Why can't i hear sound on my computer?

Emachines T3985 desktop
February 1, 2011 at 09:20:22
Specs: Windows XP, 8.5GB
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I have no sound output on my computer. With headphones i can hear a low scratchy squeaky sound whenever the computer does something but absolutely nothing beyond that. I have tried all the usual fixes nothing has worked the only error message i have is when i run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and it give the error messageFailure at step 19 (User verification of software): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code). here is a little back history on the computer: the computer originally belonged to my mother in law, the computer had a virus so she took it in to get it fixed, not sure what they did. She said she couldn't get the computer to boot up so that she could run the system recovery , so she gave me the computer and bought a new one. I had the same problem so i opened the case to just look and seee if anything was fishy . The Master cord? was not plugged into the hard drove so i plugged it in which seemed to work be cause the computer booted and i ran the system recovery. everything about the computer works great except there is no sound. I feel at this point the only thing for me to do is buy a sound card. This computers sound device is not a card it is built in. Can anyone please help me. I have wasted so much time obsessing over this issue, trying to figure it out. also there is a cord inside the case labeled P7 that is just free floating inside there don't know if it should be connected to anything. it is an extension of a network of other cords..

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February 1, 2011 at 09:29:04
Have you tried re-installing the audio drivers?

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February 1, 2011 at 09:35:07
I have tried that several times

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February 1, 2011 at 09:38:30
does anyone know how to resolve this user verifiction of software issue

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