Windows Explorer is giving errors

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February 5, 2009 at 18:58:33
Specs: WinXp Pro Sp2, P4 2.4GHz/ 512M & P4
If I start Windows Explorer it works ok for Opening folders, expanding and collapsing folders or drives.

However if I try and do a search or go to file types, it deplays the message "Windows has encounter and must end program"

Can I lose part of the program functionality while still retaining other parts of the program?

Should I just replace the corrupt version with a copy of Windows Explorer from and other machine running the same Operating System?

One additional problem related to Windows Explore has to do with DVD disk. If I now place a dvd data disk in my drive it will not see the disk ? It say insert a disk into the drive. This problem seem to occur at about the same time I first notice the problem with Windows Explorer. Could the 2 problems be related to Windows Explore?

I have run virus scans and no viruses were found.

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February 6, 2009 at 07:12:11
Virus scans for need to run anti-malware/spyware scans as well.

Plus you need to be able to clean all the cache files and temp folders and older restore points and the likes as part of a cleaning proccess. Less than that is like sweeping the dirt under the rug as you only partially cleaned your system....

This problem is generally associated with spyware/malware but can be caused by the improper un-installations of certain programs as well and from corrupted files in which case there is no protection against.

Try removing and re-installing the program.

If you have the original installation disc then you can try to use system file checker...or try it without the disc as sometimes the scanner works from the stored windows folder.

start > run and type in the box

SFC /scannow

click enter.

Notice the space infront of the slash!

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