when i turn my dimension 8200 on it will not

Dell Dimension® 8200 series, pentium®...
March 28, 2010 at 11:50:49
Specs: Windows XP, ?
when i turn my dimension 8200 on it will not boot
i keep getting the black screen with the safe mode option but when I choose the start up windows narmally it goes the the blue screen and tells me to check for new hardware or software installed.. the keys are froze so how do I check?? there are important files I do not want to lose..

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March 29, 2010 at 00:17:05
Not quite sure I understand the safe-mode situation. Are you saying that it will not boot even to safe-mde?

Re' data/file safety/recovery...

Get yourself a Knoppix or Ubuntu disk and boot up with that. It will load the Linux variant into RAM only; and then you can access/copy files/data etc to optical-media, and/or another hard-drive. Verify the copies will read etc. on at least one other system, before proceeding to work on resolving problem(s) as posted

Then set about resolving current problem(s).

Knoppix.com, Ubuntu.com - both free ISO files which download/save to a hard drive; burn image (ISO) to a DVD; boot up with that DVD.

Ensure CD/DVD is first boot device of course when booting with the DVD.

re' Actual problems too... Power down; remove mains cable (in back )- so that no volts are going in.

Check all internal connections and ensure RAM is securely installed; also check all cards are simliarly installed... Perhaps remove each card in turn; clean edge connectors (with a soft pencil eraser) and then re-install the card(s); similarly RAM.

Power up again and see what happens?

Do you have a full version XP disk; or a recovery disk for system?

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