VirtualBox and Vmware are running slow...

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April 13, 2011 at 15:22:14
Specs: Windows XP 32-Bit Service Pack 3, 2.80 GHz / 2048Mb

I am running Windows XP 32-bit SP3 with Vmware Player 3.0 and VirtualBox 4.0.4. I have been trying to install some linux distros as virtual machines. How ever this isn't quite working to my needs. I will explain in much detail as possible.

When I create my VM on VirtualBox, I set it to 1 Virtual Processor, 512MB Ram, 12GB Virtual HardDrive, and 128MB Virtual VRam. Then I see how much free ram I have at this point, before starting the VM. I have around 1500MB Free. So now I start my VM, Ubuntu runs terribly slow off the Live CD, very unresponsive. After installing Ubuntu, and I install VirtualBox Tools, there isn't much improvement. Infact it isn't even really usable... when running the VM with it installed with VirtualBox Tools, I have around 650-800MB Free Ram, I know that this isn't a Ram Problem at all, because I can run Firefox and flash games and Adobe Flash CS5 on the Host System with very,very little lag... on my host system. And even with all that running I have 450MB left. However I have been seeing that my HDD isn't busy at all. Infact the light doesn't even hardly glow. But it seems like in Virtualbox the HDD performance is so like on a old HDD.

I've also noticed that my pagefile goes from 250MB Used to 1.5GB Used while my VM is on... I have my pagefile at a fixed 2048MB size, that being my own size, and not a "Let windows decide"..

Vmware is diffrent...

I create my VM with 512MB of Ram, Accelerate 3D Graphics, 1 Virtual CPU, 12GB Virtual HDD and didn't enable a floppy drive. So I boot up, into the Live CD, things are much more responsive, but still, my Virtual HDD Performance is better that Virtualbox, but still to slow... and the graphics are way, way, to slow, it takes Vmware , to open up the dammed menu about 2 seconds, then it freezes, and one by one it loads all the menu icons, (It isn't even that much)... but VirtualBox Doesn't do any thing like this. I've also noticed that when running a VM in Vmware Player my CPU in both the Guest And Host are at high levels, except the VM Cpu is at 100%

So... I don't want to dual-boot... and I don't even want to deal with wubi or other things... because I'm only keeping the VM's so I can make my Linux From Scratch Operating System. And it is risky when doing it physicaly because I can destroy everything on my HDD or mess up my Mobo... so you will never convince me!

Internet is fine in both VirtualBox and Vmware except for the unresponsiveness...

I will list my Host Specs Below...

Host :

CPU : Pentium 4 2.80GHz Single-Core
Memory : 2048MB DDR2 800MHz
Video Card : Nvida Geforce 210 Desktop
Sound Card : Built-In
Motherboard : ASUS G14M-ES2L
HDD : 7200RPM 40GB

(I know my Host System doesn't seem fast, or even modern. But trust me, if you were to use it, it's 5x Faster than you think)

VirtualBox VM :

CPU : 1 Virtual CPU Core
Ram : 512MB
HDD : 12GB, Expanding
Video Ram : 128MB, 3D Acceleration Enabled
Emulated Chipset : PIXX4
Operating System : Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop 32-Bit

Vmware VM :

CPU : 1 Virtual CPU Core
Ram : 512MB
HDD : 12GB, Expanding
Video Ram : 3D Acceleration Enabled
Operating System : Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop 32-Bit

Sofware :

Vmware Player 3.0 Stable
VirtualBox 4.0.4 Stable

Thank you very much for reading my post, I am desperate to get this working well!

Do Your Self A Favor And Backup Your Computer , Remove That Junk , And Orginize your stuff :D

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April 13, 2011 at 15:25:42
I tried VM once with 512MB RAM. It just kept crashing. Apparently, it's not any where near enough.

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