Where do I go to find XP Media Updates

April 7, 2017 at 00:54:07
Specs: Windows 7
My desktop recently crashed. I've reinstalled XP Media from my disk but I can't install some of what I had on my computer until I have all of the Updates. I know that Windows stopped having support for XP Media in April 2014.


P.S. I'm on my laptop (which runs Windows 7)

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April 7, 2017 at 05:09:15

Go there and be sure to grab SP3 XP version of download file and follow directions.
Last time I used it I was pretty sure most of the files were coming back not found
but a single attempt on one Media update resulted in a valid file just now.

Get them all while the getting is good, you never know when MS will dump these off their servers forevermore.

I don't think it matters which windows you are using, this method is for archiving for off line updating anyway. So all that matters is that you can move the folders and files via USB drive to your target machine.


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April 7, 2017 at 05:34:08
Can you clarify that site for me please:

When I look at it and go to the downloads page all it downloads (whenI select whichever) are small files - which presumably are installers; not the actual full SP or whatever etc.?

Presumably when one runs the appropriate installer (WUD) it goes to a source for the full download of an SP (or whatever); and not merely seeks to install the files immediately?

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April 7, 2017 at 13:31:44
After installing XP & all the device drivers (chipset, video, audio, network, etc), you should manually download & install SP3, IE8, & .NET Framework 3.5. After those are all installed, Windows Update should work & all available updates up until the end of support date will be installed.

SP3: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/det...

IE8: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/det...

.NET Framework 3.5: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dow...

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April 8, 2017 at 02:20:55
As soon as you can ask a clear question, I'd like nothing better.

As it is I'm only confused by those two.

All those files downloaded by this 3rd party app are updates.
Service Packs are just really big updates. And they too are in there.
Never call them whatever. For lack of a better term you may please call them all updates as I do. Only then do I know what you mean.
Each update runs it's own install engine and they do vary depending on what the update is for. Eg., NET uses it's own unique method.

YOU are on your own when it comes time to actually install these updates.
Double clicking them works, so does a custom made batch file for a bit faster and hands off way to do it.

And of course the ultimate use of these updates is to slip stream them into your windows installation disk or files such that when windows is installed, so are all the updates and you are good to go 'out of the box' as they say. Never have I gone there myself. I suspect this method is fraught with issues just like every other aspect mentioned so far including download hanging on a user input screen.

The OP (Susan) asked for where she could get Media updates, it appears the linked app can still get at least one of them, although I don't know how because when I last was using it full bore a year or better ago it was hanging up on 404 file not found issues and I finally gave up. Assuming that was the real end of XP support. Perhaps I assumed wrong and the real issue was simply MS moving these files to another server not yet on line. I won't know about that until Susan weighs back in or I go there myself and needlessly duplicate days of work myself which is not likely to happen anytime soon.


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April 8, 2017 at 06:03:27

The site (to which you posted a link) appears to show links to/for the update installers - only - not the actual updates themselves. There are sites that offer the actual full download of the respective updates - which can then be saved for installation whenever... Also they can be burned to DVD of course... Some sites offer both the installer package(s) and the full download of the SP etc..

So my question was - which I did think was reasonably clear - albeit a couched as a request for confirmation of the immediate above...

(Presumably) when one runs the appropriate installer (WUD) it goes to a source for the full download of an SP (or whatever); and not merely seeks to install the files immediately?

(Actually this was the second of the two; and like the first question, was in an implied question format - much used in many forums and places of discussion. Note the ? at the end of each "question"... indicating it is an implied question. To re-iterate - a form much used in many forums and places of discussion, rather than a direct question, when seeking clarification. Especially if not entirely sure about what one has just read or heard. In such cases one may repeat, or paraphrase, the information; and in doing so imply a request for confirmation - i.e. is asking (posing a question...) if what one has just repeated or posted is correct; and that one's understanding is correct? In live speech one would usually indicate that implied question by the tone of voice...)

It is a format widely used in live discussions, debates etc.; not the least in Parliaments various, US Congress/Senate assemblies and committees... Also frequently used by many a journalist (tv, radio, or print media), as I haver observed professionally; and which you may also observe if you so choose, and if you have the time and inclination.

Supplementary question:

Do "you" (per chance) know of any sites that offer the compelete updates packages various; similar to those. i.e. Sites where the complete updates various can be downloaded - for later installation; typically in event of a rebuild/re-instalation of a widows operating system? The more such sites we know about the better for all who may seek to find and use them.

For the record... I am well acquainted with how to use updates - be they service packs; patches or whatever... I've been doing it one way or another since the late 90s for almost all versions of Windows and now current Mac OS systems. I (like many here) often ask for clarification of further information, both to discover if there is something new to know about; and also to allow others to gain additional information which may be of value to them anon... This bearing in mind that many arrive here via the Google etc. seeking such sites for "Updates", or information about them.

Also many of us here will seek clarification (ask questions - direct or implied format) so as to update our own knowledge and understanding - even if it is in an area with which we are very familiar; in many cases an expert (which I do not profess to be, regardless of my own diverse experience/background which does include IT). Even "experts" occasionally seek assistance and advice no matter how basic it may appear to others. One of the first lessons my Novell instructor in SLC gave in 98: "If in doubt, unclear about something, ask, seek clarification, assistance"...

Your link is indeed useful to have (and for which I thank you); and it's in my list of "useful" resources... for possible future reference.

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