Want to load an Acer with an HP XP disk

February 25, 2011 at 13:32:17
Specs: Windows XP Pro
What's wrong?
My Acer computer moves slow and has trouble booting (constantly has to fix errors, etc after proper shutdown/reboots). I would like to reload XP Pro with a complete format to try and fix the issues.

This Acer was bought as a refurb about 1.5 years ago from TigerDirect and no OS disc was included.

What I have:
An Acer TravelMate computer, loaded w/ Windows XP Pro
The key to the Acer's XP Pro on the key tag under the computer
An Operating System CD for XP Pro which states, "for distribution only with a new HP or Compaq PC"

Can I load this on the Acer and reactivate the key without having problems? I also have the HP disk which is for loading all the extras (if that makes sense; sorry I don't have it in front of me) that come w/ the HP.

I've successfully loaded it to another computer w/ no problems (less drivers that need to be installed), but that was an older HP, previously loaded with XP Pro w/ its own key.

Thanks in advance. Let me know if I should include some more information.

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February 25, 2011 at 15:52:21
won't work. consider ordering a acer cd via ebay or acer

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February 25, 2011 at 15:56:05
Use an hp key to install. Then use microsofts free key updater and change the key to the one on the computer. Once changed it will self activate.

Google microsoft key updater

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February 25, 2011 at 15:59:31
Hi freekrob, Welcome!

Don't use the HP drivers / extras CD to load the extras you want as you will no doubt end up with a very messy operating system. The "Extras" these CDs carry are proprietry software, intended for use exclusively on the manufacturers own hardware (and usually they are Make AND model specific too).

If you have studied the boot-time options and there is no Alt + F10 option for recovery you may need to follow the tutorial provided below. I believe the option usually comes up when the Acer splash screen appears.

Not long ago I done a complete factory restore on an Acer laptop by accessing a hidden partition called PQservice, which I unhid and made bootable. I will provide a link on the tutorial, fingers crossed you have the partition and / or TigerDirect haven't destroyed it.

Remember to back-up all your precious data as this process is basically a restore to factory condition.

Here is the link to the tutorial I used to unhide PQService. If you are able, print it out and follow it to the letter. Hopefully it will reveal a PQservice partition for you:


Then finally by making the now unhidden PQservice the Active partition and rebooting, you should see your PC loading the recovery process.

pr0bie describes how to do this in post #3 on the same page linked above.

I hope this helps.

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February 25, 2011 at 16:06:27
Are you sure the XP installation files aren't on the hard drive?


Obviously reinstalling the OS won't fix a hardware problem so you may be wasting your time with the reinstall. Make sure you have all your important files backed up & have copies of all the drivers (chipset, video, sound, network, etc) before you begin.

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February 26, 2011 at 08:09:26
Thanks for the help. I will look into the options given to see if I can remedy the situation.

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