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USB Mouse Not Working In Win XP, All Other USB Devices Work

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USB mouse not working in Windows XP. All other USB devices are recognized, installed and working. I have tried:
1. same mouse in all USB ports and it did not work.
2. different mouse in all USB ports and it did not work.
3. Original mouse on another computer and it worked.
4. Reset the BIOS to Optimal. Still did not work.
5. System restore from 2 weeks back. When it rebooted, XP recognized the receiver, had mouse activity for about 10 seconds. Then it stopped working as all other drivers, etc. were loaded.
6. Booted to a Windows 7 BootableCD and mouse worked.
7. uninstalling all mouse drivers.
8. Updating the USB Hub drivers for motherboard.
9. Boot into Safe Mode, mouse does not work
10. Able to acces via a remote control program and mouse responds from the remote computer, but not the Host computer where problem resides.
11. Tried to boot in MSCONFIG Diagnostics mode, still no mouse.
12. Run a virus scan using TrendMicro Internet Security, SpyBot & MalwareBytes – nothing found.

I believe that this is a problem somewhere in the OS/registry. Any suggestions or Solutions would be greatly appreaciated. I have found LOTS of posings with this problem, but NO solutions.


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  1. Have you tried plugging in a ps/2 mouse, then starting the machine. Once booted plugging in the usb mouse?
    Should get a new hardware found message and the drivers for the usb mouse will be loaded.

    If so (usb mouse is working) do not unplug the ps/2 mouse until the machine has been shut down.

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