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March 23, 2010 at 10:43:47
Specs: Windows XP, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6
Hello there,

My computer recently encountered the BSOD. Naturally I rebooted my machine and was prompted with an error message which turned out to be relating to a corrupted registry.

I followed the appropiate steps listed on Microsoft's website and successfully managed to get my computer up and running again. I should also mention the fact that I ran a Repair install with the windows installation disc to fix and error that had been bugging me for some time.

After I had completed the registry fix and booted back up, I noticed I was required to log in to "Administrator" at the login screen. I thought Okay all my documents + files will be still safe and sound within this account. Wrong, my original user account had gone missing and all I have is a new Administrator account to show for it with nothing in it apart from a few of my original programs.

Under documents and settings I can still see my old account with files and programs in it I just cant access it via the Windows login screen. Why is this? Is this account now lost? I don't fancy copying and pasting everything across as it looks like i have to reinstall my Anti Virus software and Photoshop all over again for example. Where is my original account?

Many thanks for any assistance.

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March 23, 2010 at 11:15:23
As the BSOD, and doing the system recovery, sounds like there were corrupted windows files.

It deleted your account do to the fact that when a system recovery is performed its acting like a new install, because it reinstalls all windows files for the OS back to default and restores your registry back to a fresh install. Thats why you have to reinstall programs and recreate new accounts.

If you experience another BSOD, I would back up all files and do a fresh install of the OS. If problem persists then your problem is something hardware related.

If you got any questions you can e-mail me at

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