Vista Home Premium installations both have Office 2007, but I've never used that Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove it or any of it's components.

However, I doubt very much that using the MsiZap feature of it will cause you any problems even if you DO have Microsoft Office 2007 or later any of it's components installed.

NOTE that sometimes the resident module(s) of anti-malware programs - a part that runs all the time scanning for suspicious activity - will interfere with the proper installation of third party software, the software will not install properly, and you may get no indication of that at all while installing the software.
To avoid that possibilty, you should always DISABLE the resident module(s) of anti-malware programs, BEFORE you install third party software (software other than most Microsoft Updates, etc., that did not come with Windows ), especially when it's a major or complicated software package.
E.g. if you are using the free or paid version of AVG, you should disable the Resident Shield in AVG's 's settings in Windows. In Norton (Symantec) products, there may be several things you need to disable, or set so they don't load for a specific short amount of time.
If you don't know how to do that, tell us which anti-malware software you are using.
When you are sure the software has installed correctly, re-enable the resident module(s).

In this case, I recommend you disable any such resident modules BEFORE you do the following....

The "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" is still available on the web, but of course when you search for it, any "hits" that have a link to a download on the Microsoft web site no longer work.
Ones that have it available on other than the Microsoft web site often still work.
Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility here:
Click on the dark blue Download link at the left.

Install it.

After installation MsiZap.exe is in C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\ ....

Start - Run - type: msizap G! or msizap G , click OK or presss enter.

If that doesn't work, then

type:C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\msizap G! or msizap G

More info about MsiZap:



Msizap.exe is a command line utility that removes either all Windows Installer information for a product or all products installed on a computer. Products installed by the installer may fail to function after using Msizap.


I confirmed

MsiZap.exe is in C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\ ....

I thought it might be in

C:\Program Files\Windows Installer CleanUp\ ....

Apparently I did not have it installed in my XP MCE 2005 installation. I have used it in previous installations of it and had no problems, but I've never used it to remove Office 2007 or any of it's components.

My....\Installer folder in my XP MCE 2005 installation presently has about 1.5gb of files.

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September 1, 2011 at 04:44:49
To fix your problem, Unregistered Windows Installer and then re register Windows Installer.
Method 1:
To do this, follow these steps:
· On the "Start" menu, click "Run:.
· In the "Open" box, type "msiexec /unreg", and then press ENTER.
· On the "Start" menu, click "Run".
· In the "Open" box, type "msiexec /regserver", and then press ENTER.

Method 2:
1. Use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to uninstall the failed product.
2. Click here:
3. Read the article and download necessary tools.

Now Empty user and system "temp" folders. here are steps to do so:
· Empty "%systemdrive% emp" folder.
· Empty "%systemdrive%%windir% emp" folder.
· Empty "%systemdrive%Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsTemp".
· Or use Windows Repair Utility Tool to do the job for you.

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September 1, 2011 at 08:29:19

philaw's problem was NOT that the Windows Installer was not working correctly.

It was the disk space taken up by contents of the C:\Windows\Installer folder was abnormally huge !

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