Windown display screen has shrunk, was fine before shut down

January 29, 2012 at 12:37:31
Specs: Windows XP
Have a 2" Black boarder on computer screen, When computer starts up all is good then, changed to a smaller size desktop, It was a full screen before i shut down. started up computer and the above began occuring, tried to change screen size but nothing is working

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January 29, 2012 at 15:09:34
The display should always fill the screen while the computer is booting BEFORE Windows loads. If it doesn't there's something wrong with the external monitor, or your built in display if it's a laptop or netbook.

If you have an external monitor, try it with another computer.

If you have a laptop or netbook, try it with an external monitor.

Laptop no video (or video problems), and battery, AC adapter, power jack T shooting.

See response 1:

DO NOT plug in or unplug a monitor's video cable into / from a video port while the computer is running. Doing so can damage the monitor's circuits and/or the video adapter's circuits.

Some laptops will display on an external monitor without you having to do anything.

If you get no video on an external monitor, some laptops have a key combo that you must press to toggle the display to external video only / built in display video only / sometimes both - see the Owner's or User's manual for the model.

If there's nothing wrong with your display BEFORE Windows loads, as far as the display in Windows itself is concerned...

If you have a laptop or netbook, or an external LCD monitor, all LCD displays have ONE stated "native" or "optimal" resolution - if you use any other resolution the displayed area will not look as good, and it may not fill the screen - you may see black bars - areas of the display area that have no video.

If you have a laptop or netbook, or an external LCD monitor, you need to set the resolution back to it's native" or "optimal" resolution .
If you don't know what that is, you need to tell us the make and model of the computer or the monitor.

If you need to change the resolution in a game, e.g. for a better frame rate, you can do that in the settings in the game itself without having to change the resolution for anything else.

If you have an external CRT (tube) monitor, it doesn't have one specfic "native" or "optimal" resolution, but you may need to use the horizontal and vertical size controls on the monitor itself to make the image on the screen larger or smaller to fill the screen properly in Windows, when you change the resolution in Windows. In most cases, once that has been done on the monitor itself, you don't have to do it again when Windows is set to the same resolution for the same monitor, unless Windows has been re-loaded from scratch.

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