wifi wep wpa security key password finder

February 20, 2011 at 09:10:23
Specs: Windows XP
I bought Belkin wireless ubs adaphter for new lapdown, it keeps asking foe Bowen WEP or WPA key, showing an existing one on too line, wanting me to put same on seconf line?

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February 20, 2011 at 10:14:35
So far I know you only have to enter the WEP or WPA key at the first time..then your system automaticly tries to connect to the Wireless Point.

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February 20, 2011 at 16:16:50
If I'm understanding you correctly, you bought a USB adapter so that you can connect wirelessly to a wireless modem/router that has a WEP or WPA password. You need to enter that same password into your "lapdown" to be able to connect to the network. You will be asked to enter it twice - the intial time, then a 2nd time to confirm.

If you don't know the password, who does? Or are you trying to piggyback on someone else's wireless signal without their permission?

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February 20, 2011 at 19:13:17
In the following, router can be either a standalone router, or the router in a combo router / high speed modem.
(If the "modem" has more than one wired network port, it's a combo router / high speed modem.)

If you're trying to connect wirelessly to your own router, or to someone else's router that you have permission to use and can physically access, if you don't know the password or code the router is using, you must access the router's configuration to find out what type of encryption it is it is and what password or code it is, either by

- connect a network cable between your computer's wired network port and the router

- or - connect to the router via another computer in your local network, either via a network cable connection, or via a wireless connection that can already connect to the router and the internet

The default URL - 192.168.xxx.xxx - that you type in your internet browser's Address or similar line to access the router's Login page, and the default user name and password you use to access the router's configuration, are in the full manual for the router model. If you have the CD that came with the router the manual is on that.

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