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Gateway / Gt5056
January 13, 2009 at 04:52:24
Specs: Windows XP, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 dual-core processor 3800+
Hello Everyone..gotta problem and hopefully someone can give me some insight.

I bought my computer off ebay about 3 years ago and about after a year of having it the computer would just lock up and i would have to shut it off. After shutting it off, i would then have to keep powering it off and on until i got a boot screen.

I can hear the fans come on, but no power light. The CD light flickers off and on and i can open it, but that's about it.

So i was wondering what could the problem be? I don't want to take it to a repair shop and spend god knows how much on getting it fixed, when infact it may be something simple that i can repair myself (with knowledge from people like you :-) )

Any help would be appreciated, i have alot of work on that computer and really need to get it up and running ASAP.

Thanks for the help!

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January 13, 2009 at 05:03:45
First of all I will admonish you for not making backups of your personal files.

A couple of ideas come to mind concerning your problem. First is related to heat. Open the case and look to see if the insides are full of dust and lint. If so, blow out the dust using compressed or canned air. Remember to also blow out the power supply from both ends. DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner on the unit. There will be a huge amount of dirt coming out of the case. You may want to move to a different location to blow it out.

If that doesn't help then the most likely component would be the PSU (power supply). OEM computers are notorious for using low end PSUs that can fail.

Before replacing any components I suggest the you first reseat all the cards, memory, and cables to verify there are good solid connections. Moving in and out a few times to polish off any corrosion helps too. The big connector from the PSU to the motherboard should also be done. There is a locking tab on that connector that you need to depress in order to remove the plug. If your computer is really old there may be TWO side by side plugs. Pay attention to which was where as they can be reversed. Reversing them would be bad news.

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January 13, 2009 at 05:16:47
Thanks for the help going to do that right now!

And yea, really my fault for never backing anything up. Lesson Learned!

Thanks again!

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