will windows xp work

Dell / D300xt laptop
July 1, 2009 at 10:30:12
Specs: puppy linux, 328 mb
I bought a compaq 1750 laptop off of ebay and it came with puppy linux it's a pentium II and it has 333 mhz and 328 mb of ram. What I'm wondering is if I would be able to run windows xp on it and if it's possible how to go about doing this to get rid of the linux os in it now.

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July 1, 2009 at 10:39:24
Yes it will run on that system but don't expect any thing fast. Expect it to be very medium performance if not just down right slow. Xp was really designed for 512 MBs of memory to run smoothly and really a gig or more to run superbly. I would look at possibly running windows 2000 as you will get better performance from that operating system.

To switch it over first and foremost is to search the manufacturers website and collect all the drivers for the computer that you can find for the operating system that you plan on using. Either W2000 or XP and some will be the same. Burn them to CD and have them ready to go when you do the installation.
Then aquire a legal copy of the operating system and it's activation code and boot to the CD. Follow the prompts and you should be fine.

Good luck!

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July 1, 2009 at 11:13:45
If you have a good reason (e.g. software compatibility, games, etc.) to install XP, then I'd go for it. 128Mb & 256 Mb PCs were common when XP was launched in 2001. I've installed XP on a 400MHz P II 256Mb PC for a friend and it worked quite well. His need was games compatibility, or I'd have installed W2000 instead.

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